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  1. I always loved this. So much so that it's one incredibly popular page on my website and had many praising comments too. Really looking forward to playing with this new version. Nice one PP!!! 👍🏻
  2. I just nearly had a heart attack!! I powered on my STe - but nothing happened!!

    My world ended for those few moments until I realised the wife had unplugged it from the wall to do her hoovering.

    Woman!!! (and their housework) Pah!!


    1. sixersfan105


      Ha! Glad that's all it was. Also it's fascinating to learn that you guys say "hoovering" across the pond, as opposed to vacuuming. We don't say hoovering and Hoover is an American company! Super interesting.

    2. ataricrypt


      That's brilliant!! Well, yeah you know what I mean... but it's funny to see how something like this is said differently between us. There are many when you think about it. Hey Ho, next you'll be telling me Fender instead of Wing... ;-) 

  3. Check out Photochrome or even dabble with Quantum Paint! And, like Marko says, most games break the 16 colour limit by default - even if to only have a separate palette for (say) their status panel and then another for the game window. But many games go beyond 16 colours anyways. The ST is such a capable machine in the hands of a talented programmer and then there's Hewson, Thalion or the Bitmaps who could blow you away! Go to AtariMania or Atari Legend and take a walk through their archives... Oh, the demoscene takes things to the extreme with the enormous talents we seen over the years. Check this out:
  4. You make the best videos mate - I can't wait to watch this!!
  5. Great find! But ... does it use any of the STe hardware or is it merely compatible with the machine?
  6. Now that's a great prize. Fantastic bbs mate 👍🏻
  7. i've not tried the BeeKey in ages, but I did setup my old Mac Mini with EasyAraMint. It was a dream setup which I really loved. Philippe did a wonderful job https://ataricrypt.blogspot.com/2017/05/easyaramint.html and I think this is just how a modern Atari OS would look. In fact, I remember that I broke that installation, so I'm gonna download it again and give my old machine a reason to live! Thanks!!
  8. It's oddly a little reassuring to hear this. I did exactly the same so now I don't feel QUITE as bad as I did
  9. DM is out of this world but I also think Shadowlands is a jaw-dropper for me. A little Diablo'ish too https://ataricrypt.blogspot.com/2018/06/shadowlands.html
  10. Ah I see, I got confused there and thought there was something newer/better
  11. It sure is and DMA sounds on the STe
  12. Is this different than the one Exxos has? http://ataricrypt.blogspot.com/2016/04/floppyshop.html
  13. Also, if you've an STe then try Winglord. It's pretty awesome!
  14. AtariMania and Demozoo are the best places... Lots of videos here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHke3Z9WtX_WEweCOmn3M48z33d8h-HFd But only to give an idea what to download. YT tries its best to kill quality! HTH
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