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  1. So hook up a TAC-2 and give it a go...! (IMHO the best joystick for Shamus as the short throw allows for ultra-quick firing while standing still.)
  2. Thanks for continued development. Much appreciated in Mac land!
  3. Iirc the speed bump is fixed, so it should max out once you hit “no delay”. In the real game this is buggy and will result in the delay loop counter rolling over to $FF, slowing the game to a crawl. Should take a few loops, however. Pod rooms are those otherwise empty rooms with vertical barriers with a slot moving top to bottom that will disappear when you shoot the object in the middle of the room through the moving slot, revealing the baddies. (e.g. room 18, shown on page 17 of the New Mazes for Shamus pdf). You must have seen and mastered them if you finished the game.
  4. Same for me, for some reason it‘s better with Flip&Flop.
  5. Shamus was one of the first (and few) games I bought and my favorite single-player game and I still think it‘s brilliant. 1) As a teenager I managed two complete mazes (killing the Shamus 2 times in room 127) but doubt I‘d be able to repeat that anytime soon. 2) It certainly feels fast but if you start on expert a bug in the speed logic (which is actually a delay loop slowing the game down) will bring it to a crawl when reaching the blue level (or red level in advanced). (The C64 version BTW lacks that speedup). I found Expert uncomfortable to play, it‘s just too twitchy. Shameless plug: For more Shamus trivia and a version with that bug corrected plus the C64 mazes and a pause function check Shamus+.
  6. It took me ages to sell a XEGS CIB but for the joystick at rather less than I would have expected as I could not get hold of the original joystick, just to stumble over a ridiculously cheap VCS plus XEGS joystick combo a year later. I think they are rather rare and rarely come up alone.
  7. I do have one but won‘t be able to post it until next week. PM me if I forget.
  8. Actually a language loosely resembling German when they speak to each other....;)
  9. Anyone here snagged the 65XE and XF551 for 150$ BIN from Holland, Texas, that was gone a few minutes after I got the mail alert? Looked like a good bargain!
  10. I think my 800 came with a 3-ring Atari cardboard binder for the 800's manual. The 810 or DOS manual probably fit in there as well for a neat way of keeping all your documentation, befitting a high-end home computer! Over here 3-ring binders were a bit of an oddity, though, as we have either 2 (not good for more than a few pages) or four (requiring two punches and a punch not missing the guide). The Swedish have the best binders, though. Just four holes but a metal spine that allows for flipping pages like a book and opening at any position without pages falling out.
  11. Rookie 6 Laps: Jarama 3:56 Had a peek at Pole Position in between. When you qualify for e.g. 4th place and overtake all three cars that start in front of you, where in hell are the other cars on the track coming from ;)?
  12. Not a waste of money. Get yourself a flash cart and use it for those games that are unique or at least unique ports for the system. There are tons of homebrews and many games that are just easy to pick up and play. Many of the system‘s classics can be had for a buck a pop. Try Space Invaders Yar‘s Revenge Defender II Haunted House Adventure The 7800 is more versatile but if you have a classic VCS the looks make up for part of that.
  13. Rookie 6 Laps: Kyalami 3:27 Having forgotten what the flag man does, I immedately sent my car back to the track at the first pit stop and during the second I barely avoided overfilling had to go back to remove the tire changing crew. As clever as this was in the 1980s it clearly hasn't kept up with developments in F1 racing.... Or does that pit stop routine just feel more tedious to my 2020 self than to my 1985 teenage racing rookie. Given how little I am allowed to work these days I am not sure if I don't prefer work to playing Pitstop. Had a quick go at Pitstop II to see if it's better but while it certainly looks better it feels a bit spongy, especially so during the Pitstops (although the split-screen pitstop is quite impressive). The sound feels even more like a souped-up sewing machine (maybe 2-stroke racing cars).
  14. Rookie 3 Laps St. Jovite 1:20 Monaco 1:44 Le Mans 1:14 (for some reason spelled with a dash, like New-York...) Playing three rounds is pretty pointless, however, as you just get worse graphics than Pole Position and no pit stop at all....
  15. The 7800 has a 700mA PSU and needs a lot less internal space without keyboard and most connectors. Wouldn‘t an internal PSU with about twice the amps have exceeded available space at least for the 600XL?
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