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  1. Thank you, the pictures were fun to do! Thank you to everyone else as well for your kind comments! You're correct; the man with the canine head is Anubis. In 2600 BC he was still the most important Egyptian god of the dead and the afterlife. The woman with a fish crown on her head and an Atari CX10 joystick in her hand is the fish-goddess Hatmehit, a goddess of life and protection.
  2. Glad you like the visuals and sound! I gave your 1k minigame a try, it doesn't play quite like Splorf, with the huge walls and the heavy helicopter it felt different to me. The version in the video is a preview, so the difficulty hasn't been tweaked yet. The C64 original works great as it is, and this is intended to be a 2600 port of that game. Adding levels, powerups, lives, etc. would make it a completely different game.
  3. It's been fun to do graphics for the 2600 version - the music was a bigger challenge, even with Kylearan's great TIATracker v1.1.
  4. The source code has been released now, maybe someone here could use it as a basis for an updated A8 version of Ultima IV? http://magervalp.github.io/2015/04/12/u4-remastered-on-github.html
  5. Thank you. She does look a little bit like me, perhaps.
  6. her work Thank you for your kind words
  7. The ST/Amiga screens are not that great, and running them through a converter wouldn't make them any better. Two of the intro pictures from the FM Towns version were used as a basis for two of the new C64 pictures, and the interior of the gypsy's caravan was partly based on the Amiga/ST/EGA version. I'm sorry you don't like my colour choices.
  8. I'm sorry that the new intro graphics aren't to your liking. You only have to look at them when creating a new character, though, so it could be worse!
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