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  1. There are caveats for MSTE & Stacy with an Atari internal SCSI adapter when using the SCSI2SD products as a result of the limits of the Atari SCSI adapter. Git Hub link for SCSI2SD page: https://github.com/rabbitholecomputing/SCSI2SD Atari MEGA STE needs J3 TERMPWR jumper 1GB limit (--blocks=2048000). The OS will fail to read the boot sector if the disk is >= 1GB. I struggled with this when I installed SCSI2SD into my Stacy. 🙂 Bama
  2. Get the 1040ST for use (play) now. Keep working on the 520ST, too. You will have your cake and eat it too!
  3. Nice! I need to find a reason to bring my STacy to work!
  4. I bought my STacy 4/40 used in 1991 for $400, the price was steeply discounted because the HDD had died. I actually lugged it back and forth to work. Back then, I was the only person at work with my own computer. :-)
  5. I'm guessing: a full height HDD bay for MFM interface drives. Adaptec 4000A MFM to SCSI bridge board Berkeley Microsystems SCSI to ACSI host adapter. :-) Bama
  6. Yep! Looks like there is a cardboard shipping protector! I'll search for the service manuals online. :-) BAMA
  7. Cool, thanks for the recs: 1) spin the belt 2) first diskette in should be one I'm willing to lose. Did I read somewhere that I need to have the PSU plugged into the 1050 before plugging the PSU into the electrical outlet? Any thing need sewing machine oil or similar? :-) BAMA
  8. Hello All, I need your expert recommendations. I have a new 1050 diskette Drive that has never been used. What steps should I take to ensure I protect this antique drive before its first use? Thanks, BAMA
  9. The ICD SCSI host adapter, AdSCSI Plus provided RTC for my 1040STFM from 1989 onward. Smiles, BAMA
  10. I purchased my STacy in 1992 and my STacy is still my favorite Atari! I still get a kick out of using my portable ST! I don't think the "blue" screen will be an issue for you. My brain, just sees it as monochrome. Smiles, Sam
  11. When evaluating options to replace the HDD in my STacy, I chose the SCSI2SD. I looked at the Aztec Monster CF SCSI adapter but it requires Parity. The STacy's host adapter does NOT provide parity. So, I chose the SCSI2SD. Working great for over a year now. Smiles! BAMA
  12. That's a Falcon 030. I have one similar. Mine was stock. 4 Meg's with 80? Meg HDD and a dongle for the carltridge port. The difference from Atari factory is the paint job. I'd like a twin for mine if you ever want to sell it. 😄
  13. You guys rock! I took your advice. I changed out the white Epson floppy for a black Sony and listed my STacy on eBay and it sold in under an hour! Thanks Y'all!
  14. Hi Zap! If you repaired a TV you certainly have skills but I want to send a few pics of some hidden bits. 1) I think it was Darklord, who helped me by telling me that you DO NOT have to remove the hinge screws. The wire harness screws yes / hinge NO. That old hinge is tightly wound to hold up the heavy screen. 2) Location of the tabs on the lid to press with your spudger.
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