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  1. Jinks--thank you for your kind words! Papa is not a psycho, like someone has said. He was going through a confusing, hard hard time and voiced his pain here (it was his only outlet at the time, and it was not pretty). I am his wife and follow this thread, so I saw your comments in my email. He has a ton of ideas (I can see the list, now, lol) and is working on several projects. We've found a different outlet and path to take to make his games a reality, so if you are interested, you may send me a message.
  2. "I've been ignored by my mom...for three years!" 4-yr old daughter's statement

    1. GoldLeader


      Haa! Seems to have a flair for exaggeration.

    2. Buttons


      She is definitely actress material!

  3. To the people who have expressed interest in this project of Papa's: He really appreciates your support! He has been going through a lot which is difficult to explain so that the true magnitude cannot be easily understood or felt. He has not given up on Street Fight World, or his other works, and is hoping to be able to refocus on them soon. If you are interested in how he is doing, you can check him out on instagram (silfeather_opa) or on Reverb Nation (www.reverbnation/megamaiden), where he has a blog that is more light-hearted and akin to his nature. Some of his music is there now, but there will be more coming, including songs he would like to put into his games. Thank you, again, for those of you who are interested!
  4. I appreciate your positive comments! Papa and I were just talking about this earlier this evening. He has lots of projects in the works, many of which are on pause. He has repeatedly gotten his heart broken, so these projects have not been recently a focus of his attention. It doesn't help when someone says he will look at his games but then never gets back with him. Street Fight World is not far from being complete, but where it goes from here is unknown.
  5. Is that the half-pinball-half-video-game machine that Papa said he played when he was younger?
  6. "I'm going to take these screwdrivers and screw things up!" 3-yr old daughter statement

    1. Bryan


      Management material!

    2. Skippy B. Coyote

      Skippy B. Coyote

      lol! Your kid/s really come up with some of the best quotes.

    3. Papa




  7. On a side note, it's really nice to see everybody's CRTs! (which Papa just called See R Tease, lol)
  8. BONUS: I have a couple of games I would like to make for homebrew Atari 2600 (and hopefully, I WILL, eventually!). I would like to make a shaving game where you shave various body parts for different levels of difficulty: legs, armpits, back, arms, mustache, monobrow, face, head, nether regions, etc. Hair will grow constantly, too, just at different speeds, or not at all (for beginning levels). There would be a secret ending for the beard level, where if you just leave it alone, and let it grow full on, you automatically win as NATURAL MAN, lol. And I just gave away the secret. The other game I want to make is tentatively called "Parasite Hunter" where you shrink down really little and go inside bodies to destroy the parasites from within! I would like for this one to be somewhat realistic and educational, where the parasites you kill are based on real parasites living creatures can get, and you kill them with methods that are really used to eradicate them. Candida yeast infections making bloated bellies on people can be fought, too! Just hero work on a miniaturized level. Different animals and people could be levels (such as the snails that crawl to the tops of trees with their parasite-ridden eyestalks acting as beacons to flying birds, crying out "EAT ME! EAT ME!") , as well as different locations (like sheep flukes in human hearts, tape worms in the intestines, the aforementioned candida, etc.). As a side project, I would reprogram Chase the Chuckwagon to NOT restart the timer of paralyzation every time Chuckie is stunned to allow for less frustrating gameplay. :-)
  9. I appreciate it! I tried to take advantage of this, but to no avail, ha ha! I could not increase my score at all on Chase, but I realized two things while trying: 1) The little dog resembles those magnet scottie dog toys my sister had when we were kids, and 2) It's probably the cutest animation of a dog I've ever seen. So, since I wasn't connecting well with that game, I focused on Crystal Castles and improved my score there! Congratulations on your great score and I wish you swift recovery. :-)
  10. Finally beat 2048, 5x5 edition! and am done playing it FOREVER. At least, for now.

    1. Papa


      ...and on mothers day no less! Go Kitty Buttons! Now you can do other things that are fun for me to watch like playing Devils Crash MD or Awesome Possum! You're a SUPER NERD KITTEH!!

  11. Errrrgh! Lol. Here I was, so happy with my second place score on the bonus game...and THEN! Here comes Jin! (Papa said the high score was from the freshly exorcised thyroid demons... :-) ) Anyway, I will try again, but very nice job! I liked this game way better than Crystal Castles, and have never even played them before this week (to be honest, I have only played three handsful or so of Atari games, lol).
  12. Ha ha! I suck at Crystal Castles, but I really like Chase the Chuckwagon! My score for Crystal is: 15294 My score for Chase is: 1655
  13. Buttons

    Blog 2

    YAY!!! A successful superimposition! Last winter, some meanies vandalized an ice sculpture in our downtown area, knocking out the letter "i" in our city. Soooooo, I superimposed one of Papa's recent photos and made HIM the I in Richmond. This was great fun and highly amusing to me. P.S. I will work on better blog titles. I am not that creative.
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