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  1. First had the watch and later learned first bits of BASIC on a borrowed ZX81. Always found the Speccy intriguing but never got one as I had an Atari by that time. England and the world were lucky to have had Sir Clive.
  2. Joust and Galaga are great, Food Fight as well. Don‘t miss out on the homebrews, there are some real gems there.
  3. Best sells refurb kits.
  4. Tell her that in case of a total internet breakdown you‘ll be able to set up a core replacement single-handedly….
  5. Is there any difference in the main board that would explain the better S-Video?
  6. slx

    Lynx bread, yummy

    Always liked those when in Finland, even without the Lynx shape!
  7. My original Lynx I bought used from the mom of the kid who stole her money to buy it. My original Lynx II bought on clearance. Another Lynx ll which was just too cheap to resist (something unlikely to recur). One II will get a McWill but that has been in the spares box for quite some time. Enough for me, I only got that Game Gear because it was sooo cheap but it needs recapping.
  8. Thanks for the lightning reply. I just found out I need to open my 3-Button controllers to check for thick/thin version required. Do the thin ones fit the newly made ProControllers as well?
  9. Are these still available? How much would shipping for 2-3 to the EU cost. Thanks,
  10. Turbo BASIC XL doesn’t have dedicated P/M commands but some that make it easier to use the “normal” BASIC techniques.
  11. Pitch Dark would indeed be a great thing to have for the Atari and if an Apple II can run it the Atari should be able, too. It‘s built on top of a windowing software/abstraction layer, though, that would need to be ported as well.
  12. Members are required to know that the actual magazine is a floppy disc while the brochure accompanying is but a „supplement“
  13. That is probably even more pronounced at PAL 50Hz compared to 60 Hz NTSC.
  14. Is the yellowish thingy under the cartridge a box insert to hold the cartridge?
  15. CX40s in any form are for the hardcore Retro feeling. I‘d rather spend my 50 bucks on a 25 year old Competition Pro or TAC-2. If that retroradionics stick feels as good as it looks a pair of those might be a wise choice.
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