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  1. Two, one complete boxed unit bought discounted during one of the last German Atari shows in the mid-90s and a very reasonably priced spare I was offered by a US seller when buying some other retro stuff. (plus an unreasonable amount of spare controllers, 40 games, a skunkboard and a place on SainT‘s waiting list) CD‘s were always more expensive than I was willing to afford at the time. Best still had them for about 200$ when I first looked.
  2. Could be an Indus GT right of the computer and beneath the printer.
  3. This would work for emulators only. I don't think there's a solution for light guns on LCD using real Atari hardware yet.
  4. Unlike Joust, this feels just the opposite to me
  5. That‘s a very nice booklet, although it is not about reprogramming but about putting Pitfall Harry on your C64 BASIC screen through a machine language subroutine. This will persist through stopping the BASIC program. It should not be too hard to recreate this for the Atari. You‘d basically need to find the graphics data and movement routine and put it into a BASIC program that sets it up to run in Vertical Blank. Really a nice gesture by David Crane and Activision to provide this but probably made at a time when Atari software support was waning, so we didn‘t get to enjoy it. Is anyone aware of anything similar or is this a unique promo?
  6. The only way to soften the handling fees and shipping is to buy several things at once. Unfortunately this is incompatible with not buying too much stuff at once. While I very much like the packaging that comes with many new games, I do hope that the new SainT cart will make it more attractive to offer paid digital download content to us east of the Atlantic.
  7. Did you have a look at how it is done on the C64? Direct Hi-Res drawing or a font-based animation?
  8. Light gun would be the more ‚natural‘ controller but limit playing to CRTs until someone invents an LCD light gun adapter. Played it once in Disney Village with slxjr and found it quite a frenzy, wasn‘t always sure what was happening. Agree that it would be a great Jaguar game.
  9. Lining up for number last with 14.300
  10. Did you consider FastBasic? Assembly is nice but sometimes it‘s just too tedious to break down a problem to atomic level if speed is not the prime consideration and the newer BASICs usually make working with 16-bit system stuff easier by offering DPEEK/DPOKE and hex numbers.
  11. MAC/65 (has a basic monitor/debugger built in) Action! (debateable as there‘s enough time to use assembly but also handy to keep a diary) Shamus+ (will take ages to master in tournament mode) Jumpman (can still vary speed after finishing) Ultima (IV, open to suggestions which is best/longest) Star Raiders Bureucracy (still stuck early in the game) Yoomp (need one ‚easy to pick up‘ game without much Stratege to relax) I also like Spelunker but fear I‘d get tired of it after finishing. Book: Altirra Hardware Reference Manual (for completeness although I’d need a lot more trial and error working with it compared to Mapping the Atari or De Re Atari) Luxury: Turbo Freezer comes to mind in case I’d get tired of playing through lower levels.
  12. I'm not sure the user interface works at all as it's still Alpha status. I couldn't get it to load either but did not try for more than 2 minutes. I joined the facebook group and will eventually ask there.
  13. Waiting for a WINE update here. Don't want to go the Parallels route again with chargeable upgrades after every MacOS update. Gave that up after about 3 iterations although it was quite neat.
  14. The ladies of the houses should be glad we only go after Induses and not Ferraris, given the similarity proclaimed in period ads I think @tf_hh has an (almost) never-ending supply of SRAMChargers (and a lot of other goodies which you could buy for the packaging alone - I've never seen anti-static zip-loc bags before....).
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