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  1. Hi! I'm selling off my private collection and have a few Videopac rarities up for auction on e-bay. Trans american rally, Helicopter rescue, Rare Swedish/Danish version of Backgammon and a few more. Check it out: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/183711701033 Regads
  2. Hi! Well, I have three pretty rare vic-20 cartridges for sale. I will check the interest for these cartridges on some other forums but I thought I might as well check here as well. Its is the following: Amazing Maze OEM/Mr.Computer Products (complete in box) Frogman OEM/Mr.Computer Products (complete in box) Tank Wars OEM/Mr.Computer Products (complete in box) I will sell to best offer. I'm not interested in trades. Kind regards/Joel Aspegren (Sweden)
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