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  1. I am! I love it. I have a second mister coming today, so I can install this one into an arcade cab. The only thing I haven't figured out, is how to get the paddle controllers on my 2600dapter to register/configure on the mister. After that's done, I'm most likely selling all of my Atari gear. It's incredible. The best part is that if you wanted to, you can get the IO board, and output 240p to a CRT, using component cables.
  2. I am terrible at both of these games. Strategy X - 1480 Pooyan - 1665
  3. I just don't have the time this week to be able to play as much as I'd need to, to get to the rollage. Rearranging a few rooms, then redoing my gaming/streaming setup in the basement.
  4. I thought the math was correct. I was too tired to think right, so I opted to be safe. That works. Now I have a few days to play 1943 on the arcade for a score, until the finals start.
  5. I really hope you take this rollage. I really tried to get a death between the 9900 range. I was in the 9700 score range, 5th life. I had no choice but to collect the last few balloons. As soon as I hit 9900, I killed the character. Sadly, the counter kept going to 0007.
  6. Nice! I keep getting hung up in the 5000 mark. Looks like I got my work cut out for me.
  7. Is the rules for circus atari the same as the week we played it in?
  8. City Defense 2319 Doggone It 19375 Ms. Galactopus 25195
  9. Thank you! This is considered a computer monitor. It's one of the models that Commodore 64 used in their monitors, complete with the separate chroma and luma in the back for s-video. Mine is composite and s-vid modified. I run the composite to the tv, and the s-video to my RetroTINK, into my capture card for streaming. I'm using a CX-41 stick from the flashback 2.
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