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  1. Coincidentally, I've been spending the last two weeks getting a Gateway 2000 P5-60 finally running that I got for free over ten years ago. After going through two hard drives, a power supply, and waiting for parts from the mail, it's working. I'm currently waiting for an Aztech MMSN824 sound card so I can finally have sound. The Dallas RTC isn't dead, and I've been debating on whether to wait until it is to do a CR2032 mod on it or not, or something else entirely. I'm not too experienced with soldering or de-soldering, and I'd be angry with myself if I ruined it. So anyways, coming from watching LGR and Phil's Computer Lab the last couple weeks to 8-Bit Guy's video was jarring and the comments are now disabled. Even I know that it was a stupid idea shorting out the PSU. And I think it's wise to invest in a collection of screwdriver bits, especially if you have Nintendo consoles, which is something I think he should have had already. I've been watching RetroSpector78 and he seems to be much more knowledgeable and has a nice setup.
  2. I disagree. Red Dead Redemption 2 had shockingly more game play features and details in it compared to not only the previous entry, but Bethesda's more recent titles like Fallout 4 and Skyrim. It was more of an RPG compared to the previous game, and they didn't remove features to "streamline" it. Plus Rockstar managed to add multiplayer to it without any controversy.
  3. It was the last console from the big three I got from that generation, but I probably put more hours on it after I modded it compared to anything else I have besides PC. I didn't have access to a gaming PC at the time either, so I really appreciated those aspects of it. Mini LAN parties were great and XBMC was mind blowing back then. I have three consoles that all work, the most for any console I have. I was more of a PlayStation guy, so you can see just how much I loved it back then. Edit I watched this a few weeks ago that I thought was pretty cool: There's a ton of great episodes from back then on that channel and even in the 90's. I watched one with John Carmack talking about Quake 2 that was really cool, then again I'm a sucker for anything from that era.
  4. Thanks for the heads up. I have a launch fat and a Star Wars slim model, while both are fine, I still took the batteries out to be safe. With time marching on, makes me wonder what else I'll need to look out for.
  5. If you want to use actual disks, a Zoomfloppy is pretty good, though it's more involved getting going. A plus is you can make back ups and archive them on your modern computer.
  6. I was eyeing that too, though I'm leaning more towards Rebel Galaxy Outlaw or The Ghostbusters HD remaster.
  7. Black Ops for me. I love anything Cold War era. Plus it has offline with bots, unlike some of the other entries.
  8. Might be a licensing thing since Silicon Knights worked on it unlike the rest of the series, not sure. I can't remember it ever being on there, but my memory isn't the best.
  9. GOG has a big sale right now on zombie/undead games including The Walking Dead games and Legacy of Kain series.
  10. Fanatical has a great bundle that has some of the Telltale Walking Dead games and DLC, Blood Fresh Supply, This War of Mine and DLC, and more for $4.99: https://www.fanatical.com/en/bundle/sanctuary-bundle Snagged it mainly for Blood Fresh Supply even though I own the original, but want it for the updates and I'm a huge fan of Nightdive Studios.
  11. It's pretty short, like the original, and fairly light on content. They have an item shop to purchase stuff like an infinite rocket launcher, but no mercenaries mode. It's still very fun and controls much nicer than the RE2 Remake. I've played through this probably five times, and I still plan on doing more. The Nemesis encounters are pretty linear, which is kind of disappointing. While I love this game, it doesn't really deserve the full price it's asking. Since I don't have home internet, I can't comment on the multiplayer game, so that may up the value for some people.
  12. Everyone should experience that game since it's one of those once in a decade kind of game for the series. The trend now is multiplayer focused unfortunately and that's what the next one will be last I heard unless it's been canned. Anyways for $2 it's a must own.
  13. Galactic Attack is a fun shooter, though it's typically recommended for novices so it may not be for you. Die Hard Trilogy performs much better on the PlayStation, but it's still worth checking out on the Saturn. It has three different game types in one, including a light gun compatible one. There's a really cool little series of videos on YouTube of the making of this that I typically rewatch yearly. Loaded is a fun top down run and gun that's really worth checking out. It's a product of the 90's in the best way. It has some slowdown, but it's not unbearable and zooming in on your character helps. This is a blast to play co-op with a friend too. The console port of Duke Nukem 3D runs on a different engine, true 3D environment, than its PC release and has Saturn exclusive levels. Plus it's one of the games you can use the 3D controller with, which works about as well as the Turok games on N64. There are videos on YouTube of people playing co-op over the internet with a Netlink adapter and some other hardware. Resident Evil is a good port with exclusive editions like a battle mode that's not even in the Director's Cut on PlayStation. Deep Fear is a survival horror exclusive released only in Japan and PAL regions that looks very impressive and has a unique air mechanic since it takes place at an underwater base. Policenauts received a fan translation into English as well as a couple others that may be worth checking out. There's quite a few more I could recommend. Sega Lord X has a great channel on YouTube that has a ton of very informative Saturn videos that cover things like exclusives, imports, and what a first time owner should have in their collection.
  14. Digital Foundry made a good video detailing the differences: They have a lot of other great videos that really break down other games and ports in depth too. Definitely worth checking out.
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