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  1. I missed the sign-up. Are there any extra available?
  2. I really don’t want to get behind a furry- or in front of one, for that matter. The yiff-ing...
  3. Best wishes to you and your wife. My wife is having surgery in 2 weeks, so I get the uncertainty. The bonus is I’ve gotten my oldest boy (he’s six years old) into Intellivision and Wii, so we’ll be going crazy on games!!!
  4. Glad you got that one AtariBill. That now makes two, right?
  5. does it come with coronavirus as a free gift?
  6. That is my next step. I need to learn how to use the desoldering braid, and probably get a better iron.
  7. Yeah, this was it. I followed the youtube video of a dude in France doing the mod, and hooked up everything to where he did, and his worked. Later when mine didn’t I stepped back, looked, and though “hmm... not everthing has enough wires to it... sure enough, that was the problem. However, I dripped a crap ton of solder on some parts I shouldn’t have an now the controllers don’t work right.
  8. I hooked up the AV board. TV doesn’t recognize any signals. With the multimeter I get 5v from the 5v wire. I get 2.3v from video and 7.3 from audio. Attached are pictures. I could really use help here.
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