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  1. 8000 I'm not a fan of either of these games. And I don't have time to learn the route.
  2. 18,680 I'm not very good at this game. I played this with an Xbox One controller so trying to brake or accelerate while moving left and right was a bit too touchy. I'm playing on ColEm emulator. Also, if anyone else is using ColEm, make sure its on NTSC; default is PAL.
  3. 18440 ________________ Quirky little pinball game. I didn't really use the tilt controls since I couldn't get them down consistently. Let the dog out almost twice. Played probably 20 runs of this. 7/10. Intro jingle gets 10/10 lol
  4. 26,440 Played on my half-finished bartop arcade. (phew, almost forgot about the new season) High-Res Pictures
  5. I'd like to see a homebrew season if we've gone through all of the standard released games. Here is the site to download a publicly released set of homebrew games: http://www.colecovision.ca/roms_homebrew_0-9.php Which is your favorite?
  6. Retro-bit is great. We sell them at my work. (Disc Replay)
  7. Could be the video capacitors inside the Sega CD itself. Try testing with different Genesis/Cords and try to narrow the problem. I will come back to this once I fix my Sega CD 1 soon, as well.
  8. Thats really interesting. Can anyone veryify that, that cart is really the first one?
  9. First you need to Install the Homebrew channel on the system. Youtube will show you nicely. Then, you download and install the ColEm emulator, and place your rom files in the correct directory. If you need more info, just Private Message me!
  10. Hello all, Im a 20 year old student studying Game Dev in college right now. My Dad and I used to play the coleco all the time, and we still have our Donkey Kong. Whoop. Ive never submitted a high score yet or even played this game. My favorite is montys revenge. but heres my first shot at this-im playing it on my Wii U 103960 - Skill One 57390 - Skill Two
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