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  1. Hi, Hope you are OK and get over the Covid... can you make a red (Burgundy?) Dragonfly for me please with POKEYMAX and Yamaha. Shipping to UK. Thanks in advance for your contribution to the real ATARI world, you are clearly a genius! Richard S
  2. I'm a bit concerned; "There's also a small surprise inside the box with every order! " You've all seen that awesome movie Seven right? Remember Brad Pitt at the end saying "What's in the box?! what's in the box?!" Spoiler Alert - it was Gwyneth Paltrow's head! So how big is the box again? 🙂
  3. "How Much is Atari SA's (EPA:ATA) CEO Getting Paid?" I could say who cares? Then again I could say €51000 per year. The shocker for me was; "Our data indicates that Atari SA is worth €83m, and total annual CEO compensation was reported as €51k for the year to March 2019" €83 million? Really? Hmmm, thats a lot of Flashbacks... https://finance.yahoo.com/news/much-atari-sas-epa-ata-095903577.html?guccounter=1
  4. ...and the F00kb00k page: https://www.facebook.com/retromodding Seriously F**k Zuck, he has been very careless with millions of people's data and has allowed and just this week says he will continue to allow foreign (Russian) false propaganda to affect Elections around the globe and..... the Brexit vote. Asshat! or should it be Ass Hat? or A Shat? A cross between a sh1t and a hat? Needless to say I don't use FB and have deleted the app from my mobile phones as it tracked so much other than just what you did on FB. I heard it may even scoop up those 200+ contacts on yer phone too and sell the info to God knows who to do God knows what with it.
  5. I've got me double pack and it is beyond awesome. I can't believe how much stuff you've managed to assemble into 2 wonderful books. The price of the books is worth every penny but I know transatlantic shipping costs can be a killer... I can't imagine the time and effort put into this. I am a bit of an Atari collector and there are pages in here that are brilliant for reference of what came out when and in what sort of box! This is as vital as Curt's Atari book (business is fun) and Art of Atari! Thanks Karl 🙂
  6. I am always amazed at people who REALLY go all in for the super-negativity on the internet. I often think they must not have any sense of themselves, do they read what they've written and have any self reflection? I had a look at that German gentleman's website and most of what I read was just slagging off AtariAge. Why? To what end? How much of his time does he devote to writing about something he hates? Then that other guy moans about not getting a personal singing telegram with twice daily updates. This is such a niche product, if your interested enough to want one surely you would want to look at this thread a bit more often and hey, maybe engage in some positive community building or at least follow Saint on Twitter. Frankly I think Saint should be commended for his frequent updates here and openness regarding his own health. He has no obligation to tell us all about his health but talking about things like this can help himself and others re:work/life balance. Compare and contrast Saint's updates on progress on several projects over the last 3 years with NotReallyAtari on the Ataribox over about the same 3 years. Saint wins easily. Keep yer chin up mate, you are making a lot of people very happy, as for the negative super-creeps, Karma is a bitch!
  7. I was trying to get a few hard to find XE carts (boxed) and sixersfan105 managed to get Karateka all the way across the Atlantic safely into my hands in Merry Olde England (Nottingham!). Everything was awesome! Anyone ever seen a boxed XE Summer Games? It seems rare as rockinghorse poo, and I need one!
  8. "Believe your rubbish?" from the big 3 poster SBrann? So pray tell, which bit do you think is rubbish? Next: "keep your hyperbole in the realms of reality" Dictionary definition of Hyperbole: "exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally" So if we've got to keep our hyperbole REAL, it wouldn't be hyperbole then would it? I think by definition you can't have realistic hyperbole. If you're going to use big words make sure you know what they mean eh? Bet you loved that choon "Ironic" which wasn't....
  9. I try to be an optimist but when 3 years pass by reaching a deadlock in real life, I become a pragmatist. Just watch somebody else stick the boot in despite Mutti Merkel's efforts. My last thought, in or out, UK was world's 5th Largest economy in 2018; source- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_GDP_(nominal), whatever happens, I think we'll survive. I doubt we'll starve or run out of water like the poor Venezuelans. It maybe short term chaos but Obama told me "In a crisis, you can't panic... think of the long term, where you want to be and how you're going to get there."
  10. Hi Saint and Albert, I got the paypal credit option showing for me at Paypal check out page, presumably because I had already signed up to use it over a year ago and I did use it successfully for the Jag SD pre-order. It was handy to be able to do that because I don't know exactly when Saint will make my cart, post it and charge for it, but I know there will be room in my credit and I won't max it out up to the limit. If I'd used my debit card/current account and the SD cart was to be charged 2 days before payday, it would probably bounce cos there would be about £2.50 left! (I'm only half joking...) Albert, I've been meaning to send you a 7800 Ballblazer cart for pokey extraction and insertion into an awesome Bentley Bear 7800 cart. Shall I try to order (after pay day obviously!) and see if I get my Paypal Credit option showing? Cheers from the currently United Kingdom 🙂
  11. Oh also I know we don't want to get into politics, but in the Brexit issue it's possibly affecting commerce so I think we can discuss it. I see people saying "When we leave the EU..." It should still be IF UK leaves.... Honestly it's been 3 years and there is no way of saying we (UK) will ever actually get out whether we want to or not! A lot of the politicians don't want a crash out no deal. Boris says that will happen even if he has to suspend parliament and allow a crash out hard brexit. Big news for Boris, it's a parliamentary democracy and he isn't a dictator of a banana republic. With all the chaos there has been talk of a vote of no confidence in the Govt and then a temporary Govt of National Unity like in Wartime! Some have even said we may have to appeal to the Queen if Boris does try to bypass parliament. Last time someone tried to roll over Parliament, we chopped his head off, (Charles I, 30 January 1649) and I'm thinking of Boris' bonce here not her maj!
  12. Did someone mention price and value? Oscar Wilde had one of his characters say "a man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing" Price and value can be debatable... I'd love to have a philosophical discussion with the many post offices around the world re:value & price. Some nutty retro collectors may well pay a price above what the average value of something is, like if it's the only one on ebay at the time.... So for postie, do we have to say value or price cos they're not the same? I might have bought something for £20 but the seller doesn't know it's worth millions 🙂 I think the biggest thing is really do you want insurance and how much?
  13. Can I Pre-order my 7800 SD cart now please? Mr Saint, put your health first. Meanwhile, I will chat with the Queen to give you a Knighthood, you deserve it for services to the global Atari community!
  14. “Oh, cruel fate, why do you mock me?” – Homer Simpson I was having my once a year only appraisal! Number 362! (By the way, I am not a number, I'm a FREE Man!) So we'll land on Mars before I get mine eh?????
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