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  1. Basketball - 42 - 40 Ice Hockey - 19 - 9
  2. Dragon's Decent - 595 Pac-Man 4k - 16270 Seaweed Assault - 5617
  3. Bermuda Triangle - 18600 Thunderground - 74470 Spitfire Attack - 67500 Sky Diver - 62
  4. Nice work! Keep going to 10k! Usually around the 70k mark is when the game difficulty resets back to Level 0.
  5. Frankenstein's Monster - 2220 Halloween - 55575
  6. I have a habit of posting the score at the end of my night's session. I've missed deadlines before, by waiting till Sunday as well.
  7. keilbaca


  8. Mine was the same way. I used a VCR to amp the signal, and it looks... better. It's not dark anymore. I will have to piece this thread together and give this mod a try. Thank you for this, I hope it works well with my RetroTINK.
  9. I have one of the early revisions of the Batari s-video mod, in the "let's make a video mod" super thread that happened years ago. I know that in my case, it's a unique case. I really want to get the 2600RGB mod that has the s video as well.
  10. I, too, have jumped onto the RetroTINK train. I got one of the very, very first preorders, and I have had it for a while. It didn't like my S-Video modified Atari 2600. The picture was fine for quite a bit, then it would just start causing squiggling issues. I figured it had to do with my Atari mod itself. I then tried my pong units using a VCR to convert the signal to RCA. Perfect gameplay, and captures wonderful as well. I got myself an unmodified Atari 2600, did the same thing, and everything works great. Captures are clean, and gameplay is lag free.
  11. Unfortunately I am unable to play this week. The little bit of time I'll have to play this, I just won't be able to learn the game enough to get to that high of a score. Congrats and good luck with the rest of the bracket! Vocelli, you can put me down as a 0.
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