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  1. Wow!! This is fantastic to hear about. Can't wait to play it on my ST thanks!!
  2. Really missing their website :(
  3. BRILLLLLLLIANT!!! I need to try this also Thank you!!
  4. That's a fantastic game I love too - and with enhancements fwiw.
  5. Old Games Finder is always a good start too. I use this a lot which links to different sites. http://www.oldgamesfinder.com/?q=&m=-15
  6. Too kind!! Obsession is incredible. But not my personal face STe game... hmm, I scrolled through 3 web pages and I couldn't come to a conclussion which was best. Checked out AL/AM and was still no wiser. It's a tough one. But, Death Chase probably gets my vote! There's no hardware scrolling and the gfx are so tiny...but... I love it. So much fun!
  7. I love using Sirius for great quality playback of Mods. There are lots of different options but here's some: https://ataricrypt.blogspot.com/2016/02/players.html There are more STe/enhanced games than ppl sometimes realise. https://ataricrypt.blogspot.com/search/label/Atari%20STe But check out Atari Mania for a complete list. Hope this gets you started ok?
  8. Wow that is some prize mate. Best BBS 👍🏻 good luck folks !!
  9. STe 1040 for me. Easy upgrade, plus access to enhanced games along with other stuff like stereo music. Depends on your tastes n usage of course. However, u may not have anything STe enhanced but are playing stock ST games? Then I'd keep the STf...
  10. I wasn't sure what to look for (Mac) but ended up finding SyncTERM. Works perfect with your BBS and I'm downloading a few bits and pieces now
  11. Arghhh!! I never saw this thread, sorry But thank you DarkLord for the win!!! Absolutely BRILLIANT gift. Fantastic BBS -keep it up!! Steve
  12. I always loved this. So much so that it's one incredibly popular page on my website and had many praising comments too. Really looking forward to playing with this new version. Nice one PP!!! 👍🏻
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