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  1. Hello Community: I bought recently 2 atari 2600 games, Kangaroo and Mr. Do!, they came with PAL16L8 and MBM2764 eprom, my problem is that the binary files from internet and the DUMP from the g ames i own are TOTALLY diferent.... can somebody help me with that? I CAN´T dump the PAL16L8, thanxs. Kangaroo 64k.BIN Mr. DO 64k.BIN
  2. Thanxs a lot for your help, the problem was in the wires, some of them had big resistance, now my life is complete again..
  3. BigO thanx a lot for your opinión. It's weird... Believe it or not I already do all the things you said, have two controllers and checked continuity on both cables, nothing seems wrong, checked resistance and same thing, the next thing will do its check directly from the console, open it and see what happens. All the cable colors and combinations for the buttons are check triple.
  4. Mr. 7800 already checked continuity on each cable but even that your observation it's something real, I mean, maybe when connected or when I move the cable some wires doesn,t work.... Clueless, those controllers really sucks.
  5. I will try with a working one tomorrow, but my fear is that the first port was damage, what other people do when they want to make a homemade controller? Any special consideration?
  6. I will check with a working controller, have two but no one works, I was thinking that maybe the flex have some resistens (100 or 200 ohms), Checked the console and the first port but nothing seems wrong.
  7. What do you mean travistouchdown? Do you think its a problem with mi console? Mine its a 4 port
  8. I have a problem with my controller, as usual the flex, but in my case I tried to construct with push buttons an alternative keypad, the problem is that the console do nothing when I, for example, press start (put together the orange-white cable with the red-white one), I already: -check the cables and colors. -check the connection for each button and combinations. -check continuity on each cable. What can I do?? I can send pictures of that.
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