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  1. Dust Covers with ABBUC layout would be awesome! something for the shop? I would be in for 1x800XL and 1x600XL
  2. AFAIK composite only works if the ST has a Modulator, so should be a STM or STFM
  3. I am interested in one, please Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  4. I subscribed just recently to support AtariAge. Had the same Problem already before. Tried it with different browsers on different OS. Must be something with the profile ...
  5. I also thought that only subscribers are allowed to mark their position, so I did what I planned to do anyway: bought a one year subscription. but this also did not make the trick I think I will create an „issue“ via the system and describe the problem. thanks again
  6. Well, this brings me to the list of members having a marker set. I can access this by the „Browse Markers“ Link, which is existing on my screen. in your Screenshot, right of this „Browse Markers“ link was the „My Location Link“ in orange, which is missing on my side.
  7. Unfortunately not visible on my side. I tried all Themes. Even with my company laptop (win7 with Firefox) it is the same. ok, I can live without seeing myself on the map - I know where I live thanks for your effort
  8. Hi carlsson, thanks for taking the time. either I am completely blind or there is some issue: I simply do not see any item/menu/link etc. called "My Location -> Update Location" Not on the map, or above, below left or right. Clicking on the map (left/right, single/double) only zooms in or centers the map Working with MacOS - tried with Safari and Chrome Also powered up my "spare win10 machine with Internet explorer" - same Would be thankful for any ideas - sure the problem is on my side regards Michael
  9. Hi, trying to add my location to the member map for some time now, no success. I used different formats for the „location“ field in my profile: full address, only city/country, GPS coordinates - but nothing will lead to a pin in the member map. I also do not see the small map in my profile What am I doing wrong? regards Michael
  10. I am highly interested, great work! but since I am from Europe I am trying to get it via Jürgen (tfhh) Not sure if he is already offering the board, but I have asked... Cheers Michael
  11. The 1088 has three female headers: - 2x15 at the rear of the board - 2x5 in the middle, and - 2x10 at the front U1MB fits perfectly Look at the other picture you quoted in your post before - the one, where you commented me soldering the SRAM directly into the board (I was missing the right socket and simply could not wait completing the board)
  12. one side note if on problems with the TFT. please ensure that the screen is using 8bit parallel communication to the arduino and NOT the SPI interface My first screen did not work because of that, although it had the right controller chip cheers Michael
  13. Back in April I used ALL3DP for printing the case. Cost me approx 46 USD incl shipping to Germany But the case looks good... Gesendet von iPad mit Tapatalk
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