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  1. All games are in excellent condition and include original case and manual except Puppeteer and The Stick of Truth, which I don't think offered one to begin with. Also, prices do not include shipping. Expect about $2.50 each CONUS. I will combine shipping if interested. PS3 for sale ------------------ Katamari Forever $15 Puppeteer $10 South Park: The Stick of Truth $5 What I'm looking for: Wii U ------------------ Yoshi's Wooly World New Super Mario Wii U and Super Luigi Wii U Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Paper Mario: Color Splash Hyrule Warriors Captain Toad Rayman Legends Breath of the Wild PS3 ----------------- 3D dot game heroes Little Big Planet Darksiders Lego Harry Potter Journey Collection
  2. You don't actually need the spacer for it to work. As long as you don't bump the system while it's on, there's no issue. If it doesn't work at first or you get a nasty picture, try opening it up and re-seating the ribbon cable. For some reason, the cable can move a bit and cause it to stop working.
  3. I've never seen one of these irl, but they are certainly cool. However, can't you just buy a converter pretty cheaply?
  4. They could have used something unusual like a Pipin, CD32, or Amstrad GX4000. I think that would have been more fun. Either way, I'm still excited to see the movie as I really liked the original and the trailer looks good, too.
  5. Mike Tyson is still kicking around. Why not just let him reprise his role?
  6. I use that exact same AC adapter and have had no problems even with the extra power that the SD2SNES draws. What I like about is that it is solid-state. So, there's no heavy transformer inside that draws power when not in use. However, I don't use it on the Genesis because the Mega Everdrive needs extra power and 850mA just isn't enough. IIRC, the Genesis is rated at 1.0A while the SNES is rated at 850mA. As for the Jr, they go for more than the standard system. $50 is a good price. I actually bought a Jr and sold my original because the Jr produces brighter colors. I highly recommend modding it for better output.
  7. This is the easiest method if you don't want to mod. However, the picture quality is still going to be really bad, even compared to composite. Also, do you already have a plan on how to capture video from the VCS?
  8. It's just an emulator box that you can't load roms onto. You might as well get a Rasperry Pi. At least with the Pi, you can load roms directly onto it without using actual carts. Flash carts such as the Power Pack and Everdrive don't work with it. Also, I haven't heard anyone who likes the controllers.
  9. SNES Classic Edition Original Bulk Shipping Box https://columbia.craigslist.org/ele/d/snes-classic-edition-original/6325725983.html
  10. I checked eBay. Looks like I should have bought a thousand of these to resell. They're going for over $200. At first I thought it was a joke but the bids seem to be real.
  11. Take it back to the store. They should have tested it.
  12. It was never promised. It's open source and possible to do. However, the original designers no longer work on improving it and krikzz only has the hardware for sale. He doesn't actually work on the software and doesn't care to. Basically, whoever wants to make it happen, is free to do so. It could be you!
  13. Have you tried Craigslist or Letgo? I prefer these sites as I can see the item in person before paying.
  14. I don't see where the FUN is. It's a reproduction of a game that you can get for much cheaper. How much enjoyment can you get out of a box? If I have a game worth $100 and another copy of the same game worth $6, I'm not going to be playing the $100 version more than once. It is good to see somebody reproducing old games, but it does beg the question: why this game? Why not reproduce a game that's more difficult to come by. Wouldn't collectors like to see Demon's Crest in a sweet red case or Mega Man X3 in blue? Both of those games already sell for $100 loose, and they're Capcom games too. I guess collectors wouldn't like that because then someone might *gasp* play the game.
  15. I do remember hearing somewhere (probably PCEngineFX) that had there been one more pin on the PCE, we could have CD games via HuCard.
  16. Yeah, but nobody wants to play the first game. It was pretty bad. The only home console release of the original game was Fighting Street on the TurboGrafx and it's not like they're going to release a game on that system. What's interesting is the choice of game. There were like five(?) Street Fighter II games on the SNES. They're basically all the same. Capcom could have at least chosen the one with the most characters or the fan favorite: Street Fighter II Turbo.
  17. That thing is super cool. I didn't know such things existed. Way to go!
  18. I think they started remaking these. Idk what prices are like but it may be worth a look.
  19. I use a PSP 2000 and it's well. Idk much about the GO.
  20. What's the point in having the best screen if you are going to use the worst signal transmission possible? Going the PVM route isn't worth the trouble unless you plan to use an RGB signal. Even using a demodulator to turn the RF signal into composite, isn't going to look any better than just RF. You need the original output of the console to give something better than RF if you want picture quality better than RF.
  21. The Dreamcast is the loudest console I own. Oddly enough, I have two and they are both very loud but the sound is distinctly different on each. My Phat PS2 had a fan which constantly runs and that makes a pretty loud whirring sound.
  22. SNES and GB boxes were super thin and cheap, even compared to NES and other cardboard boxes. So it's no surprise they are hard to find. TG-16 boxes are difficult to find too. Many of those games would come in a case with a thin cardboard box around it to make it a little bigger. The cardboard was typically tossed while the case was kept to hold the game.
  23. Was this the system with like 6 games but 5 different controllers at launch?
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