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  1. 173,320 Had to emulate, at the girlfriends. I guess me playing a ton of puyo puyo tetris, allowed me to play this better. This is a lot more enjoyable than when I played it last time.
  2. The only games I have been playing, are the ones for the high score club. I've been getting ready for the show I am playing at tonight. We're taking over an arcade, and I'm playing happy hardcore from 1:30am-2:30am, using an arcade stick and a mixer. Fast Food - 7488 Fast Eddie - 20640
  3. I had no idea there was a glitch, to be perfectly honest. Just my luck, to find out after the week is over. You can make my popeye score a 0.
  4. My score glitched? I had no idea. I just played a few games, took a pic at the end, and that was that. I make it a habit to not look at my score until the end of the game, so the pressure of getting really close doesn't cause me to over hype myself and mess up.
  5. 11505 - plaque attack 96000 - tooth protectors 16870 - jawbreaker
  6. Thank you, but it is still only 1/3 to the twin galaxies record. That was my first game of the night also. I did worse with each attempt after.
  7. Thank you for sharing my video! It's a quirky game, and I really like it. You have stages for each of the enemies, then after the crazed wave, you can only miss 7 times before the game ends. You shoot the bullet, press the opposite direction (up or down) then you catch the bullet. Make sure you catch the bullet before going after the escaped pilot. If you move up and down (when in the left/right corridors), you can manipulate the pilot to come back to get captured. Just be glad The 5th ghost isn't playing this time... he holds the Guinness Record, which is 300k+.
  8. I might emulate Asteroids this time around. I got that score using the Starplex controller, and I no longer have one. I do, however, have a USB Arcade stick, that I can simulate the buttons with.
  9. 54,085 I haven't had a lot of time this week to play, thanks to my job.
  10. It's the most, wonderful time... of the year! Yessssssss!
  11. Is there a way we can just buy the rom? I have Christmas weekend with absolutely no plans. I want to earn my first patch (that isn't 30 years too late).
  12. Thank you again! My game came in. I'm going to keep it sealed. ^_^
  13. I'll take the sealed Dark Chambers please
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