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  1. Tasteless nudes Brony club? Sign me up. Lots o originals to post
  2. Rev-how could I refuse such a commanding request? Now I know why C-mart spends so much time in parking garages... well, here he is
  3. Just a quick read through the comments, but the genus name Apis and Spina have the same letters except the n... just an observation.
  4. Ok... I don’t know who here (or among us fans) works for a fast food company who made these toys... but the plug-and-play method with little modification is a bit too coincidental... with that I bring you “Cart-man”!!! And a hearty “high five” to you all.
  5. I’m interested in the replacement Sears controller... I need one to complete my Sears unit. It’s the one I play on with my boy. Thank you. I’ll PM you.
  6. The propylene glycol is used in many common laxatives. Rev, you dodged more of a bullet than you know...
  7. I just got this new NES-inspired mouse from 8-bitdo. What would the intellivision version look like? What functions would it have? Just thought for the hive-mind.
  8. I too would like the board and add on with box, or a complete boxed set...
  9. I missed the sign-up. Are there any extra available?
  10. Best wishes to you and your wife. My wife is having surgery in 2 weeks, so I get the uncertainty. The bonus is I’ve gotten my oldest boy (he’s six years old) into Intellivision and Wii, so we’ll be going crazy on games!!!
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