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  1. I may be too late, but is this firmware still available to download? I just now realized new firmware existed Thanks!
  2. You sound like your from that entitled brats group on fb....
  3. Same here, I was saving up for other flash carts first since I thought this one would be widely available. I bet StoneAgeGamer would be able to sell lots of these units too .
  4. Just expressing my interest in the LTO Flash and hope you continue to make them! I got to play one at the National Video Game Museum I'd be interested in a standard or limited edition LTO Flash!
  5. Here's an idea... how about you make your own flash cart and then you can design the menu however your entitled self wants
  6. Ah my mistake. I emailed the installer that suggestion. If those did potentially suffer from the same problem any idea whats causing it?
  7. I know the dig dug is fine as it works fine in other systems. Haven't tried those other games, but most 2600 games work fine just cant understand what could be broken on the system to cause the video to be unstable. Its only unstable when I move dig dug around and then the video jerks up and down also the sprites glitch into walls. I know its not the TIA, RIOT, or Ram. Could the Maria chip the issue with a 2600 game? Caps and voltage regulator were replaced too.
  8. Got a new TIA installed and that fixed about 99% of the problems but we are still having issues with Dig dug 2600 working. The screen bounces still and graphics are going all over the place. Its hard to capture, other than that pic in the OP. The installer has replaced the TIA, the RIOT, and the Ram. Still getting the same problems. Fyi the game works fine on other atari consoles. Any ideas?
  9. I agree the notch is a nice touch better than the weird "sausage" design atari came up with for the jag lol.
  10. Lol this totally remind me of AVGN making fun of cart handles (no offense) Time stamped for your enjoyment (Skip to 5:45 if your browser doesn't do it automatically)
  11. Got a new TIA installed and wanted to report it fixes the issue. Thanks everyone for your help!
  12. The good news is SainT will be making a 7800 flash cart once the Jag cart is done
  13. Ordered a new TIA, that seems to be the general consensus on the problem Appreciate everyone's help!
  14. There aren't any commercial multi-cd games. Not sure if any home brew multi disc games exist.
  15. Thanks guys for all the replies. The issues also occur on a crt tv. Im now pretty sure I have a bad TIA will replacing the chip require saracficing another atari 2600?
  16. I think its limited to 2600 games, guessing my 2600 chip is bad, is this fixable without buying a new system?
  17. I recently got myself a 7800 and then had it modded with svideo. While most games on the system run fine, some run horribly. Specifically dig dug. The video is u stable and jittery, some games have weird artifacts or jailbars. Some games run un black and white and the screen is pushed down.... I bought a flash cart thinking that would help, and the results for these games are the same. On camera dig dug looks fine put the video shakes up and down and the monsters glitch all over the place. Do I need new caps, or voltage regulator? Can it even be fixed? Thanks!
  18. Just now re-flashed the BIOS and still getting the same results sadly.
  19. First off I'm aware of the display issues with modern televisions. My problem is the same issues are happening even with a CRT. The menu items are completely garbled and impossible to read on any TV. I'm not sure how to tell if its my Atari 7800 (Which has been S-Video modded) or the Harmony cart itself. As with most people the games run fine when you select them, its just impossible to know which ones you are choosing. Thanks in advance for any help or advice!
  20. You should make a redesigned atari 5200 controller.
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