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  1. Isn‘t there any way to install one POKEY inside the 7800 and use it with every cart that needs it (short of an XM)?
  2. If it has a Genesis setting, an Edladdin Seagull or other Genesis to 7800 adapter is probably your easiest choice. If you don‘t care for either button to register as the single button on the VCS you can probably hack something together as well consulting the schematics. Don‘t know whether the resistor for the second button is a must or just required to differentiate between 1 and 2.
  3. I suppose there are different hardware setups, I.e. different bank select addresses and/or bank sizes. As there was no Atari standard for this stuff, every game producer could invent his own setup and I‘d imagine some would deliberately use ‚weird‘ setups to discourage copying.
  4. Got a used boxed complete Mario Maker Wii U with the intent to have something for family gaming and over about three weeks found all of the major titles I wanted for an average 15€. Coming from Genesis, Jaguar, Atari 800 and kids playing Minecraft, the graphical differences to the Switch will be bearable and the average game prices would be at least triple. I‘ll miss Luigi‘s Mansion 3 but plan to mod it to run the original from the GC. Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  5. My first programming experience was on a Sinclair ZX81 a friend had lent me while he was on vacation. Atari 800 came next. For ‚mobile programming‘ I appropriated my dad‘s HP-15 to supplant my 9V battery eating TI-30 (red display) but never got into looping and branching, just some simple keystroke programming. Today I have a lot of HP‘s which certainly exceeds my mathematical capabilities and needs but I just like them. Have a TI-92 somewhere as well but never tried to program it. Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  6. The Atari cartridge slot has a maximum of 16K address space from $8000 to $BFFF, larger cartridges need internal bank-switching to ‚show’ different parts of their code at the same address depending on the state of the game. That is usually done by writing to a specific address on the cart and needs extra hardware on the cart that decodes such writes and activates the switching circuit. So the main game code might reside in one half while the other half might contain level data and gets selected depending on which level you‘re currently playing. This makes the cart even more expensive to build but bitd was a good copy protection as well as you couldn‘t simply dump it. Action! and iirc BASIC XL/XE used this as well and could even bank out part of themselves totally to run a part of DOS XL from the underlying RAM to leave more RAM for code. Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  7. A loose XF551 for just 115$ (plus reasonable shipping). Against all reason but now I have a floppy drive and Cassette from every 8-bit period. I recall that US XF551‘s don‘t work with PAL Ataris due to timing issues. Does the HyperXF fix that?
  8. If you always wanted to get the book, lulu grants an additional 30% rebate for Cyber Monday if you use CYBERMONDAY30 on checkout, making it yours for less than 15 bucks. Even with European shipping it's less than 20 Euros. Hope the rebate doesn't hurt Jason too much. So get yourself a copy to show your wife that "it says here to do this" 😚
  9. Played a pirated copy of that a lot. Great game, only bested by Tracon years later and right know I don‘t know of anything the like.
  10. Mostly consoles, not much Atari even there, but there are always at least two guys selling Atari 8-bit stuff, usually nice boxed games and a good place to pick up some joysticks. There is usually some interesting non-Atari stuff to be seen even if you won‘t buy it. Saw my first TI expansion box there and some weird standalone electronic games.
  11. Will be there (tall guy with reddish beard) but have to leave early due to kid transport duty, so not much time to chat.
  12. If your main goal is programming, you might find WUDSN IDE interesting. It runs on PC/Mac and can be installed to compile and immediately launch in Altirra which gives you a lot more debugging options (and comfort and speed) than Mac/65. You can choose between different assemblers, have syntax highlighting, etc. You can also test pretty much any Atari configuration there ever was in emulation. I love the old machines but for development I‘d rather go for a modern solution. That‘s unless you deliberately go for an all-out oldschool approach.
  13. Very elegant solution! Thanks for sharing. Can this also be used for switches that need to be in a certain state during power-up or reset, e.g. to switch between OSes? Or is it just good for momentary switching?
  14. To each his own. I‘ll take the same way but no need to be rude about it.
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