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  1. get a megadrive contoller adapter for pc usb https://www.amazon.co.uk/Gotor-Genesis-Drive-Controller-Adapter/dp/B010LWH12G/ref=sr_1_9?dchild=1&keywords=mega+drive+usb+controller+adapter&qid=1625569460&sr=8-9
  2. made my own using spare sio from atari xl and cable
  3. Chaos computers Manchester? This is a happy clone......100% Contact Paul hollins on Facebook...
  4. There are a few XL s on Facebook market place UK, few bargains.....
  5. Anyone have a spare break key for an Atari XL. Willing to pay.......
  6. think i have a working copy, works with u1mb
  7. Also interested in an AVG cart....if possible Thanks
  8. Atari 1050 with mega speedy upgrade,by far the best drive
  9. try retrobits.net/atari/sam
  10. here's is my modded xl, thanks to fjc. u1mb,stereo,rapidus and vbxe
  11. some people are so full of shit, this was my 1050 with a custom happy /doubler board and write protect switch. bought it of a friend? more like ebay
  12. Aura menus you can download from Mr bacardis website, I still got a few rob c menus and alpha menus on floppy...
  13. 1050 powers up,Atari xl sees the drive, but the 1050 doesn't spin. Gets very hot on the heat sink at the back of the drive. capacitors or Dead drive mech?
  14. Hi will message you my email and thanks
  15. hi peeps, does anybody repair atari 1050 drives in the uk? thanks in advance
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