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  1. YAY I'm glad to read that! It's indeed a great game!
  2. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/248924-opcode-general-announcements/?p=4181798 Please check this link out and I hope you guys enjoy the news!
  3. I’M BACK!!! Yes, that’s right, after 1 year away from Opcode I’m finally back. It’s been 1 year since I landed in Uncle Sam’s lands and I needed this time to start my new life (or do you think it’s easy to leave all behind and move to a new country? LoL) and settle down everything. Now, with everything settled, it’s time for you guys to meet me in my best performance. I’ll be back responding to all emails, forums, helping Ed to prepare and ship all your games, and much more (to be revealed…)! Hope you guys enjoy the news and stay tuned for all the 2019 surprises we have for you!
  4. Hi, Sorry, I'm not in charge of the emails anymore, but I'll ask Ed to check your situation. =)
  5. You are 100% right, Jeff! DKA is an arcade port so it's much more complicated to do, so would not be reasonable to try to make it in such short time considering that i don't code, so this part is only with Ed, and the 2 MSX games were already finished. Yes, it is VERY expensive, you can't imagine how much we already spent on this and will still do with the trip. Thank you so much for your kind words, Jeff! *-----* I can't see the time to be there and go to game events to meet you guys! hahahaha really excited about it!
  6. Hi! Thank you! I already sent the email regarding what decision we make and another email with the Paypal info for payment, did you not receive it? Please inbox me with your email and I'll check it for you!
  7. Thank you so much guys for all the ideas, we really appreciate your help. There were many different games suggested so we thought it was better to release the 2 games Ed mentioned, because they were already done and we want to make the whole thing of my immigration fast so I can go live to the US. Once I'm in the US I'll be able to help Ed with everything but programming, so I hope Opcode could run much faster. We sent a newsletter with SGM status and talking about the two games Cabbage Patch Kids and Boggy 84 and we had a much larger number of interested we imagined and we are soooo happy with it. Thank you again guys, you are awesome!! Always supporting us, and specially now that my trip is involved, all this support means the world to me.
  8. About the faulty Penguin Adventure, I'll talk to Ed again and check if he is having progress fixing it. Hope to return with good news soon. We apologize for all the delay. =/
  9. Hi Bry, We will try to restock still this year, things will run much faster when I finally come live in the US (next month or December), because now I'm still in Brazil and I cannot help with the physical part of the job, Ed has to do all the programming and shipping alone. So next year things will go more smoothly and you all will have more OPcode I'm willing to restock the 3 Color games for a long time, but with the distance there's no much I can do. =/
  10. I started playing Crash Bandicoot yesterday and it's insanely beautiful and fun!!! *----* I highly recommend it!
  11. Most of the boxes are almost done and will be ready for printing earlier next week. Here is a preview of what you are waiting for
  12. The ideal to work fine would be 600dpi, so we could get more details and have more freedom to "redo" it.
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