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  1. I don't think so. The Adventure from the first club was by Ward Shrake, if my records are correct. I think we all decided that it was OK to duplicate what we made new labels for from club to club, so Adventure was at least slated for new labels in both A#1 and A#2.
  2. Post photos if you have a chance. I just included everything I found in my archive, which was obviously incomplete. I think it's neat to have a record of this stuff here for people to see. Thanks to everyone for helping to fill in some of the gaps in my information!
  3. Nope, Spit Bug wasn't part of either club. That's just one I did for the heck of it. I think I probably just included it when I traded games a handful of times. There's probably 5 or 6 of them floating around out there, I think.
  4. JahFish asked me to dig this stuff up, so I thought i'd share with everyone ... "The A#2 Fancy Label (sic) Club was founded in 2001 to give collectors something to do with their extra common Atari 2600 cartridges. Following in the footsteps of the A#1 club, small group of 18 very talented individuals put together this fun group of NEW label variations for each of their collections. We hope you enjoy our work." I only have records of these 9 labels being produced for this club. Photos of these labels are attached. Bowling (Bowl-O-Rama) by Dan Meyer Circus Atari (Killer Klowns) by Tim Snider Donkey Kong (Mario the Stalker) by Chris Cracknell Maze Craze by Chris Rodgers Ms. Pac Man by Jason Parlee Peles' Soccer (FIFA 79) by Jason Parlee Pitfall by Scott Lindberg Q*Bert (@!#[email protected]!) by Russ Perry Jr. Surround by Cary Kimiko (Madden) Here are the remaining labels I believe were never finished: Adventure by Marc Pallante Bezerk by Steven Vallarian Breakout by Tony Norkus Demon Attack by Scott Dayton Keystone Kapers by Marc Pallante Moon Patrol by Sandy Huner River Raid by Ryan Hipp Space Invaders by Myke Moody Star Wars ESB by Marc Oberhäuser Video Pinball by Martin S Goldberg (unknown) by Sebastien Clave
  5. JahFish just asked me to dig some of this stuff up, so I thought I'd share it with everyone ... "The A#1 Fancy Lable (sic) Club was founded in 1998 to give collectors something to do with their extra common Atari 2600 cartridges. A small group of 20 very talented individuals put together this fun group of NEW label variations for each of their collections. Only 20 of each of these cartridges are in existence." There were supposed to be 20 labels, but I believe only these 15 were ever finished: Adventure by Ward Shrake Asteroids by Dan Meyer Berserk by Larry LeFebvre Combat by Arnd Jurczyk Defender (Defender 3-D) by Ethan Marak E.T. The Extraterrestrial (E.T. Escape From the Pits) by Mark Freid Frogger by Chris Rogers Haunted House (Resident Evil 2600) by Tim Sneider Joust by Jon Kade Missile Command by Reinhard Pribish Pac-Man by Scott Lindberg Space Invaders by Chris Cracknell Star Raiders by JT August Superman by Mark Androvich Yars' Revenge by Marc Oberhaeuser Photos are attached of all the art.
  6. Calling Ataripitbull ... Please drop me a PM to let me know if you're still interested in the Mystique leatherette clamshell case or not. Thanks.
  7. Last chance before this stuff finds its way to eBay. Make me an offer -- I'd rather sell these last few bits to you guys than some random eBayer so I'm prepared to offer discounted prices so I don't have to deal with the hassle.
  8. But there's still some good stuff left! I'm a bit surprised no one has scooped up that autographed Seaquest cart yet.
  9. Thanks guys! I have to admit, it feels nice to be back here at the forums. So many good memories!
  10. Hey all. I'm sure no one here remembers me, but I was around way back when Atari Age was the Atari 2600 Nexus. I sold off most of my collection many years ago, but just found a few boxes of stuff in storage that I'm looking to get rid of. Here goes ... Programmer Autographed Carts First off here are a few carts that have been autographed by the programmer. I obtained them from a serious collector (are you still around these parts, Ianoid?) who in turn had them signed at various classic gaming conventions in the late 1990's and early 2000's ... $35 - Seaquest (Imagic, autographed by Steve Cartwright on the front label) $35 - Fathom (Imagic, signed by Rob Fulop on the front label) SOLD $35 - Atlantis (Imagic, signed by Dennis Koble on back of the cart) SOLD Import Games This batch of stuff is all that remains of a fairly substantial collection of import Atari 2600 titles. Mostly PAL and PAL-M format carts from Australia, Germany and Brazil ... $3 - Enduro (Activision Brazil) ON HOLD for starwardude $3 - Mr. Do! (CBS) SOLD $3 - Smurf (CBS) $3 - Solar Fox (CBS) SOLD $3 - Venture (CBS) SOLD $3 - Wizard of Wor (CBS) SOLD $3 - Subterranea (Imagic) SOLD $3 - Missile Command (Polyvox) ON HOLD for Starwardude $3 - Space Invaders (Polyvox) SOLD $3 - Asteroid Belt (Quelle, standard cart) SOLD $3 - Fox & Goat (Quelle, standard cart) SOLD $3 - Mariana (Quelle, short cart) SOLD $3 - Motocross (Quelle, short cart) SOLD $3 - Paris Attack (Quelle, short cart) SOLD $3 - Pygmy (Quelle, short cart) SOLD $3 - Space Robot (Quelle, standard cart) SOLD $3 - Volleyball (Quelle, short cart) SOLD $3 - World End (Quelle, short cart) SOLD $3 - Bermuda (Rainbow Vision) SOLD $3 - Galactic (Rainbow Vision) SOLD $3 - Mafia (Rainbow Vision) SOLD $3 - Pyramid War (Rainbow Vision) SOLD $3 - Time Race (Rainbow Vision) SOLD $3 - F-14 Tom Cat (Salu) SOLD $3 - My Golf (Salu) SOLD $3 - Skateboardin' (Salu) SOLD $3 - Sea Hawk (Sancho) SOLD $3 - Quest for Quintana Roo (Tele-Games) SOLD $15 - Yoko Copy Cart (Yoko, unused) Miscellaneous Some other random stuff ... $6 - Mystique leatherette clamshell case, red SOLD $6 - Mystique leatherette clamshell case, blue ON HOLD for Ataripitbull $6 - Mystique leatherette clamshell case, blue SOLD Books, Zines, and Printed Material And finally a few classic gaming books and 'zines ... $10 - Hundreds of random game instructions, mini-comics, catalogs, and other printed ephemera. Too much to list, but you get the whole lot for ten bucks plus shipping. There are at least a few rare manuals in there (Cosmic Swarm for example). SOLD $10 - ABC to the VCS, by Leonard Herman. 1996 edition, stapled with blue paper covers. $10 - Digital Press Collector's Guide, Edition 5, by Joe Santulli. 1998 edition. SOLD $3 - Atari 2600 Connection newsletter, by Russ Perry Jr. Issue 67, Jul/Aug 2001 SOLD $3 - Atari 2600 Connection newsletter, by Russ Perry Jr. Issue 70, Jan/Feb 2002 SOLD $3 - Atari 2600 Connection newsletter, by Russ Perry Jr. Issue 71, Mar/Apr 2002 SOLD $3 - Atari 2600 Connection newsletter, by Russ Perry Jr. Issue 72, May/Jun 2002 SOLD $3 - Atari 2600 Connection newsletter, by Russ Perry Jr. Issue 75, Nov/Dec 2003 SOLD All of this stuff was tested years ago, but since I have neither the time nor the inclination to retest everything now, its being sold "as-is" and is priced as such. Cosmetic condition varies, so if that matters and you can't tell by the photos please ask. Shipping is not included, but I don't charge any "handling" costs ... you just pay actual Priority Mail rates. All reasonable offers will be considered, and everything will be sold on a "first come first served" basis via private message and payment should be made through PayPal. If you need references, maybe there are some other old timers still here who can vouch for me. Alex? Albert? Ianoid? You guys still around? In any case, I have hundreds of successful trades under my belt which resulted in a 2,000+ title collection way back when. Thanks for reading down this far! ~Scott
  11. ::bump:: Ends this Sunday. There are still many without bids (and bidding starts at $2 each game!) Check it out: http://cgi6.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?View...erid=scottultra Thanks! ~Scott
  12. I have a bunch available, if you don't mind paying for shipping from the USA. Here's a list: http://www.atariage.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=45880 All games work. Cosmetic condition varies. Email me at [email protected] if you're interested.
  13. UPDATE: I've listed all this stuff (and more) on eBay with a very low starting price & no reserve. Bid early! http://cgi6.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?View...erid=scottultra
  14. Email [email protected] if you're interested in a purchase. Shipping is not included in these prices. Payment through PayPal is required. All games are tested and work. Key: (c ) = Cartridge (or hardware item) only (ci ) = Cartridge (or hardware item) and Instruction Manual only (cib) = Cartridge (or hardware item), Instruction Manual, and Box SOFTWARE (Gameboy) ----------------------------- $ 9.00 - (c ) - Dr. Mario $ 9.00 - (cib) - Pac-Man $ 5.00 - (c ) - Personal Organizer $ 9.00 - (cib) - Pokemon (Blue Version) $16.00 - (cib) - Pokemon (Red Version / German language import) $ 9.00 - (cib) - Tetris Attack $ 9.00 - (c ) - Tetris Blast SOFTWARE (Gameboy Color) ----------------------------- $ 9.00 - (cib) - Pac-Man: Special Color Edition $ 9.00 - (cib) - Pitfall: Beyond the Jungle $ 9.00 - (cib) - Star Wars Episode I Racer SOFTWARE (Gameboy Advance) ----------------------------- $12.00 - (cib) - Chu-Chu Rocket $ 9.00 - (cib) - Iridion 3-D $14.00 - (cib) - Mario Kart Super Circuit $14.00 - (cib) - Namco Museum $18.00 - (cib) - Street Fighter II Revival (Japanese language import) $14.00 - (cib) - Super Mario Advance $14.00 - (cib) - Tetris Worlds HARDWARE --------------- $ 9.00 - (ci ) - Gameboy Camera (Red Version) $25.00 - (c ) - Gameboy Color (Yellow Version) $ 2.00 - (cib) - Lightboy Advance $ 1.00 - (c ) - Wormlight (GBA Green Version) $ 3.00 - (c ) - Gameboy Rechargable Battery Pack (Model DMG-03-USA) $ 3.00 - (c ) - Gameboy AC Power Adapter (Model MGB-005-USA) $ 3.00 - (c ) - Gameboy AC Power Adapter (Model MGB-005-USA) $ 3.00 - (c ) - Gameboy Link Cord (Model DMG-14) I need to sell quick, so email soon!
  15. I've got a 6-switch 2600 console, with 2 joysticks, a pair of paddle controllers, and power supply available for sale. $35 plus $10 shipping takes it / PayPal only. Email [email protected] if you're interested!
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