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  1. Delta Space Arena as well. The resolution is not very fine, though. Probably the VCS couldn’t afford reading it out too frequently. It‘s absolutely sufficient for Indy 500. A 4-player Indy 500 clone for the 400/800 would be nice, btw (unless it exists already and just escaped my attention). I doubt the MultiJoy can read driving controllers, so it would have to remain exclusive to the older machines.
  2. That wouldn’t make the pronunciation of the i and o unambiguous, as English speakers would need to have it spelled Treetonay to pronounce it almost like Italians, unless it’s supposed to be English for „three tones“ in which case the Italians would need different spelling…. The obvious solution for AtariAge would be to make the S.A.M. pronunciation official
  3. The trouble with that with this not having taken place for the last App. 1500 years there is no clear relation between spelling and pronunciation in English… Many languages actually change foreign words that way, occasionally words were re-spelled twice when adopted into one language from another and then yet another again. Spelling them in their native form and learning the pronunciation rules will otoh make it easier to recognise them (and read other words) should you ever travel their. In German there was quite a dispute whether changing Classic Greek „ph“ spelling to „f“ with the last big spelling reform was appropriate or an abomination of the classics, i.e. if using a Greek word with German spelling wouldn‘t out you as primitive rather than sophisticated. Contshairto feels a bit strange…
  4. 1999, so 21-22 years, don‘t have my 1999 mail live anymore.
  5. So the only way to get this is through ABBUC now?
  6. Don‘t throw away the old POKEY. It might still work as a second POKEY for stereo or in a 7800.
  7. Depending on your local tax laws, having a website with a shopping cart might shout "commercial activity" a lot louder than selling via PMs. I am neither selling stuff nor advocating tax evasion, but at least here having a webshop would be considered an indication of commercial activity rather than being a hobbyist selling stuff occasionally (which in turn would probably oblige you to pay for a minimum fee membership in the chamber of commerce).
  8. I think some browsers balk at anything without https: without even checking whether any of those things are used.
  9. Thanks to @pps the North-South-divide can be breached and I'll soon enjoy some semi-illicit BBQ accessories.
  10. There are some monitors that support PiP (picture in picture). You might be able to use those with a RetroTink. The setup would need testing as it needs to be established that the PiP does not introduce too much lag. Your original setup sounds great. I had an All-in-Wonder from 1996 to 2002 but did not check that it would allow me to set up an Atari without an extra monitor.
  11. I have an Indus GT on which one of the hinge pins for the acrylic door is loose. Closer inspection shows that these pins have a rather strange mounting system as they are held in place by app. 20mm / ¾" screws the heads of which - barely - pinch them against a little bit of the front bezel. About half or more of those screws is exposed allowing the screws some flex and - at least on my unit - resulting in the hinge pin occasionally coming loose. This "wiggling loose" is eased by the hinge pin having little to prevent it from moving up and the acrylic door pushing up the pin. It might be acerbated by a bit of the plastic against which the pin is pressed having broken off, but I'm not sure. My temporary fix was a slightly shorter screw that pinches the hinge a bit more but this still allows the pin to move quite a bit when the acrylic door is opened or closed, especially when "popping" it open. I suppose I can live with the status quo but still wonder if anyone has come up with a better fix. I contemplated glueing that pin in place with hot glue, superglue or Sugru but that would make it rather difficult to remove the door, should the need arise. I am not an engineer but I wonder why the Ferrari builders came up with such a strange contraption. Even if the premise was to use as many off-the-shelf parts as possible, the front bezel must have been made to order and could have included better mounts for the pins and/or screws holding them in place. It is not done cheaply as the screws that mount the bezel to the frame are machine screws that go into metal threads set into the plastic posts of the bezel. Even using a washer to push the whole hinge pin against the frame would have been better than the setup chosen.
  12. According to Wikipedia they most probably split over management style, one of the brothers preferring an off-handed and the other a micromanagement style. Another theory is that they couldn't agree on whether to sell cigarettes. The brands have changed over the years, beginning as really bare-bones discount stores (which AFAIK Aldi North stuck to much longer than Aldi South) while they have now enlarged the number of items carried, added fresh fruits and vegetables, brand-named drinks like Coke (while they only carried their own brands well into the 90s) and - at least here - carry lots of organic food and attract buyers with "special merchandise" that changes twice weekly. BTW, to complicate matters, Aldi (South) is called "Hofer" in Austria and neighbouring Slovenia (but nowhere else) as Aldi took over an existing chain of stores and kept the name as Aldi was taken already.... Thanks @pps and thanks everyone for indulging a discount retail discussion . Trader Joe's s sounds interesting, never heard of it before.
  13. Sorry for this rather unusual request but the ABBUC forum is down. If there's an ABBUC member living north of the Aldi equator who would be able to forward a 15-18kg package from Aldi to Austria for me, I'd be grateful if he/she could contact me via PM or mail. (Explanation: Aldi is a German discount chain and the two brothers who founded or inherited the company divided it into a "Northern" and "Southern" chain long ago, probably because they could not agree on how to run it). I'd like to order some BBQ accessories from their online service that are only available from the "Northern" branch (and apparently nowhere else) but they don't ship abroad and their division of the German market is so strict that they won't deliver to addresses in southern Germany where all the forwarding services are located close to the Austrian border.)
  14. Still enough games on the shelf to keep me busy and we're still hoping for work to pick up during the summer.
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