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  1. My picks: Activision: Spider Fighter, Enduro, Keystone Kapers, Plaque Attack Several games from the Arcade: Berzerk Game 6, Tapper, Vanguard Several games that haven't been played in the HSC: Two paddle games: Circus Atari, Tac/Scan Two homebrew games: Draconian, Ultra SCSIcide Games I would love to play: Moonsweeper, Solar Fox, TRON Deadly Discs, Demon Attack
  2. Tunnel Runner - 18140 Wizard of Wor - 58100 Worm War 1 - 36270
  3. Wow, what a crazy week at work. Leaving soon, I should be able to play tonight and Sunday night.
  4. Favorite Games: Beamrider, Tunnel Runner Surprising Games: Seawolf, Star Wars ESB Worst Games (games which I didn't enjoy): Rampage, King Kong
  5. Thank you, it's always fun to play against you on the medal rounds.
  6. Space Chase - 14825 Man, the skulls are tough. I'm going to have some time to play tomorrow. Pinball tournament today.
  7. I was thinking the same thing. I've been super busy this year, so I haven't had a chance to sit down and play in the HSC like I normally do. I'm glad I made it in at all. I'm super, super happy that this is gaining traction. There were some pretty abysmal years for participation. Great to see everyone back at it.
  8. Oh man! I was actually thinking about starting out my stream when I get my room 100% setup, as an Activision Patch Quest. This shall be fun! Let's start with today's score for the HSC. River Raid.
  9. 47130 River Raid was never one of my strong games.
  10. The game gets exponentially easier when you get past the 10k mark. One cleared wave and you get at least 1, usually two extra lives.
  11. Absolutely! I was going crazy how people were getting 7k on game 4 when I was getting 4K... till I realized I was playing on difficulty A. Kicked it back to B, and yep. Lost Luggage is one of my games that I am incredibly good at, for no real reason.
  12. Raft Rider - 28,938 Shark Attack - 89 Lost Luggage - 131,211 Lost luggage flew a plane down and no luggage came out. I had max lives. After 10 min of playing Pele's Soccer, I didn't score a point. I gave up. I killed off the game of Raft Rider due to time. I could have rolled it easily.
  13. Decathlon - 4146 Footbag - 99,990 Quick Step - (2421 - 848) = 1573 Sky Jinks - 1:12.69
  14. Porky's - 2625 Crazy Kong - 705 Rampage - 30,450 Star Wars ESB - 1,527
  15. Red Sea Crossing - 15400 Death Trap - 16262 Wabbit - 675 Rabbit Transit - 31836
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