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  1. It takes roughly 45-55 min per 100k if you're fast, 1 hr or more if you're pacing yourself. There's a time out glitch that's in the game if you want to marathon this game. I can explain it in detail. 1. When the maze starts to close when you exit, starts the timer, for the counter to check to see if you are moving or not for the attract mode. 2. Every 4 1/4 seconds, the game does a check to see if you are moving. If you are moving, it triggers a counter. 3. The counter varies on when you hit reset on the game. To get the max counter, you play game one, and hold reset essentially when you turn on the Atari. 4. Firing does not count as moving. Avoid fire battles with robots, where you shoot each other until your faster bullet eventually kills the robot. 5. This counter does not reset when you move. What I have found to be the best strategy, is to shoot one or two robots, make sure you're moving (as counting gets exhausting after hour 5), until the robots start to fire. After that, you have avoided the first check. Fire a few, move, fire a few, move. When I'm in the groove, I can usually shoot 2-3, move until the robots fire, finish the board and move on. P.S. Thank you for not picking TOR to play this game. I really don't have the time to play a marathon game this weekend. P.P.S. I was informed that Zimmerman is coming after my record soon. I may be stuck doing this marathon again. Shameless plug: This score got printed into the Guinness Book of World Records: 2017 Gamer's Edition.
  2. Joust, 64,900 I was never good at this game. Not sure why... I just can't get a grasp on the later levels.
  3. Ladybug - 82330 Bump n Jump - 26676 Desert Falcon - 3031
  4. I had a 12k score for super cobra... but my picture didn't save. Oh well.
  5. Tapper is one of my all time favorite games. Absolutely fantastic work!
  6. If you're looking to play pinball, don't go until Sunday. Over half the machines will be in the Pinburgh tournament from thurs-sat.
  7. What's everyone's high score on this? I got just over 150k on default settings.
  8. 173,320 Had to emulate, at the girlfriends. I guess me playing a ton of puyo puyo tetris, allowed me to play this better. This is a lot more enjoyable than when I played it last time.
  9. The only games I have been playing, are the ones for the high score club. I've been getting ready for the show I am playing at tonight. We're taking over an arcade, and I'm playing happy hardcore from 1:30am-2:30am, using an arcade stick and a mixer. Fast Food - 7488 Fast Eddie - 20640
  10. I had no idea there was a glitch, to be perfectly honest. Just my luck, to find out after the week is over. You can make my popeye score a 0.
  11. My score glitched? I had no idea. I just played a few games, took a pic at the end, and that was that. I make it a habit to not look at my score until the end of the game, so the pressure of getting really close doesn't cause me to over hype myself and mess up.
  12. 11505 - plaque attack 96000 - tooth protectors 16870 - jawbreaker
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