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  1. I am highly interested, great work! but since I am from Europe I am trying to get it via Jürgen (tfhh) Not sure if he is already offering the board, but I have asked... Cheers Michael
  2. The 1088 has three female headers: - 2x15 at the rear of the board - 2x5 in the middle, and - 2x10 at the front U1MB fits perfectly Look at the other picture you quoted in your post before - the one, where you commented me soldering the SRAM directly into the board (I was missing the right socket and simply could not wait completing the board)
  3. one side note if on problems with the TFT. please ensure that the screen is using 8bit parallel communication to the arduino and NOT the SPI interface My first screen did not work because of that, although it had the right controller chip cheers Michael
  4. Back in April I used ALL3DP for printing the case. Cost me approx 46 USD incl shipping to Germany But the case looks good... Gesendet von iPad mit Tapatalk
  5. Sure??. We had this discussion some time ago - switch on the FTDI needs to be on the right side, I.e. 3.3V, not 5V Gesendet von iPad mit Tapatalk
  6. I am not sure if it is really an issue of the 1088XEL. I am operating the XEL with the SDrive-MAX since some weeks already - with diode, powered via the SIO from the 1088XEL, without any problems. The SDrive-MAX is the only SIO-Device I am operating (except the inbuilt sparkfun of course) - although I did not try to operate them at the same time Regards Michael Gesendet von iPad mit Tapatalk
  7. Filing did it, now the pins are fitting. To test it I think I need a new firmware for the 1088XEL, right? Is this already released - I did not see anything on FJC homepage? Regards Michael Gesendet von iPad mit Tapatalk
  8. Yeah, filing could be the easiest solution. Don’t worry, will handle it :-) Gesendet von iPad mit Tapatalk
  9. Thanks for the offer! I am living in Germany, so I think postage would not be reasonable at all for three set of small pins. What ist the vendor for the smaller pins, so I can try to find them here in Europe. I did a first quick research yesterday and found pins with two different diameters: 1.00 and 1.05mm, but I thought these 0.05mm difference is not the one helping me out here. Gesendet von iPad mit Tapatalk
  10. I have worked on building a CF-3 over the weekend and ended up with a slight problem. For the boards I used the link to OSH-Park from the website already a few weeks back (I think just a few days after got published) Found out that the holes for the SIL connector (for switch and LED) are too small. It is not easy to see, but they are really smaller than the rest. Are the files on OSH-Park wrong or did I work with an earlier revision? I will try to drill the holes bigger - let’s see if the pads survive. Cheers Michael Gesendet von iPad mit Tapatalk
  11. Yes, having an XEL-CF-II installed with boot drive configured. Gesendet von iPad mit Tapatalk
  12. I somehow expected that the built in test is somehow a very simple one. With flash card you mean something like Atarimax MaxFlash? I thought that SALT is a piece of hardware... Gesendet von iPad mit Tapatalk
  13. Yep, it worked! I had to disable the PBI also, otherwise I got the error message „no DOS“ Thanks! I got a selection of A8 chips (CPU, GTIA, POKEY, etc.) I like to test. Is the built-in self test sufficient to proof full function of the Chips? Or is there a special test Software existing? My idea was to plug in one chip after the other into the working 1088 and test Gesendet von iPad mit Tapatalk
  14. Does anybody know how to enter the self-test on a 1088XEL? Is it still there? I remember to press Option during Boot on a standard A8 but this does not do anything. Other keys like Help, L or D are working during the start screen of the 1088XEL Michael Gesendet von iPad mit Tapatalk
  15. Hi, From my recent build of the 1088XEL, I am having some components/PCB left, which I like to offer to builders out there. I do not want to create any competition to MacRorie, but maybe somebody just needs a few of the special items. Since I am from Germany, maybe this offer should preferably address people in Europe due to lower rates for postage within Europe (compared to trans-Atlantic). So, what do I have: 1) Mouse Select Board with complete BoM - EUR 7,- +pp 2) LED Status Panel Board with complete BoM - EUR 6,- +pp 3) PIC2Stick with complete BoM (I have this two times) - EUR 12,- +pp 4) XEL-CF-II, PCB only - EUR 12,- +pp All PCB above I made at OSH park with Minimum Order quantities of three each - two I needed myself, the third one is for sale (for the PIC2Stick, I only needed one) 5) MPBI headers, 2x17p, 6x available - EUR 1,- +pp 6) ZIF18 sockets, 3x available - EUR 3,- +pp 7) UM61512AK-15, 64kx8 CMOS SRAM, 4x available - EUR 1,50 +pp 2PJ-AV18-001, RCA+MiniDIN, 1x available - EUR 3,- +pp 9) Atari Monitor Jack, 13p, 15x available - EUR 1,- +pp 10) Card Edge Slot Socket 2x15p, 2x available - EUR 1,- +pp 11) Card Edge Slot Socket 2x7p, 7x available - EUR 1,- +pp For pp (postage/packing) please ask, since this depends on size/weight and your destination. BTW: above prices are costs - I do not want to make money from this. Interest, details, questions via PM please Cheers Michael
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