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  1. Thanks - I did try several carts. SD TV's are hard to come by but I'll take a look. I'll also try the VCR option as I hadn't thought of that. Anyone have any other ideas?
  2. Not yet - it's the first time it's been hooked up in about 20 years.
  3. Hello friends - I just recently broke out my original 7800 and hooked it up to my HD TV using a Gold-Plated Phono-to-F Adapter. When I turn the system on, the screen goes black (no snow) and has two grayish-white vertical lines that go the length of the screen. I've tried two different Gold-Plated Phono-to-F Adapter's with the same result. I've also tried analog channels 2, 3 and 4 on the TV and it only happens on channel 3 (snow on 2 and 4). Same result with or without a cartridge. Any ideas from the group? Thanks -
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