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  1. Yep, as @CatPix said, that should be everything you need. Worth considering an all-in-one power supply though from https://en.retrogamesupply.com/collections/all-in-one/products/power-supply-all-in-one-for-nintendo-famicom-disk-system - I have one and it works great!
  2. Received mine today and it works flawlessly with everything I've thrown at it! Absolute breeze to set up, ROM loading is fast, and the whole package is just really professionally made. @SainT, you are a legend - thanks so much for all you do for this community! ☺️
  3. I had a similar experience a few years' back. Had to chase quite a few times, but he did eventually send it. Frustrating, but it is worth the wait!
  4. Fantastic work sergei277! Nice to see the original Odyssey getting some love! I can't get a clear RF picture on any of my four CRTs so a composite mod would be ideal. I'd be very interested if anyone makes a brand new video cable for this mod! :-)
  5. 12 games in total: Alien Raiders / Space Blitz Baseball Block Buster Bowling Connect Four Cosmic Hunter Mindbuster Pinball Sea Duel Star Trek: Phaser Strike / Shooting Star Super Blockbuster / Super Casse Brique Vegas Slots A 13th game called Barrage was planned, but never released. Here's the box art:
  6. Received mine today (based in the UK) and I just have to say, what an amazing job you've done SainT! I really couldn't be happier with the flashcart - it's so easy to use (great instructions btw!) and everything just works flawlessly. Overall, it's very professional, down to the UI / menu switching, game flashing, 3D cartridge printing, etc and it's a massive upgrade to my Flashmasta!
  7. Awesome, thanks for the suggestion KylJoy!
  8. No worries! Let us know your thoughts on the game when it arrives. I like hearing different opinions about Microvision games so it's fun reading your reviews! By the way, does anyone know what style of gameplay the unreleased Microvision title called Barrage would have adopted? I can't find any information other than box-art which resembles Missile Command!
  9. Super Casse Brique is my second favourite Microvision game next to Sea Duel! It's like Block Buster but you have to protect your blocks below your paddle too; here's my review - http://www.retrogamesreview.co.uk/2015/10/super-blockbuster-super-casse-brique-microvision-review.html I bought a boxed copy from http://www.ludikbazar.com/product/107513/microvision-08-super-casse-brique-nsb.html and looking now it's only 10EUR (plus shipping) and comes new, shrink-wrapped. Hope this helps.
  10. Hi everyone. I bought my second Vectrex console recently and it worked fine for a few days until the display started slanting to the right. Now the text is completely unreadable (see the attachment which shows the boot-up screen) and the collision detection is off, meaning I can't play any games with it. Everything else works perfectly though, e.g. clear sound, console boots up quickly, etc. Does anyone know what the problem could be? Also, are there any repair experts in the United Kingdom that might be able to fix this for me? Thanks for your help if you can! Rob.
  11. Received mine today - what an amazing cartridge. Thank you so much for making this Juan! :-) The instructions were very easy to follow but I did have one issue that I thought I'd post here in case anyone else comes up against it. Basically, I was using Juan's website on Internet Explorer 11 to remove the headers but each time the files would come back as 0 bytes. After a few failed attempts I decided to use Google Chrome and thankfully the files came back as perfect 128 KB conversions! In summary, avoid IE! On another note, does anyone know what file extensions I need to give the following PAL games as I can't see them on Juan's website? Super Skateboardin' Title Match Pro Wrestling F14 Tomcat Xevious Thanks, Rob.
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