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  1. I recently made some Jaguar repro carts for Rick, he was very, very good with communication and paid immediately, with no problems! Absolute pleasure to deal with.
  2. I can't even begin to tell you how much of a difference these screens make! Here's a couple screen shots: Installation is a bit....involved, and there's instructions for 2 different board variations. Mine was the more difficult (of course, lol), so I had a few of these bastards to deal with: ABSOLUTELY worth the price! On games like Sonic, there's no blur, which makes them 1000 times more playable.
  3. I know it shouldn't bother me, but this Niitestalker has got me super irritated on his methodology. He comes in, asking for values on items that are tricky to value (no problem there). But when he gets his numbers (say, Battlesphere at an estimated 250.00 to 700.00), he shoots back by saying he's going to list at 800.00 OBO, and rejects anybody's offers to buy right now at a reasonable (and instant) rate (which he still would get a huge profit!). This guy is basically the type of person that I believes has destroyed retro gaming for the casual gamer, WAY MORE than the people who make repros or the people who buy and hoard games for themselves.
  4. Great job Cyrano! Question for anyone: I have Windows 10 on all 3 of my machines which made my rom splitter program (Romsplit) for Jaguar games no longer work. Can anyone be so kind as to split the rom for me please? Or, I've never used Jiffi before to split Roms, but it will work on Windows 10....but I don't see an option to split the rom in it. Anyone have any experience on how to do this in Windows 10? Edit: Figured out how to split in Windows 10: using DosBox, setup a link to the folder containing Romsplit and the rom. Then, type in the command as usual, all good
  5. I think you'll enjoy the Jaguar's games. They 'feel' a lot different than Sony and Nintendo games, and coming from the 2600/7800 will make them feel all the more better. Everybody's recommendations, I totally agree with! Although, Highlander?? Cyrano, really??? That game should be retitled 'Escape from Alien Muggers', lol. kidding kidding, but it definitely takes some getting used to the controls. Welcome to the club!
  6. I ordered my clear shell and cart today! I'm glad I didn't miss out on this!
  7. In Chattanooga, TN, the Jag was available at all the major game stores like Babbages and Electronics Boutique. I remember hearing that some people bought Atari stuff, but most were put off by the price at the time.
  8. I almost titled this JagCD vs Jag, but thought that horse has been kicked enough, even though it's kinda relevant when thinking of games that have come out on both, notably Iron Soldier 2. So my question is pretty straightforward; what does the JagCD add to the Jag in terms of enhancements? Is it simply more space for code? Granted, that would allow games to be more detailed because there would be less of a programming restriction, but I figured I'd ask here. I have a cart version of Iron Soldier 2, but don't have the CD version to compare it to.
  9. bender3455

    Doom 2

    Doom 2 would be a pretty sweet addition to the library. It's a shame we'll probably never see a port of it. Maybe if it were JagCD, there'd be background music too.
  10. Pretty much! Just having a little fun after the 'N64 vs Jaguar' thread. Next up, Madman's dog vs my foxface rabbitfish, lol.
  11. But don't forget how many hours on end we played the original Gameboy with its monochromatic green screen! Progressively thinking, original Gameboy to the Virtual Boy is an interesting leap. I always thought it was odd that Nintendo went monochrome for the VB, but maybe they were thinking that if mono worked for them so successfully in the past, that it could work for them with it.
  12. No seriously, hear me out! Both systems have a bunch of similarities in the pro and con department: Pros: Cutting edge hardware (at the time) from a big name company in the game industry unique games found only on that system different experience from other consoles comfortable controller Cons: lack of 3rd party support small library of games full extent of hardware unknown died way too soon I have a Virtual Boy sitting on my desk and was thinking about how niche the system is. Some of the games are quite fun, and I wonder what would have come out if the system weren't to have fallen flat. Virtual Megaman? Starfox 3D? yes please! Likewise, I wish the same for my Jaguar.
  13. That FAQ is a little ambiguous, but it seems like they're suggesting that they're going to do hardware emulation based on the games requirements. They do state which cores for systems are available, but do not mention if the cores are going to be part of the system. It may be a little early to say, as they may still be negotiating, so I won't be hyper critical about that. Of the cores listed, there's only 3 that I see that would be relevant to my group of friends: NES, Genesis, and Turbo Graphx. If SNES and Neo Geo were added to the mix, I think that would help tremendously, but we still don't know what actual games would come out either. I'm still interested, but not seeing the kind of info I was hoping to see by now. Color choices are a fun touch, but that should be near the bottom of the list. Do we even know what controllers are going to look like yet? Do indie developers know how to write code for it yet? THey'll need to know ahead of time as not to become another Windows Vista fiasco. But like I say, I'm still interested and definitely love talking about it.
  14. Found it! It was in the 'I joined the Jaguar CD club today' thread. In post 11, he provides a link to where to download all of the homebrew covers he had.
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