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  1. I've been wanting to get into VR and upgrade my computer, and this looks like the perfect excuse. I'm glad it's an actual proper game length wise, otherwise I probably wouldn't have been too interested. I'll probably upgrade my graphics card first. I have a GTX 670, which worked great for all the games I had except for Doom, but might go for a GTX 1660 TI or used 1070 and add two 8 GB sticks of RAM.
  2. The game can be definitely tedious at times. The majority of the game is traversing the landscape while combating/avoiding enemies and delivering packages and setting up a network at the same time. My playthrough was around 40 hours ignoring most of the optional stuff, and most of it felt padded. Especially the part towards the end where I verbally cursed out loud. I haven't experienced online play, but it would make it a heck of a lot easier. There were times where I could have used a bridge, ladder, or rope left by another player. The story was mixed with me. I personally felt there was a lot of wasted potential. In short, it didn't get weird or Lovecraftian enough for me, but what twists and themes were present I liked. The first few trailers released that showcased those environments are criminally not in the game enough. That was probably the biggest disappointment. Personally, I think Kojima should go back to a more linear experience with multiple endings. The world would be livelier and the experience would be more focused. I'm kind of getting burned out on open world games because developers tend to focus more on the graphics instead of what you can do in them. Unfortunately, this is one of those games where I don't see any reason of playing again after I beat it. Unless there's a massive update that changes how you interact with players or adds new areas, another dimension would be cool, I don't see myself replaying it despite how pretty it looks and the heartfelt message it contains. We definitely should have gotten Silent Hills instead.
  3. Anyone else playing this? It's definitely not for everyone. I'm only like 4 or 5 hours in and like it so far. It's supposed to ramp up, which I'm looking forward to and finding out WTF is going on. I don't think this would be classified as a "fun" game. It reminds me a lot of Alien Isolation in the way that it's more of an experience, and they both ooze atmosphere. I don't have home internet, so I can't experience the online experience but I think it would really add a lot to the exploration factor and overall experience. This is one of the few games I've kept myself in the dark about and it's that much more exciting when it comes to exploring and discovering the game mechanics for myself. I'm playing it on a regular PS4 and it looks amazing, so having the pro model isn't required.
  4. GOG has a decent amount of good games on sale right now from Deep Silver and some post-apocalyptic games like the Fallout series. Part of their weekend sale includes the Descent games, which you can get all three for just over $10. Since I missed out on getting Overload when it was on sale, I decided to get them. I tried playing with a HOTAS joystick, but I'm either way out of practice or I need to stick with the keyboard or a combination of the two. Anyways, there's a couple of source ports you can pick from that add support for modern resolutions and enhanced graphics, so it's worth checking out if you like the series.
  5. I think I'd get a Switch first, but I'm more than content with what I have now. The PS5 sounds cool feature-wise from what I've read, but unless a new Silent Hill game that's a console exclusive comes out, I'm good. I'm at the point in my life where I have plenty of games, books, comics, and shows where I wouldn't be bored if I was stranded somewhere. If anything, I think I'd rather focus on upgrading my PC, maybe even for VR. There's a lot of great games like Dusk and Overload that are inspired by the PC games of the 90's and early 00's that I loved, so it makes sense to me to focus on that. Plus there's the level editors and mods and all those older games I've missed that I can play through now, like System Shock 1&2 and Deus Ex. If it wasn't for GOG and their DRM free policy, I probably wouldn't be as into PC gaming.
  6. I think the giveaway that e-sports isn't a real sport is the fact it has the letter "e" in front of it. Whenever you do that to a word, you modify the meaning, and it becomes its own thing. The same goes to some other popular words that usually spark arguments. Anyways, if you can't refer to the participants as athletes, I don't consider it a real sport. Auto racing, for instance, is referred to as a motorsport. Even though F1 drivers really have to watch their weight and such, so it's not "the car does everything" necessarily, I don't think I'd consider them athletes. They're their own thing, F1 race car drivers. E-sports participants are not athletes, I believe they're called pro-gamers which sounds fine to me. Let's just hope "e-athlete" doesn't catch on.
  7. When is the ship date? I'm on mobile and my data is throttled, so a lot of the site can't load correctly for me. If it's within a couple months I MAY purchase it, as it's in my cart right now.
  8. Not really a repair per say, I did replace a wonky Sega Saturn modchip I got off of RacketBoy years ago with the phantom one, and I wish I had done it sooner. Before I had to mess around with how the modchip was seated for half an hour, if I was lucky, to get a game to start. Now it just works every time, and I can screw the case together whenever I find the screws. I hadn't soldered in awhile but it was a dead simple job. I need to get some projects to work on my skills. I thought about getting an AM/FM radio kit since it's something I'd actually use.
  9. I played the first two, with most of my time was with the second one. They're fun games, especially in co-op, and definitely look unique that keeps things not so boring. It's just a shame a guy like Randy Pitchford is at the company. That fella kicks up a lot of drama. I might get it on sale if I ever get home internet and friends. It looks really good.
  10. I didn't know Mark personally but I've seen his posts here and there over the years and came across knowledgeable and kind to me. Very sad he's gone.
  11. Can you actually play games from the Epic Store offline now? I've read conflicting things online and I couldn't play the Unreal Tournament offline with bots awhile back. I'm hoping GOG will figure something out that would entice more developers to release their games on the platform. I have a HOTAS and would love to give this a go.
  12. I agree, Killer Instinct should be in everyone's library if they even remotely like fighting games. Go for the Definitive Edition since it has the best value. Just a heads up, it has an annoying bug when you're playing offline. The characters will be greyed out even though they're installed from the disc. To get around this you have to sign out of your XBOX profile and then sign back in. After that all the characters will be accessible. Not a huge deal, but it freaked me out because I thought I had to sign in to XBOX Live to "activate" them or something and I don't have home internet.
  13. GOG is having a sale on Bethesda games. Oblivion is the cheapest I've seen it on there, so I got it for the mods.
  14. Red Dead Redemption 2 is definitely up there. It's one of the few games I have to force myself to quit. Elite Dangerous is another one I played the crap out of when I had home internet. I wish there was an offline mode, though I may get Helium Rain as a replacement. Resident Evil 2 Remake and 7 restored my faith in Capcom and something much needed after what Konami did to Silent Hills. Alien Isolation gave me the most terrifying experience and just really made me feel I was in the Alien universe. There's quite a few indie games for PC I love. Dusk is one of those great first person shooter throwback games without any clunkiness. Duskers is one of the most unique games I've played and I love the atmosphere. Lost in Vivo is one of the most atmospheric horror games I've played and recommend everyone check it out.
  15. Not sure what specifically is fun for you, but I've really enjoyed the Dead Rising games, except for the fourth one since I haven't played it. I play those, goofing around, while listening to a podcast. Red Dead Redemption 2 is incredibly deep and it has so many different things you can do in it. This actually brought me back into playing games a little more frequently. It's a bargain at full price. Rare Replay has a variety of different games and is definitely worth checking out. That and The Master Chief Collection were my first games I got and I still play them. I haven't played the Spyro Trilogy remaster but I've heard good things about it and it's definitely on my list. Same goes for the Crash Bandicoot remasters.
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