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  1. I just saw the collector's edition is up for pre-order. At $199.99 it's a bit too much for me. The extra stuff looks cool, but I have no idea what the quality or size of the stuff will be like. I kinda wish they'd start bringing back how they used to do collector's editions for under $100.
  2. Yeah, I've been following this for years and read a lot of different theories. I'm going to assume it's inspired by people living in isolation despite the world being so well connected technology wise. I'm definitely a bit of a recluse, so I'm interested in what has to be said. I am glad Kojima isn't revealing too much. I think this is one of those games I'm just going to buy without reading anything going in or read any guides. I'm very happy this is getting released this year. After the tragedy of Silent Hills, I hope this helps and it's looking very interesting. I also really like the music that's been used in every trailer so far. I'm hoping a full vinyl release will happen.
  3. There was a thread on here in the classic games section discussing the clock capacitor removal, which needs to be removed regardless if it's the one leaking or not, because it will eventually and can cause permanent damage if it's not taken care of. I removed it from three of my systems by just gently rocking it back and forth after reading others have done it, and I had no issues. It's not the "proper" way, but it worked and my systems are safe. I'd look into doing that before spending any money on sending it away for repair. Plus if you fix it yourself, you'll get bonus points from your fiance.
  4. I played through this last month and completely agree. The atmosphere is top notch and playing with headphones is a must. I'm currently going through F.E.A.R. and feel the same way. I really wish Monolith would do another horror themed game because they're incredibly good at making them. Definitely one of my favorite companies.
  5. Alien Isolation is probably number one for me. Before it was the first few Silent Hill games, with the first one taking the lead. Fatal Frame, I can't remember which one, probably was a little bit more scarier than the Silent Hill ones just because of the voices I kept thinking I heard. I never got into them unfortunately besides a rental, but plan on doing so. However, Alien Isolation is the only game that made my heart thump in my chest, and the music helped quite a bit. I haven't played through the DLC, but I definitely need to. They may have done too good of a job capturing the Alien universe. The original Resident Evil games never really scared me outside of the third one. Seven did a fairly decent job, as well as the remake of the original. The crimson heads really helped. The remake of two is probably what I consider the scariest in the series. Mr. X and the sound design of the zombies are big contributing factors.
  6. Sony really needs to focus hard on getting great exclusives. The PC market is much more accessible now than it used to be, with many of same games available, most with improved features and graphics with actual mod support. They're also much cheaper during sales. Exclusive future Hideo Kojima games would probably be the biggest reason why I would consider getting a system in the future. Time will tell though if his company will be a Sony exclusive developer like Guerrilla Games. It would definitely help Sony out.
  7. All Hitman games on GOG are 75% off.
  8. Yeah it stinks, but they make up for it in deals. I've got some good and fairly current games like Shadow Warrior 2 for free. I know some people on thecoverproject.com will put offline installers from GOG.com onto DVDS or thumb drives and put those in a case with custom artwork. That's as good as it's going to get as far as getting things like the good ol' days.
  9. I got Rebel Galaxy too and will give it a go when I can install it. The 2D plane threw me off initially, but after seeing more footage it makes sense to me. Rebel Galaxy Outlaw however might be the single player space game I've always wanted. The ship customizing tool looks insane and I heard you will be able to buy a 3D printed model of your custom ship. If that happens then that's bananas.
  10. When I build a new rig I'm definitely going to be in the club. My current one only has a GTX 670 and an AMD 8150 processor, which would bottleneck newer cards. I was thinking the other day if I should get a PSVR since you can get it to work for PC after jumping through some hoops. I mainly want VR for Alien Isolation and Elite Dangerous.
  11. I wanted to point out that one of the games on sale on GOG is STALKER Call of Pripyat for the low price of $5.99. It's considered the most polished out of the series, and the Call of Chernobyl mod is the most fun and satisfying time I've had with any post apocalyptic game. The world feels real and it oozes atmosphere. There's a few add-ons for the mod too, and so far it hasn't crashed on me if I run it as administrator. The world unfortunately isn't one giant map like Bethesda's games, but that hopefully may change one day. If you're curious, just watch some videos of it on YouTube.
  12. Daikatana is also on sale on GOG.com for only $1.49. The community released a fan patch that even John Romero himself Tweeted about. Interesting piece of gaming history worth checking out I say.
  13. GOG is having a sale on a few games. I snagged Uplink: Hacker Elite for $1.19 after reading some positive things about it. The Thief series are on sale, but they typically go for cheaper so I held off.
  14. That Space Invaders cab looks great. I wish they had better options for audio though. I'm curious to see the hacks people come up with.
  15. Because of this thread I decided to revisit Demon's Souls instead of buying Bloodborne. I found out about the item duplication glitch and used it just a little to get by so I can explore and goof around with a new build. I planned on getting re-accustomed to the game by doing this and switch back to my original character. Ended up that I played 8 hours straight, which is something I haven't even remotely done since I was a teenager. I think the longest I've played a game recently was two hours. This game is still like crack and challenging even with cheating. I think the different worlds really helps, and I still haven't been to two of them yet. They REALLY need to do this formula again.
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