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  1. I heard boiling the worn out band in water will fix it, but I'd rather just get a pack of them on hand in case it happens to other drives. Just a FYI for anyone here that ran into the same issue using the HD Pack, or whatever the component cable block is called, with a HDTV. If you're seeing vertical lines of static, turn off game mode on your TV. I was getting seriously peeved thinking I had to recap the board. I switched it off and it's now amazing. I still would love a CRT like a Trinitron, but they're huge and I already have a big Sanyo with SVideo. Anyways, I also got used cheap Sony Dolby headphones off eBay, and the sound is great, highly recommended. I was missing out on so many things in Silent Hill 4, that I might restart it. I finished the campaign mode of Timesplitters Future Perfect finally after years of playing with the multiplayer and mapmaker. I've been following the Timesplitters Rewind project and I'm pretty excited for it. This is one of those series where I'm shocked some of the younger people have never heard of it and you know they would really like it.
  2. It depends. First thing is to remove the clock capacitor if it's not a 1.6 version XBOX. There's a thread below where I gave advice to someone that had XBOX issues that could help you out, but find out what version it is, a quick Google search will bring up a guide. But open it up and actually look at the board. Someone could swap motherboard or had it sent in, weird and unlikely but possibly. If it has leaked, clean it with 90%+ isopropyl alcohol all over the area. You can attempt a laser pot tweak, or replace the laser. Find out what DVD drive you have and go from there. Full replacement ones are expensive, and personally I would avoid Philips. I have three drives are dead, and one was a replacement that was DOA. It's anecdotal, so do what you think is best. I haven't checked to see the price or availability of parts for all the DVD drives, but I personally would go with whatever is most readily available. It is possible to mod it without a working DVD drive, but it's best to have at least one that works in case you need to use a disc rescue program if something goes wrong with the hard drive. Mrmario2011 has a few great videos on YouTube about the original XBOX. I recommend watching the more recent up-to-date ones. If you can, I would hard mod it. You can get an Open Xenium modchip on eBay pretty reasonably. Just make sure you use 30 kynar awg wire. I wrecked a motherboard by trying to get away with what I had, it was stupid and I was impatient and knew better. You do have to solder, but it's honestly worth the effort. I have used softmodded XBOX systems, and they're fine starting out and you can put larger hard drives in them too. Mrmario2011 goes over that process too, but a modchip in the long run is better.
  3. I think with the more pronounced indie games and the powerful and straight forward tools that allow their development certainly makes the more recent pretty great. PC gaming is back to being great, as long as you use GOG. VR is more accessable and has very creative implementations, something I want to get into the near future. The Dreamcast, PS2, Xbox, and GameCube generation might be what I personally consider the last great one. There was just enough balance between creativity and budget. That was also back when Rockstar Games released things more frequently but still polished and Konami was good. The earlier generation stuff had starting to go up a bit in recent years because of the vile "nerd culture", but there are some nice deals once in awhile. For instance I got a non powering, complete in box Japanese Model 1 Sega Saturn for $59 from a US seller. I repaired it just by recapping the power supply, which is more rewarding than those "learn to solder" dice kits.
  4. First thing I would do is completely disassemble your Xbox and get rid of the clock capacitor and clean up the mess it's caused. Watch a few videos on YouTube, I recommend The SegaHolic, to see how to disassemble it. There's a video by The SegaHolic where he actually repairs a system with a similar issue. You can use conductive ink/paint to repair the traces if you're not comfortable soldering. Use something like a needle and safety pin to apply after you clean the broken traces and expose them by gently scraping the protective coat until you see that it's shiny. Make sure the ink is WELL MIXED, and let it cure 24 hours to be safe. Make sure the lines are separate from each other so you don't cause a short. I'd also cover it up with something like kapton tape since it's exposed and anything conductive that touches it will cause a short. Solder mask would be the more "pro" thing to do though. Also check to see if any capacitors are bulging. There are three larger ones towards the right hand side of the board close to one of the processors, I think it's the CPU, that can cause shutdown issues. Also check capacitors on the power supply. The thick white stuff is just glue, so don't be alarmed. If you're unsure of something post a pic or two and we'll try to help out. Edit: You'll need torx 10, 15, and 20 to disassemble it. Here's a guide on ifixit too if you don't want to watch a video: https://ifixit.com/Guide/Xbox+Disassembly/1308 You don't need to remove stuff like the fan, DVD from carrier, etc to just get the motherboard out. If the motherboard isn't coming out, make sure all screws are out, and I read grabbing the heatsink and lifting the front first helps. Again, watching a video helps too.
  5. The Big Short is an entertaining and informative movie that dealt with the housing crisis that's tied to that. A lot of the people on Reddit are willing to go down with the ship as long as Melvin Capital goes under, and this is becoming bigger than a "for giggles" kind of thing. It's illuminating just how rigged things are in favor for those with a ridiculous amount of wealth, and is yet one of the many different things from the past like 11 months that has changed my perspective on things.
  6. Dreamcast Karaoke Unit, or something to that effect. Here's a page dedicated to it with more information and pictures. There's also a lot of other information for other Dreamcast and Sega stuff. https://segaretro.org/Dreamcast_Karaoke There's also the Dreameye that was also Japan only. https://segaretro.org/Dreameye
  7. There's the karaoke add on that was Japan only as far as I know. It looks pretty cool attached to the system.
  8. I actually just got a Lynx II recently off eBay to learn how to repair. If you're going to buy capacitors, I'd get them from console5.com instead of eBay. WAY cheaper and they ship out fast. Mark Fixes Stuff on YouTube has a couple good Lynx videos of him replacing capacitors and things so you can at least get an idea of what you're up against if you decide to try it yourself. Please keep us updated though. When I was searching online I noticed a lot of people never gave any updates, which makes troubleshooting that more difficult in the future. Good luck though!
  9. I need to do this too as I only have the original PS2 version, which have you seen the prices for it on eBay lately? I heard the PC port with mods fixes a lot of things, but I think I'm going with the PS2 version. I don't want to go through a majority of the scenario and have the game crash or corrupt the save. If you're craving more Silent Hill things, there's a video on YouTube that has some cancelled and alternate enemies from the first game. Someone also made a really cool Unity 3D demo of the first area of the hospital from the first game too, just search Silent Hill Unity and it should pop up on YouTube if you just want to see it. He also made a section of the town, but the link he provided is dead. It looks like he ripped the textures too, so it's not just fan art.
  10. People have had good luck snagging a refurbished Dell OptiPlex from sites similar to what wongojack posted above and slapping in a cheap SSD and graphics card inside. In some cases, it's cheaper than building one. I would go for something that isn't super low profile because it would limit you to low profile graphics and non ATX power supplies in some instances. Get a thick one if you can. They take up more room, but they tend to have better air flow and less headache if you ever need to do something inside. You could also just install Windows on one of your Macs too, the one with the most advanced graphics card would be a start. Are there any specific games that piqued your interest? If so, I'd see if your current system would be able to handle it. If not, you know what to build around.
  11. Coincidentally, I've been spending the last two weeks getting a Gateway 2000 P5-60 finally running that I got for free over ten years ago. After going through two hard drives, a power supply, and waiting for parts from the mail, it's working. I'm currently waiting for an Aztech MMSN824 sound card so I can finally have sound. The Dallas RTC isn't dead, and I've been debating on whether to wait until it is to do a CR2032 mod on it or not, or something else entirely. I'm not too experienced with soldering or de-soldering, and I'd be angry with myself if I ruined it. So anyways, coming from watching LGR and Phil's Computer Lab the last couple weeks to 8-Bit Guy's video was jarring and the comments are now disabled. Even I know that it was a stupid idea shorting out the PSU. And I think it's wise to invest in a collection of screwdriver bits, especially if you have Nintendo consoles, which is something I think he should have had already. I've been watching RetroSpector78 and he seems to be much more knowledgeable and has a nice setup.
  12. I disagree. Red Dead Redemption 2 had shockingly more game play features and details in it compared to not only the previous entry, but Bethesda's more recent titles like Fallout 4 and Skyrim. It was more of an RPG compared to the previous game, and they didn't remove features to "streamline" it. Plus Rockstar managed to add multiplayer to it without any controversy.
  13. It was the last console from the big three I got from that generation, but I probably put more hours on it after I modded it compared to anything else I have besides PC. I didn't have access to a gaming PC at the time either, so I really appreciated those aspects of it. Mini LAN parties were great and XBMC was mind blowing back then. I have three consoles that all work, the most for any console I have. I was more of a PlayStation guy, so you can see just how much I loved it back then. Edit I watched this a few weeks ago that I thought was pretty cool: There's a ton of great episodes from back then on that channel and even in the 90's. I watched one with John Carmack talking about Quake 2 that was really cool, then again I'm a sucker for anything from that era.
  14. Thanks for the heads up. I have a launch fat and a Star Wars slim model, while both are fine, I still took the batteries out to be safe. With time marching on, makes me wonder what else I'll need to look out for.
  15. If you want to use actual disks, a Zoomfloppy is pretty good, though it's more involved getting going. A plus is you can make back ups and archive them on your modern computer.
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