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  1. Not sure, if I am already on you list @Simius (were in contact via PM some time ago) if not: pls put me on the list for 1-2 Sophia’s for my 1088XELs
  2. Glad, thanks the first possible cause, not something completely different - lucky me
  3. Yes, sure - it sits underneath the GTIA I exchanged the GTIA and now it looks much better is this how it should look like?
  4. Thanks, will start checking tomorrow Might be something completely different though
  5. Mhhm… made some more tests with the newly built NUC+ does this look right? i don’t think so… any idea where to start checking? same with composite and S-Video it is a PAL system
  6. Another one is coming to life 🙂
  7. I also got the PCBs from @Marek excellent contact 🙂 …and I am from Germany, too 🙂 Still waiting for a batch of components from Mouser, will most probably start building early January So, if you @Kveldulfur are short of some of the special components - I might have some of them as spare…
  8. Ready 🙂 mounting the board inside the case, and making all the internal cables and mountings took some time today But I must say: I really love the result!
  9. Thanks 🙂 (un)fortunately, I already have a job is it really already 5 years???
  10. Couldn’t resist - started to build my 2nd XEL today 🙂 the first sits in a black Realan H80 case (with Cart Slot) this one goes into a silver Realan H60 with blue top cover and back bezel mad good progress since this morning - took me about 5 hours so far…
  11. Search for 1088XEL or 1088XLD or 576NUC+ all are very Long threads 🙂
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