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  1. City Defense 2319 Doggone It 19375 Ms. Galactopus 25195
  2. Thank you! This is considered a computer monitor. It's one of the models that Commodore 64 used in their monitors, complete with the separate chroma and luma in the back for s-video. Mine is composite and s-vid modified. I run the composite to the tv, and the s-video to my RetroTINK, into my capture card for streaming. I'm using a CX-41 stick from the flashback 2.
  3. I wish I had more time to play these games. I had to kill off Condor Attack, to make the deadline. Rescue Terra 1 - 63775 Condor Attack 25707 Espial 10370
  4. Thank you! I just wish the game sound would have captured. I think it's still good for TG though. Yes, I call them the triplet formations. That's just the term I used, because it's the same as the triplets on Guitar Hero. I hold the previous record, it is 3,617.9. This is one of the many records that I have, that was put in by Todd Rogers, so being it's the old TG format... I eventually plan on redoing all of those scores, so video proof is attached. I had planned on streaming on Wednesday, so I can share some of the strats. Unfortunately, my Windows 10 latest Preview operating system that I had installed, was causing issues with anything USB being streamed. If I go into any settings, or if I used two USB devices, they would lock up. I have three internal HDMI capture cards, and six USB 2.0/3.0 HDMI capture cards, that I tried with every combination possible. So, I had to do a complete backup, wipe, and reload back to a retail version of Windows 10, so the errors would go away. I finished it all up on Sunday, right before my Neo Turf Masters tournament. I would like to know the other sites. I just know of High Score and TG. My personal opinion, especially based on recent events, Guinness isn't creditable. All they care about is selling books.
  5. 4387.6 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/698788530 Unfortunately, I didn't realize until after the run, that I had the game capture set to monitor, mute output. So... there's no game sound. Just me talking. The video proof is there.
  6. Frogs and Flies - 54 Kool-Aid Man - 43000 Picnic - 9780
  7. Nowadays, you can find strategies and how to play the game really well on Youtube. That's my secret for games that I don't normally play, or a new game that I want to get a good score on.
  8. I am certainly happy that I got my s-video modded Atari working with the RetroTINK 2x. Looks like I got some new streaming content!
  9. I am out of the high score club. I have been setting up a capture setup when I have time between taking care of my daughter, and the fun of the kitchen being remodeled. I finally found the combination that works with my RetroTINK 2x and my s-video modified Atari. S-video VHS player cleans up the signal that the RetroTINK 2x likes it. Whenever all that is said and done, I plan on doing Twin Galaxies style recordings, just to get some scores recorded. Not entirely sure of the direction I am going to go, if it's live streaming or if it is a website that I can broadcast my scores on, but I don't think I'll be submitting anything to Twin Galaxies. TL;DR: Tinkering with my Atari and setting up to start recording score sessions for YouTube, and future projects/endeavors.
  10. I wouldn't concede just yet. I haven't been able to beat my score since I got my current PB of it.
  11. Just don't do what I do, and yell BREAK HIS LEGS when I play Ice Hockey, and try to injure the opponent. Warlords is good. Same with Kaboom! If you want a lot of fun in a game, but make it super easy and simple that anyone can get into, get Wall Jump Ninja. Has a very modern/cell phone feel in a retro game.
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