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  1. Does anyone know how big Atari claimed their preorder email alert list was? I thought I remember them saying it in an article or interview somewhere but I can't find it now. Maybe I'm not remembering that correctly.
  2. I'm excited for 3. I haven't preordered the remasters but I probably will buy. However, I do feel that many people forget just how many quicktime events the original game has and that will haunt the review scores. Also the voice acting was always terrible if you ask me. I love the rest of the game though.
  3. I just got back from Game On Expo and I tested the CollectorVision Game system. It works really well!! I shot a quick video too: https://twitter.com/StopDropRetro/status/1028447828320743424
  4. I don't find non-delivery to be the answer here because you have infamous scams like Skarp Laser Razor that have been going on for much longer than 2 years but have never been hit with a terms of use violation. It has to be something else and considering IGG is the Tijuana of crowdfunding where anything goes, it will be interesting to see which (if any) rule they're enforcing.
  5. Unfortunately, the poster also states that he hasn't received the refund. They promised him it would arrive within 5 business days, but it's been two weeks and he's seen nothing. I wonder where the money will come from too. I remember Indiegogo sent collectors after the ZX Vega+ campaign so maybe they're trying to do the same here. I agree it would be a step in the right direction for IGG but you can't squeeze water out of a rock so they really should explain where the money comes from, if it comes through. EDIT: ah, you beat me to it. It will also be interesting to figure out what Terms of Use were violated. I know Atari pulled their branding but they had permission at the time and it doesn't make sense to be retroactively applying rules.
  6. Indiegogo is refunding [Atari] Gameband pledges, claiming they "determined this campaign didn't comply with our Terms of Use." https://www.reddit.com/r/shittykickstarters/comments/8z6iox/id_like_your_opinion_on_my_shitty_contribution/ This explains why the Gameband Indiegogo page erased all amount raised a few weeks ago. The total amount you see there now is the total amount raised on Kickstarter alone (hover your mouse over the question mark to see that notification) https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/gameband-the-world-s-most-powerful-smartwatch/x/12536588#/
  7. Damn. I was ready to order when I got the notice they were taking preorders but something was holding me back, I just had an uneasy feeling. Glad I didn't because it appears that Hyperkin is having the same issues that have plagued them since the Retron 5 release. I really just wanted it because it looked decent and for the "fry" button, but now that I hear Stella can do it I'll just try that out. Also, I haven't seen one out in the wild but does anyone else feel like the wood-grain color is way off? It looks like a Dorito.
  8. Agreed. If they handed out refunds unannounced you would think at least one of the backers would show up in the comments and ask what gives. It looks more like they're wiping the slate clean.
  9. Wait. Have you guys checked the Atari Gameband Indiegogo page lately? They've actually changed a lot. You can no longer buy any Gameband on Indiegogo and ALL of the reward tiers are now empty aside from one droid edition watch, mysteriously. The others show 0 backers which we know isn't true, if you just look at my last video I show the campaign page and there clearly are backers listed there. Yes, there is still an amount raised listed, but it's part of Indiegogo's old trickery. If you hover your mouse over the question mark you can see it was raised on another platform [read: Kickstarter] But $325,996 minus $325,996 raised on Kickstarter = $0 raised on Indiegogo. So I don't know what to make of this. Did they refund all of the Indiegogo backers? Did they just erase their pledges? Did Gameband ask them to do it? Atari? Or did Indiegogo do it on their own? Either way. It doesn't look right and once again - no update to clear it up.
  10. I predict they're just going to announce the release date for Cut N' Run.
  11. ^ very good point. A lot of supporters trying to deflect 'the hate' seem to forget Atari it taking money right now, and are not answering questions right now. Speaking of which. I could swear the funding total is moving down. Have the graphs from that other site been updated yet?
  12. Just wanted to say, I'm watching this right now and it's one of the best videos I've seen so far. It is definitely worth a watch. The host does a great job of calmly explaining the criticisms to him and it's fascinating to hear the Atari fan defend his position while contradicting himself all along the way.
  13. Thanks! I didn't make the video intending it to be an FAQ or a timeline of everything that's happened so far. There were some topics that I chose to leave out and the controversy with The Register is one of them. Personally, I felt that it was a little overblown. A lot of it comes down to Atari disagreeing with the tone of their reporting and they responded by releasing the audio which does justify the reporter's attitude that Atari reps don't know what they're doing, but didn't really reveal anything incriminating. So I just felt it didn't add much to what we already know, that Atari likes to twist things around to help themselves. As for the question of whether they will deliver, as I stated in the video they SHOULD be able to considering the amount they raised. If you gave me $3,000,000 to deliver Linux PCs to 10,000 people I could find a way to make it happen. There are a lot of pitfalls with the way Atari is approaching it. I don't have faith in their team and I feel they're over relying on subcontractors, which is putting the project at the mercy of other entities. But again, for that price, I wouldn't be surprised to see it deliver.
  14. I don't know if they're correct on the 5200 joystick there. According to this thread, they don't work like that unless you modify them: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/247941-paddle-games-on-5200/ I believe what Atari's thinking of is the Sears Video Arcade II (aka Atari 2800) controllers. I have one and I can confirm those do work as they describe with the joystick being a twistable paddle.
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