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  1. Thanks for your reply. On the second try of holding down the C button of my sega controller, it worked. And thanks for your consideration to make the easy mode easier for more levels. If you did I could enjoy all or most of the levels you put in the game. Other people might play easy mode - come up with more game strategies and then play the Arcade mode. The C button thing was a big help because my joystick broke and I repaired it, But it's not as good before it broke. Thanks again, till later on the Retro Side.
  2. Great game as it is, when you gave it 25 levels on page 2 of forum. Don't change colorful mazes. I turn my controller direction against the walls, until it blinks. going back to blink, I go into the next maze. If I didn't crash into a ghost, on some mazes, when I enter a maze would be nice. Hidden level, that could possibly be ending Maze. There would have to be hints to find this maze. Until you do anymore, it would be much more playable to just have a sound when he eats bonus Items. I would love to play that download, Like I'm playing the one without sound for bonus items. You already show the score and that's nice. It's like you said, some of the doors to next maze could be visible would be nice, but not as necessary as sound for eating bonus items. Just love colorful mazes on page two. Don't change that. I don't think you have to change ghost movement. It's challenging enough. There's nothing wrong with the front and backward movement, It's just fine and makes it different than other pacman games. Well thanks for a good game so far Best of wishes for your game - Clay Hammock - Retrolux
  3. Fun Demo, but a few things I would like to mention. I can't use my Sega Controller on this game. It dos'nt go all four directions. The Sega controller works on every other game except this one. will that be corrected in the final version ? This version seems to do like the Coleco version. It gradually gets harder, until about 5th or 6th level. Then the enemy goes so fast, you just lose quick. Using all your men to clear one level. Easy mode is the same. At about the 3rd level it seems to join the same speed as normal mode. Did'nt think any version gradually got hard untill I saw the Comodor 64 version. I saw the game gradually getting harder on 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 level and on the 11th level, I had to turn of the Internet. Don't have a Comodor 64, and maybe it's to big of a change in the programming, but would be nice.
  4. Thanks for reading my letter on ordering games from teampixelboy. But when I went to your website and clicked on your e - mail address, I got a message that said, Default mail client is not properly installed. So I can't bring it up. Any suggestions on this problem.. Sincerely Clay Hammock.
  5. I see you just got a 2ds, so do I. It's a fun little player and I had to get the special edition of see through blue. Yoshi Yarn is real fun and easy. Pic - Man looks fun too. But I finally had to see how it was in 3d and got the Galaxy edition of 3dxl. I was not disappointed . Yoshi Yarn is even better. Had fun taking 3d pictures as well. Got to go, on the Retro side ( Name I Use to use ). Clay ...
  6. I was wondering how I could order some of the upcoming titles like Flicky - King & Balloon - Frostbite, or C-So. Would like Flicky and maybe one or two of other titles.. I've never seen anywhere to order these or any Team Pixelboy game. I also wish you would do another run of Rally X. Its still being advertised on U - Tube. Sincerely Clay B. Hammock.
  7. I was thinking of getting the $160.00 upgrade, but I have AV Jack TV. I don't own a flat screen TV. And I like playing on retro TV. Is there anyway to get a AV Jack version? I've seen HDMI to AV Jack converter attachments, but they require plugging into power source and not so sure if the picture would look normal. I did see someone solder AV jacks to a rasberrypie and then through two holes in the housing box. So I was curious on a comment on this. Maybe would be better to get a AV converted Coleco Vision Console and that's why I posted this message.
  8. I use a 2600 AV moded Jr. 2600 and use a Sega three button controller. Games like Hero play great with the two button version that is played on the Sega Controller. ....... ----- ***** But I have a question pertaining to the Atari Vox. Recently I found a program on an old forum, that looks like the old Mattel game, Speak and Spell. If you type in a word or phrase, Atarivox will speak it. I typed in " Save Me From Master Control " and got a big laugh. ---- **** But ! your suppose to be able to save four phrases. But when I pressed S to save, it only showed the letter S on the screen. Only one person made a comment on this forum, and he was able to save the phrases. There are four numbers at bottom of screen, that must be where phrase is saved. Your suppose to push S for save and push L to load it on screen and get the Vox to speak. But it didn't work for me. I saved two L letters but don't know how I did it. Does anybody Know How To Save A Phrase. ???
  9. Palomino is a great game, very impressed with robotic talking, but the timer is too fast for me. In a final version, it would be good to have a novice setting with the timer slowed down, or not be on at all . It's still qaute a challenge to clear a level when area is filling up with blocks and you have to start moving blocks out of the way to make the puzzle. I always have three or four shapes to make, when the time runs out. Never cleared the first level. This is my first post and I hope palomino isn't finished. Yours on the Retro side. RETROLUX -
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