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  1. Can the Retron 77 play PAL cartridges? Just wondering. I haven't been able to find any info about it.
  2. I got a colecovision recently, and only now just got around to trying it out. I thought something was wrong with it, as there was an unbearable amount of static when played on my crt. I couldn't hear any of the sound. I later went to try it on my flatscreen, and voilà, it worked perfectly; despite the resolution being less. Why did this happen, it is usually the other way around where it doesn't work on the flatscreen for these type of systems.
  3. I could try twisting pliers the next time I look in the console. Ill try that too, whenever I get around to it.
  4. Hey guys, yesterday I opened up my atari 2600 4 switch because the picture on the screen hasn't been the best lately. Sometimes it has good picture and sometimes it doesn't :I Anyways, I opened it up and found that the rca cable that leads into the system has a small cut at the very end. This is most likely the picture problem. I tried to pull it off and switch the chord, but I couldn't! It was stuck! I applied some force to it, but nothing. I don't want to put TOO MUCH force, because I don't want to break the thing. Is anyone else's Atari 2600 stuck like this as well? I believe this is the original cable.
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