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  1. getting back to the topic of this post, have the games been all shipped? Any news of deliveries to Italy?
  2. I recently got a pal version of Crossbow and have exactly the same problem on my PAL Atari 7800. As soon as you switch the console on it shows a broken screen, then pressing the button it shows the initial screen that seems ok, and when the first stage starts the graphics are all messed up. Despite the messed up graphics the game can proceed but it's unplayable. I have also a NTSC cart and it doesnt have this problem but it looks very bad on a PAL console due to the different image frequence. Does anyone know if that is a common problem of the PAL version of Crossbow?
  3. I recently got an Atari 5200 multicart and would like to use it on a console. I read that only NTSC Atari 5200 consoles were made. What should I do to play it on any old or modern LCD pal tv? Get a modded version of an Atari 5200 and connect it with AV cables? If I get a modded version of an NTSC Atari 7800, will it play on an older tv as well? I still need an AV cable though, as with the RF connection an NTSC console would not work even on a modern multiformat PAL/NTSC tv? Thanks for any help.
  4. I would like to pre-order 2 (have a Lynx 1 and Lynx 2), thanks.
  5. still waiting for my two copies...Italy is a long way....can't wait...!!
  6. Shipping is planned for the first week of june then? I am looking forward to this.
  7. one copy for me as well, whenever it will be available again...please send reminders by email as it's very difficult to keep track of all the new intellivision releases...!!
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