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  1. RIP Sir Clive Sinclair, someone who was very influential from the earliest days of my life. My 2nd computer was a Sinclair ZX Spectrum (48K) Plus, and it was the one device that would influence my interest and career today into computing. Having been largely self-taught, he was certainly one of the UK's most prolific inventors and engineers. Before the arrival of computers, he was building things like miniature TVs and radios and storage devices and was always ahead of the curve. He was already building commercial electric cars for the masses in the 80s before the likes of Elon Musk today was espousing the idea. He was a pioneer for sure. His miniature TV came out a full decade in 1977 before Sony ever did (with their Watchman in the late 80s). Anyone who is interested in his life should watch the BBC short movie Micro Men starring Martin Freeman (of The Hobbit). It's a good movie for computer buffs.
  2. So I finally resolved my VCS' non-booting issue. Turns out I needed to reflash the system but flash the BIOS firmware with the USB first. Once that was completed I let it reboot into Atari OS, and then from there it was smooth sailing, and updated it to the latest version via the OS system menu. I found that if at any point the system reboots itself and doesn't complete the update, you should proceed to reflash the OS with the USB and then try to reboot it from there.
  3. Just letting everyone know I've managed to get Psychonauts 2 working on the VCS! It looks pretty impressive under Windows 10 under the game's Low Graphics mode (I have 32GB RAM installed on mine). Just remember to increase your GPU RAM in the Atari BIOS under AMD CBS > NB10 > GFX Configuration > Integrated Graphics Controller > Force and set the UMA Buffer Size (I set mine to 4GB). You can also increase the TDP level under NB Configuration Options > System Configuration to 54W maximum power. Also enable Xbox controller mode on the Atari modern joypad by holding the two context buttons for 5 secs so it can be recognised by the game.
  4. Not sure about this, but I'm having problems updating the latest BIOS. The system seems to go into a loop from updating online (which was working fine before until I switched it on recently). So I've tried flashing it with the 210524 BIOS on a USB stick and it doesn't seem to work. It recognises the Atari joypad, asks to set the language then runs the 4 updates but never gets to the AtariOS main login screen. Anyone here come across a similar issue?
  5. Ok then I have to ask, have you ever seen this screen? This is a VCS BIOS update. If not you may have to run your secondary VCS OS drive. There are two VCS booting partitions available on your system and one of them should activate it.
  6. Really? Unless I'm mistaken, that's strange because I just had it updated when I turned my unit on - the system auto-updated itself and is the third set of BIOS updates since I got my unit back in December. The code is even recognised in my macOS Big Sur System Profiler. BIOS version is
  7. Anyone noticed the recent new Apple TV+ dedicated app on the VCS store?
  8. I've just my system BIOS updated on the VCS. I can confirm that it does look like Atari has taken out EFI booting via the USB slot - it won't accept anything. But you can still enter the BIOS still using the most recent password. Checking the Boot section of the BIOS menus has yielded the EFI drive selections to be locked. However not to despair, I've found a way in! You can still boot the EFI by tricking the EFI boot manager. What you do is leaving your USB drive unplugged press ESC to enter the initial BIOS screen, when the screen appears plug in your USB device, then select the boot manager. That will bypass the block.
  9. I believe I've just received what it seems is a third batch of BIOS updates on the VCS. I haven't tried it yet with my macOS builds but judging from the results it looks like 4K acceleration may have finally been enabled with the new BIOS. I was able to run Unigine's Heaven in 4K mode (for example) and got about 3-4fps. It does seem snappier also.
  10. Yes sure. The version I used was a slightly earlier one of this with a normal USB-A connector. It is now USB-C but should still work if you attach a small adapter. > https://cyberdrive.audio/products/copy-of-clarity-aura-dac-impact-bass or this one (which has a USB-A connector) > https://cyberdrive.audio/products/clarity-feather-dac both are Mac compatible
  11. Guys, I have just updated my Opencore guide and EFI files on the Tonymacx86 site - EFI is on the latest post. We can now boot into Catalina and latest Big Sur 11.3 with the Atari VCS. WiFi and a couple of new features are now available in Big Sur such as full USB 3.1 connectivity, DRM decoding, ethernet and 4K/HD resolution switching. I am still experimenting with enabling the hardware acceleration of the Vega 3 graphics chip on the VCS. Someone I know has already done this with an Athlon 3000G APU (on macOS, which was never supported before) which uses Vega 3 graphics so we know its possible.
  12. The internal audio does not work because I think as we haven’t got any proper AMD Picasso GPU driver support, the codec hasn’t been yet enabled (it is an AMD codec). But audio can work another way. I used a 3rd party USB to DAC adapter by CyberDrive, plugged it in and it was recognised by the VCS right away. Video playback was also working great and very smooth - so yes it is possible it that sense. As it stands I’m still investigating ways to make the GPU work better under macOS. The GPU is a Vega 3 so there’s a good chance everything should work if the settings are set correctly.
  13. Good news folks, I can now confirm the VCS can also run Big Sur! Just use the same settings and EFI folder, no other changes needed. 😊
  14. Yes, am afraid it's true...at least that is the case with Big Sur. Ask any known Hackintosh site about this. The reason I mentioned Mojave had this (sorta) is because starting with Mojave there were memory protections being put in place that prevented certain bootloaders to work ie. patch. That is why the community moved over to Opencore. Mojave does still allow kext editing as does Catalina (afaik) - but Catalina doesn't allow you to change or add anything (manual) to the system root directory.
  15. The VCS is pretty stable. As stable as it could ever be like under a real Mac (I know because I was a real Mac owner - have been using G4s and G5s for years). The only thing missing now on the VCS so far is the sound and GPU acceleration - but otherwise it is considered stable and usable (for macOS). As for Apple allowing this, well it will be available for as long as macOS is around. There probably has been limits placed by Apple such as the inability since 10.14 Mojave to use kext patching, but as a hobby it's still going fairly strong. A lot of people actually set up their systems for high-quality content creation and output because it offers a lot of value and performance for almost less than half the cost of a real Mac.
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