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    atari,kids and wife
    have atari 800xl (fully loaded, vbxe,stereo,u1mb and rapidus),side2 and sio2sd
    atari 800 xl with u1mb and stereo.

    used to a member of AURA, the british cracking group
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    rescue on fractalus
  1. Chaos computers Manchester? This is a happy clone......100% Contact Paul hollins on Facebook...
  2. There are a few XL s on Facebook market place UK, few bargains.....
  3. Anyone have a spare break key for an Atari XL. Willing to pay.......
  4. think i have a working copy, works with u1mb
  5. Also interested in an AVG cart....if possible Thanks
  6. Atari 1050 with mega speedy upgrade,by far the best drive
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