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  1. My Atari 2600 Jr REV E displays the demo properly. What's strange is the label on the board seems to be in a different location. I also tested a REF F which also worked fine. I have three other juniors, don't ask, that I haven't taken apart yet so I'm not sure their revisions. One of them didn't display properly. Unplugging and replugging the cartridge changed the results though still not correct. It makes me think the connection quality could be the issue.
  2. Has anyone tried to patch the EXEC ROM in an Intellivision II to address the compatibility issues? I've searched but I couldn't find any attempts. I get most folks wouldn't bother desoldering a 40 pin chip to fix a few (average?) games, but I thought someone would have tried it.
  3. Any news when the 2600RGB will be available from the US distributor? I held off ordering directly from Tim because I figured as soon as I did it would be available locally. That was a few weeks ago... I think I chose poorly.
  4. Thanks for the pics. Great idea using pin headers. Did you relocate the "tall" components to the bottom of the PCB or mount them horizontally? I socketed the TIA on a JR board in preparation for the upgrade. I also have a 4 switch board ready to go. Still debating which to upgrade.
  5. Has anyone installed one yet? Curious to see how well it works going through a xrgb-mini. I've been checking the US order page daily hoping for the opportunity to order.
  6. I've been hoping for something like this. Looking forward to some screen shots and the install guide.
  7. The screen shots were amazing. I can't believe there wasn't more interest. I know it is a long shot, but if you ever release your VGA mod I would love to purchase one.
  8. Thanks! Glad to have that mystery solved.
  9. This picture is from an early Atari 2600 system box. Ever since I was a kid I wondered where this screen came from. I even bought Space War back in the day because I thought the image look like a scene from space. It's not from Space War. Thanks!
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