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  1. My first computer was my Model III which I still have and will never get rid of. Years later I bought an EX and it was so much fun. All the local BBSs were IBM based, so it opened a whole new world within minutes after unboxing it. Eventually I wanted a hard drive and the aftermarket kit for the EX was stupid expensive. It ended up being far cheaper to sell the EX and buy an SL with a 32mb hard card. Deep down, I missed the EX. I don't have much interest in computers outside the Model III, but I have been searching for a good local deal on an EX. If one ever turns up for a decent price, I'll outfit it like yours. I think there were 2 HXs at the show this year, didn't see an EX.
  2. It's not eBay's fault or the sellers. Doesn't matter what state it comes from, I pay Indiana's 7% sales tax...it's something my state now requires. I noticed it a few months back when I got dinged an extra $140 in tax. I still think it's a gray area as you're often buying USED items...but then again, you're using eBay which is like a store. So are you guys paying Canada's tax or your state's tax? And technically, for anything bought out of state (mail order or whatever), we are responsible for keeping track and reporting it on our taxes every year.
  3. No need to modify the 5200. You can build a box that you plug the power supply and RF cable into for a couple of dollars in parts. Google the 5200 faq.
  4. The show was really great this year. I didn't make it to Tech Track day, which was Friday, but was there most of Saturday and Sunday. The very rare Tandy 3 was cool to see in person and I really liked the plotters cranking out pictures all day long. I'm not into printers, but I may have to find one of them. I'm already looking forward to next year's event.
  5. Show was great. I'll try to get the photos uploaded tomorrow.
  6. A lot LESS space? One cocktail and two small stools eats up the same space as 3 full size cabinets.
  7. Is shipping really that extreme? Looking at completed eBay auctions, a pristine boxed Vic-20 should cost between $80 to $100 US (often including shipping within the US). That's less than $150 AUD. Even if you paid $100 for shipping, that's still far cheaper than $378 AUD. Will a US Vic-20 work with PAL?
  8. That's the problem, simply asking could land you on the "No Atari For You" list. 🚫 😥 I'd bet money he did test it before sending it out (which is a good thing)...he did on a brand new XE motherboard I ordered. That's not to say minor glitches can't get past him. I had an odd inverse character issue which only showed up in certain situations and he did replace the board. Personally, I'd accept the two dead pixels. That was very common on anything back then, and if you go back just 10 years ago, there were dead pixel policies for TVs and monitors. The warranties stated some dead pixels were normal and it needed to exceed a certain amount before the screen was considered defective.
  9. The easy things have been checked/tried...with exception of installing a cap kit as has been suggested. From this point on you'll need a multi-meter and a strong magnifying glass just to start looking and checking for open traces. And how much "brown gunk" is on this board? The inside of a 100 is relatively sealed from the outside environment and all of mine have been spotless when I opened them. Has yours been in a flooded basement or something? Once again, post some pictures of what you have.
  10. When you get the new LCD, make sure you take the protective film off. I can't remember the exact details, but if Brad had not mentioned it when I was ordering by phone, I would not have noticed and left it in place.
  11. When Burry talks, idiots listen. 🤣 Shares "soared" by as much as 20%!!! For a few hours it broke a whopping $4 share lol. Well over $40 a few years ago and now back in the $3 range today.
  12. Where does one order this kit? All I can find is the $5 drop in frame.
  13. All that could easily be sold, just not in North America. There's incredible wealth in other parts of the world, especially the Middle East. Drop a $ million without blinking an eye and brag about it all they want. And I'm sure someone will come up with being able to buy it legitimately if they're that rich...sorry that doesn't work when there's only X amount of items and the owner doesn't want to sell.
  14. Diodes don't leak. They also don't typically go bad unless something else down line fails. Post some pics.
  15. You didn't say you took it apart. If you meant the blue pot on the motherboard, that has nothing to do with the display. I believe it's an adjustment for the internal modem. Hopefully you got it back to where it was. Try contact cleaner on the display pot. DeoxIT if you can find it is the best.
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