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  1. Limited amount of people programming the O2/Videopac. There are a few who could possible port games, but you'd have to convince them to do so. They seem fairly content to try new things, as far as I can see.
  2. I am curious, for those modding their O2 for RGB, what monitors are you using. I have never seen and 8pin RBG connector, ever.
  3. Oh... Can't wait... If any funding is needed, I'd be willing to help.
  4. The only thing I'm aware of is an extra chip for SID The Spellbinder, which contained extra word phrases for The Voice. As for extra RAM or a DPC chip, there are only a handful of people that can answer that, and I'm not sure if they are on AA (I know the most knowledgable person is not).
  5. Thanks for that. And honesty, curious as to how many you have. The lot I sold you a while ago left me with little, and I might need some this year.
  6. Nice pictures, as they are mine. Thanks for asking to use them!?
  7. Games are in release order, by number and / or year.
  8. Question for Stella running on the Retron 77. Could this make a game easier to play (slowed down or such via Stella)? I ask, as I need to know, but don't own a Retron 77.
  9. Looks interesting, but I don't think I have anything that takes that kind of RGB connector. Is there a way to convert that?
  10. Hello Thomas, David Flemming writing you, in regards to finally getting RAM Pong published via Packrat (I tried via email, but not sure if you are getting my emails or not). I've got the box work almost done, and just need to work on the manual. At this point, wondering if you had a basic listing to base a manual off of? I know it is Pong, but a full list of what the game can do would be nice (I've gathered what I found here, but am sure there is a bit more). Thanks in advance, and sorry for taking so long to get this published (long story which I really don't want to share in public here). -David "Packrat" Flemming
  11. I’m interested in one. No rush with the holidays coming up.
  12. How long is the quote for this? Plus I'm curious if a 'new' cart was used for the mold. I am still interested, as destroying games is something I'm tired of doing (plus cleaning them up is a pain too). I used new PCBs, as the cost is low, and the product more reliable. I only ask about using a 'new' cart for the mold, as I would possible increase my amount. Plus I wonder what guarantee there is on this?
  13. You just need to Google the crap out of it, or know the right person (me for one). http://ozyr.com/rene/C7051_info.html - this is the info on the 7051. I see you've found the transfer program (not easy to find).
  14. There is a flashable cart out there. Google it. I do not recall the maker. I am sure it uses a rotary dial to select games. there is also a board sold that can be flashed with one game too. Sold by a guy in Canada. If you want a custom board made, I (Packrat) can do that.
  15. Nice thing about repro carts: - no need to cannibalize older carts (these are for collectors). - biggest thing (as I see it), no need to remove labels from old carts (this is a pain in the ass, period). - at $3-5, the price is just fine. - if this is a true repro, there are already PCBs designed for this. I would be curious as to how this would be done? Mr. Mux, PM me if you'd like. I need more details.
  16. I am a bit behind on getting these out. I have two that haven't shipped yet at this time, for Chuck and Glenn.
  17. The 233 switch-driven cart? No, that is still being sold, just because.
  18. Spaceman Splorf for the Atari 2600 will be at the Midwest Gaming Classic, April 12-14, Milwaukee, WI. Be there! Spaceman Splorf: Planet of Doom - Limited Boxed Edition - will be available at the MGC show (NTSC only - just at this show), for $40! - Rest of the Limited Edition boxed version will be on sale on the Packrat Website, April 17th (please don't try to order on AA, thank you). It will be available in NTSC or PAL format. Spaceman Splorf 'boxed' release will be limited to 100 (20 at MGC, 80 on Packrat site) sets. Once sold, they will not be made again (in boxed form) - but they will be available as cart + instructions only. ———————————————————— See the listing on the Packrat site for more information on the game itself. Limited Boxed edition comes with a box (of course), box protector, game cartridge, instructions, and two Splorf Art Cards. Each box will be numbered. Price is $40 + shipping. ———————————————————— To order: Go to ‘packratvg.com’ and use the Order Form (please do not use FB, thank you). Sales will start on April 17th, but pre-orders will be accepted too.
  19. For those looking for a Menu-driven Multi, it is coming soon. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/289865-c7061-game-selector/
  20. The C7061 Game Selector for the Odyssey / VideoPac will be at the Midwest Gaming Classic, April 12-14, Milwaukee, WI. Be there! ---- Only 25 will be available at the MGC show, at a cost of $60. After that, Packrat will be contacting many people on a wait list (from up to two years ago). Order from the Packrat Website if interested, and you will get one given time (months now, not years). ---- The Videopac C7061 Game Selector is what Videopac and Odyssey2 fans have been waiting for. Created by Rene van den Enden, who has authorized this to be sold from Packrat, and contains well over 200+ different games. The C7061 Game Selector is menu driven, allowing you to select a game from a large collection of software available for the Videpac system. This cartridge also works on all Philips Videopac, Jopac and Magnavox Odyssey2 consoles. Main C7061 Features: - Contains more than 200 games. - Contains all Philips Videopac and Magnavox Odyssey2 games, plus a large group of prototypes and homebrews. - Contains several games that haven't been available before on a multicart (this cart has the power to handle these games). - On-screen game menu for easy game selection. - Works on all Videopac, Jopac and Odyssey2 consoles. - Works with the Voice (with a few limitations). - Automatic PAL / NTSC selection for some games. - Search function. - Brand new components use to create the internal PCB. Comes with or without a plastic case (for those that want to use a plastic Videopac case), instructions, game list, and cartridge (plus index card for those who would rather use a Videopac case). Please order off the Packratvg.com website please (not via AA). Thank you.
  21. Just an FYI - Current patch earners should get them roughly mid-April. Thanks for your patience!
  22. That was one of the original 233 carts with the switches on top. Updated cart with switches on the front is still sold by Packrat Video Games (on a limited basis at this time — there is a large backlog for now). The 233 used to sell for $40, but now sells for $35. Price lowered due to upcoming C7061 cart (Menu-driven multi for the O2 / VP). Both items can be seen on packratvg.com As for the eBay sale, that was a decent price, for the console and a collector version of the 233 cart (that model no longer made).
  23. Have to admit, that 28 score is amazing. I've played the game enough, and cracking just 10 is not easy for me. Good job!
  24. Work actually progressing on the C7061 O2/VP Multi-cart. It will still be a bit of time, but things are moving!

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