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  1. The problem with me is that I would use an emulator on smartphone only while commuting on trains, so bulky or unstable controllers don't fit my needs. Here is a review of ten Bluetooth controllers. The bigger ones fit to the phone but are bigger than the phone itself and I would never carry them with me. The smaller ones are really cute but the phone won't dock anywhere so they're useless in situations in which there isn't a table or such where the phone may be supported: https://www.phonearena.com/news/10-game-controllers-for-smartphones-and-tablets_id39901 About hardware (non-electronic) solutions, there are things that attach to the screen and turn the non-tactile controllers into tactile controllers. These ones are attached by means of suction cups. I ignore if they work fine, has anyone tried them? https://www.banggood.com/Mini-Fling-Joystick-Game-Controller-For-Android-Smartphone-iPhone-p-951552.html These ones are based on the same principle but they have the shape of a joystick and a fire button: https://it.aliexpress.com/item/Mobile-Game-Joystick-Fisico-Fling-Joystick-Touch-Screen-Rocker-Smart-Phone-Gamepad-Per-Android-iPhone-Phone/32837571894.html These ones also have the shape of a joystick. I ignore how they are attached to the screen, but the ad says they're repositionable so I guess it's not adhesive tape: https://www.dhgate.com/product/wholesale-new-funny-joystick-joypad-arcade/404150390.html Did anyone try any of the above? Any comments?
  2. *REBUMP* after four years! I had to change the smartphone and passed to a Backberry Priv. Is there any substantial news about classic gaming on Android phones, especially concerning phisical controllers? Any substantial improvement of MAME for phones? Is it worth trying to re-install?
  3. Unfortunately that doesn't suprise me, as the whole videogame industry (but also the music industry, and also the movie industry, and also...) took an unbelievably hyper-violent turn after the mid eighties. And I actually have many things against violence in videogames (and in music, and in movies, and in...). And quite obviously the problem is not violence per se (if we stretch, also Outlaw is violent...) but it's the way in which violence is shown that is spine-chilling. I can't really find anything amusing in people burned alive. Actually, it recalls me of my grandad who happened to be recruited in the flame-thrower corps during WWII and had nightmares for the rest of his short life. Nothing to have fun with, really. And basically the reason why I have progressively completely lost my interest in videogames, except for the few rare smart gems that surface occasionally (Puzzle Bubble, Sega Rally and amusing things like these).
  4. Yes indeed. I sometimes wonder how is it that none of the many good "homebrewers" we have on board ever managed to complete it.
  5. I agree that the prototype shows a lot of potential. I think it only came a bit too late, in the mid of the videogame crash, and being a port of a sort of "niche" arcade game, probably not a superseller, was cancelled or delayed and then scrapped. It's a pity as Elevator Action is a little great game, if you ask me.
  6. Actually, I think that almost any smartphone has a higher resolution than Space Invaders or Pac-Man. But if more than half of the screen is cluttered by the (unsatisfactory) virtual controls, the room left for the game will obviously be as tiny as a postage stamp. This is almost an offense if I consider that most coin-ops had vertical screens just like smartphones. It should have been a benefit, considered that PCs have 4:3 or recently even worse 16:9 horizontal screens. But the screen space is used so oddly that, basically, there is no room left for the game! Also, I can easily figure that things may look better on the bigger screen of a tablet, but on the other hand tablets are way less diffused than smartphones, so it would make sense to address the smartphones with more accuracy than the tablets.
  7. I think you say so because you can't figure how bad the broblem is. A screenshot may help. The "game" menu is that small rectangular blob of pixels on top of the simulated controllers.
  8. Yes, most of the fault is in the thouchscreen design, which falls short compared to any controller. I have read that new recommendations by Android developers are to remove even the three touchbuttons below the screen in the forthcoming devices; this goes exactly in the opposite direction that a decent gaming experience would require. The other problem (the horrible raster rendering) could be addressed in some way, I suppose, should MAME developers have some time to devote to the matter. But the lack of a decent controller is essential. By the way, my phone actually has a built-in full QWERTY keyboard, but MAME ignores it completely. Perhaps there is a way to send game control to the keyboard, but as said the menus are unreadable and it's totally impossible to figure out how to do it.
  9. I was recently forced to purchase a smartphone (with Android OS) as my previous phone deceaded unexpectedly. Frankly, I've never been a phone geek as I actually consider cellphones and being "always reachable" much more a big big pain (anywhere...) than an opportunity, so I never really kept up to date with phone technology. However, I always figured that these devices, being so "smart", could give great classing gaming experiences. Actually: I took it for granted! Now that I own one, saying that I'm disappointed by this "smart" technology is a huge understatement. First thing that I did was to install the MAME app for android. I want to affirm clearly that I really appreciate what the MAME developing team does (for free!) and that I consider MAME for android a fair endeavour, which must have taken hours and hours of work. However, in my experience, results are such that it is almost unenjoyable. The raster is resized so grossly that both the menu voices as well as the games are horribly pixellated and unintelligible. The on-screen simulated joystick and buttons are - in one word - atrocious. Not only they give a horrible feedback (actually: they don't give ANY) but they also grab so much space on the screen that the game itself needs a microscope to be seen. I'm impressed by how unimpressed I am by smartphones and their apps. Perhaps I took it the wrong way. In general, what would you install and/or do, should you want to play a decent port of - say - Space Invaders or Pac Man on your smartphone?
  10. Thanks for the comprehensive list. I actually thought to have more options than those. Only two and a half original games natively designed for the roller? How comes that nobody ever developed a Missile Command for Colecovision? I wonder how the 2600 version plays through the 2600 expansion module. I add Battlezone to this list
  11. I see, so perhaps that's not a good choice of game to test wether the roller controller works fine or not. Will try again with Slither. Other suggestions of games natively-supporting the roller controller?
  12. Good morning fellows. I tried for the forst time a roller controller with Centipede yesterday and, although it works to some extent, I'm not persuaded that it works as it should. First of all, to move the "shooting head" from one side to the other of the screen, several full rolls of the sphere are required. is that it? I've always thought that the control was much more sensible than that and that the screen could be crossed with - say - half roll of the sphere. If the latter is correct, is there anything inside that I can clean to improve the effectiveness of the control? Also, there is a slider on top which reads "joystick-roller". It acts so counter-intuitively that I completely falied to understand its purpose: if set on "joystick", the roller moves the characters on the screen to some extent; if set on "roller" everything gets frozen. Shouldn't it be the opposite? Any clue, please? Is it broken perhaps?
  13. Just for the records: I also edited the ROM with the two first suggested amendments. The first made the radar flash only now and then, the second was perfect. Thank you for this great patch! I had in mind to upload the patched ROM but I see many things happened over the weekend and that it's no longer necessary. Is that correct what I guessed by other posts, that is that PAL Colecovision units run the games 1/6th slower than NTSC units?
  14. Now that's what I call hitting the bull's eye! Unfortunately I'm quite clueless when it comes to ROM, dumps and all that stuff. I didn't understand if you built up the fix inside the emulator settings, or if you actually modified the ROM file and fixed it permanently. if the latter is the correct case, could you please pass it to me as attachment via PM or email or attached to the next post? I'd be very glad to try out the fixed ROM on real hardware.
  15. Good afternoon gents. Yesterday I tried Defender on my Colecovision console for the first time (well okay, that's being late!) and saw that the radar is blank. I've read this old thread here and it seems this is a common and somehow expected problem: http://www.atariage....ap-doesnt-work/ Now the question is: has anyone found or selected a ROM image that doesn't show this problem? Is anyone able to and willing to fix any of the ROM images available so that ther radar will show up correctly? By the way, I was very impressed by such a HUGE issue and I wonder how it could go under silence back then in the eighties. OK for the first production batch, these things may happen, but how could it be they didn't fix it in the next batches?
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