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  1. https://odysseyclube.com/loja/index.php?route=product/product&path=66&product_id=87 - these are like the VP cases used in Canada and Europe. Packrat plans on selling these, but I'm waiting on a shipment from Brazil (like any mail these days, it is taking a long time). I personally have been using these for a few years now. Not perfect, but they O2 games fit. https://www.customgamecases.com/online-store/Super-Nintendo-Entertainment-System-Super-Famicom-SNES-SFC-Blank-Game-Case-p132320262
  2. Only place currently is from Brazil. Club Odyssey. I don’t have the website handy.
  3. Limited amount of people programming the O2/Videopac. There are a few who could possible port games, but you'd have to convince them to do so. They seem fairly content to try new things, as far as I can see.
  4. I am curious, for those modding their O2 for RGB, what monitors are you using. I have never seen and 8pin RBG connector, ever.
  5. Oh... Can't wait... If any funding is needed, I'd be willing to help.
  6. The only thing I'm aware of is an extra chip for SID The Spellbinder, which contained extra word phrases for The Voice. As for extra RAM or a DPC chip, there are only a handful of people that can answer that, and I'm not sure if they are on AA (I know the most knowledgable person is not).
  7. Thanks for that. And honesty, curious as to how many you have. The lot I sold you a while ago left me with little, and I might need some this year.
  8. Nice pictures, as they are mine. Thanks for asking to use them!?
  9. Games are in release order, by number and / or year.
  10. Question for Stella running on the Retron 77. Could this make a game easier to play (slowed down or such via Stella)? I ask, as I need to know, but don't own a Retron 77.
  11. Looks interesting, but I don't think I have anything that takes that kind of RGB connector. Is there a way to convert that?
  12. Hello Thomas, David Flemming writing you, in regards to finally getting RAM Pong published via Packrat (I tried via email, but not sure if you are getting my emails or not). I've got the box work almost done, and just need to work on the manual. At this point, wondering if you had a basic listing to base a manual off of? I know it is Pong, but a full list of what the game can do would be nice (I've gathered what I found here, but am sure there is a bit more). Thanks in advance, and sorry for taking so long to get this published (long story which I really don't want to share in public here). -David "Packrat" Flemming
  13. I’m interested in one. No rush with the holidays coming up.
  14. How long is the quote for this? Plus I'm curious if a 'new' cart was used for the mold. I am still interested, as destroying games is something I'm tired of doing (plus cleaning them up is a pain too). I used new PCBs, as the cost is low, and the product more reliable. I only ask about using a 'new' cart for the mold, as I would possible increase my amount. Plus I wonder what guarantee there is on this?
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