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  1. Cool! Put me down for 4, I must have at least that many Microvisions in my 100+ large boxes of handhelds that I really should inventory someday! I also posted about it at handheldmuseum.com, so either more preorders will come or we'll find out if anyone ever goes there any more...
  2. Wow, I haven't posted here in a long time. I wonder if anyone remembers me... Anyhow, that other boxed one Rik is referring to is mine. Not so fast with the "complete" there, my friend! Mine has the original inner bag, which is missing from the one being auctioned. So I'll still have the only 100% complete boxed one! Cool! Can't wait to see what this "incomplete" boxed one fetches! (The next owner could just use one from a Raise The Devil, same bag I would think...)
  3. I usually just quote Ren & Stimpy: "Happy happy, joy joy."
  4. "Choice" auction, which is a listing violation.
  5. It's a scam because all scams require idiots in order to work.
  6. If enough people report them for being listed under "systems" instead of "information", they will yank them. At least they used to.
  7. Hey Al, I have a really old esnipe account that hasn't been used in a long time. You have any idea where I can tell if I get free snipes under a certain $ too? It's $25. I don't see anywhere on the site that tells you whether you are grandfathered in. If it's really old, it probably is. And yes, bidding late IS sniping. Highest bid wins, sniping or not. Sniping keeps others from reacting to being outbid with another bid, or from nibbling away at your proxy. Used to be people could search by bidder to see what you were bidding on, it was good for hiding that info too, but no longer.
  8. The last thing this guy needs is a drink. I know, that's why it would be fun Not a good idea to mix alcohol with pysch meds.
  9. Ya think? But, but, his psych test scores are so high.
  10. You can go outside and look at bugs later Albert. Now finish your cereal! Ok, that was funny.
  11. Technically, the seller used the wrong Item Condition; open box items should use "New other", not "New" which implies Unopened. Yeah, the description says open box, and you can see it's open in the pics, but the buyer could still try to cause trouble though.
  12. A fat neg or a CC? A CC Buyers can't get negs any more.
  13. Ooh, I hate it when things get made illeagaley!
  14. Okay, I'm lost, the guy has to send the unit back, right? So what did he stand to gain with this "scam"? If you are selling, and want to keep high feedback, you have to accept returns, it's just how it is. And can't buyers change their negs now if you suck up enough?
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