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  1. There are many wires coming from the black lead, but I'm not sure where they are soldered to as I have yet to get under the RF shield. As for using a XEGS keyboard, something tells me that this unit didn't see enough action from the previous owner to really warrant such trouble/expense, but I could be wrong in that assumption. My first guess with the white wires was that they supplied power to something, but soldering to the keyboard doesn't make sense in that situation, does it?
  2. Hello, So I picked up my first Atari 8 bit computer on eBay (really my first 8 bit computer, period) and it seems to work alright. Waiting on some cartridges now to go a little more in depth with testing. One thing puzzles me, however, which is that there is a pair of unlabeled wires coming out the back of the computer. Here is a picture of the wires: Looking inside the computer, I can see where the white cable is soldered to several points under the keyboard and the black wire is tucked under the RF shield to be soldered to the motherboard. Here is an image of the bottom of the keyboard: and an image of where the black wire goes under the RF shield: I'd like to get rid of these wires and remove any mod that isn't useful. Based on the fact this machine came with an instruction manual for Paperclip and something that plugs in to the right joystick port as part of the Paperclip software, in addition to a Xetec Graphix AT device that would connect the system to a printer, I have to assume these wires are there for some printer interface, which I have zero interest in ever utilizing in any way, shape, or form. Can anyone verify that it is safe to remove these by just clipping them off or (if need be) desoldering the components? Anyone know why these might have been installed in the first place? Any help is appreciated. I am thrilled to have the chance to tinker with this machine!
  3. For me it has to be Space Invaders. One dimension of movement and one fire feature for your weapon? Come on, it was made to be a paddle game! Anyone agree?
  4. kjps86

    WTB: Atari 800XL

    Hello, first topic to the forums, please excuse me if I unknowingly break some rules. I would like to see if anyone has an Atari 800XL they would be willing to part with, complete with power supply and maybe some software (this would be my first unit of this type). Please respond to this topic or pm me to discuss details. My goal is to have a working unit in decent, but not necessarily perfect, condition. For reference, I live in the US and am looking for a US NTSC unit. Thanks for reading, any tips or ideas are appreciated.
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