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  1. I have installed the latest firmware on my classic lynxgd but how can i access the cheats?
  2. Thanks Ron for the converting....I shall try the game this weekend.👍
  3. You're Lucky ******* 😂😂😉 I missed the pre-order...Will check Saint's site every few weeks
  4. This project is Awesome!!!!How nice it will be the cartridge with doom on it and a micro sd to change your wad files 😉
  5. Skin-NL

    Lynx 1 or 2

    I had both models.......but i prefer the lynx 1. Better grip,better sound and better buttons.
  6. I should try that hack sometimes
  7. Skin-NL

    lynx values

    I bought a lynx 1 (cib) with 3 games and the lynx is in perfect state for 100 euro's
  8. This topic can be closed!!!!!!!! Found one.
  9. Hello I am looking for a complete boxed version with the 3 overlays!!! PS. Not a sealed one. gr Michael
  10. Multiplayer over the internet........that sounds awesome!!!!And with the usb port for mouse and keyboard support......This is much more then a sd cartridge.......Great work SainT
  11. Today arrived my jaguar with wolf3d and tempest for 90 euros ex postal ....And the lynx Multi card arrived also........so its a perfect day ​
  12. My multi card arrived today also..........It's a beauty!!!!!!!Thanks saint for this awesomenes card
  13. Can you put me also on the list saint
  14. I have bought the ngx tools so you can jailbrake your ngx to make it more awesome!!! Look:https://www.facebook.com/neogeoxjailbreakhack ​
  15. Nice work saint The lemmings are a great detail ​
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