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  1. Yes indeed that's true. Colour depth does though.
  2. I don't get the obsession people have with Jaguar games having to look a particular way with as many colours and detail as possible. Just because the hardware can do something, doesn't mean the developer has to. This this case, he might have been intentionally going for that art style as it suits the genre. I'm sure most of us have games on our PCs and mobiles that don't take advantage of the hardware. In many cases, it's because the developer or designer wanted it that way.
  3. New update time! I've recorded some new footage showing the current game state. Crumbs is now in its final stages of development before i move it over to testing There's still some levels to create, minor bugs to address and a couple of other features i'd like to get in. The video shows some of the progression of the Campaign, played in the first level (House). There are now powerups and stuff but they aren't really featured in this video. Below is some general blurb on the game and how i've laid out the progression. Crumbs! is a new game from Sporadicsoft for the Atari Jaguar console. Run around the levels and collect all the Crumbs while avoiding the Ghosts. The game features Campaign and Arcade style games. The levels are organised into houses with 4 floors per house. There's a new map per House and each of the floors represent the difficulties. There are 3 tools you can use to help detect the proximity of the Ghosts; - Red wall glow (The walls glow red around the Ghosts' radius) - Radar (The top of the screen shows a radar indicating where the Ghosts are in relation to you) - Heartbeat (Your heartbeat speeds up as the Ghosts get closer!) There are 5 powerups to collect and use at your will (they persist between levels); - Speed up (player runs faster!) - Show map (handy for harder difficulties where the map is hidden by default) - Longer lasting power pill - Lights on (Hide the Ghosts and avoid getting caught) - Freeze Ghosts CAMPAIGN Work your way through all the houses to clear them. The map layout changes for each house and the difficulty changes for each floor in a house. You only have to clear 1 floor to move to the next house but to achieve a high score and rewards you should try and clear the entire house (all floors). Campaign progress is saved to the cart; Houses unlocked, floors cleared in all houses, power ups collected, current score, lives and maximum Arcade level unlocked. ARCADE Choose a difficulty level and progress though that floor in each of the houses in turn. The starting level can be chosen as you unlock them in the Campaign. DIFFICULTY LEVELS - Easy - Map always visible. Good for learning the House map. - Medium - Map only visible when power pills eaten. - Hard - Map always hidden. Collectables not shown on radar. Reduced distance of Ghost red wall glow. - Nightmare - Map always hidden. Dark play area (walls hard to navigate) - Only ghosts shown on radar. Further reduced distance of Ghost red wall glow. Highscores are all saved to cart; 1 scoreboard for Campaign and 4 for the separate Arcade difficulties.
  4. This is a fun shooter, great job! Nice balance of shooting and difficulty. There is something satisfying shooting those Biopedes head on and nailing all segments. If you have a skunk or GD, get this flashed asap
  5. I looked at the Club Drive source recently too, it is missing some assets. I can't remember what off hand though.
  6. It would be great if the Club's link was promoted to a top level link. Ideally with a counter/marker for updates; Without "following" a club, there's not really any indication to go look at them.
  7. Not soon, unfortunately. I'm working on it as much as time allows though. I want to see it complete more than anyone!
  8. It'll come, I've just had a lot on and also working on Nitrous when time allows.
  9. This HVS developer comparing NBA or WMCJ to Doom of all things is ridiculous. It's comparing apples and oranges. Doom is a pseudo 3D engine performing many calculations, utilising the BSP tree to see what's visible, rendering multiple rooms if required. Loads of sprites potentially on screen and various AI routines to run. It's designed in such a way that it can be flexible and react to any of those things changing. NBA Jam and WMCJ are basically fixed cameras just panning, zooming, a single scene with a touch of rotation. They have fixed quantities of sprites on screen and no real visual clipping to perform. Of course they will run at different frame rates. That developer sounds just like another chest beating numberwag ego driven developer. He may have written some decent code but he lost credibility for me boasting about his FPS compared to Doom. They are both totally different, there's no comparison.
  10. The majority of people aren't going to be using the USB, so it makes sense hiding it out the way. Also, you aren't going to please everyone with its orientation. It's only ~5 inches different left or right so it shouldn't affect anyone. It's an awesome piece of kit and for development it allows you to iterate so much faster. The usb could be on the front for all I care! 🤣
  11. I have just attached a JagGD MRQ file to the first post. So it'll look better in the GD menu now and the saved scores will work.
  12. It's a very capable program! All the colour depths "just work" too, no messing around. I also use Paint.Net for some things.
  13. Tiles is a little puzzle game I decided to create over the course of the last 10 days. Just random hours here and there. It's a simple idea, fill the grid with the specified 'Win Tile' in as few moves as possible, as fast as you can. There are a couple of random power ups that can appear: - Mirror: You get a mirrored cursor for 8 seconds. - Fill All: You can replace all tiles of one type. Included are 4 difficulty settings; The tileset graphic changes with each and the allotted time reduces. Naturally, theres a separate scoreboard for each difficulty too! The project started as a fun little thing to see how quick I could go from zero to completed game whilst trying to keep the presentation at a level i'm happy with. Tools used: - Raptor API & rB+ by Reboot. - U235 SE by Linkovich. - Paintshop Pro 7. - Audacity. Hope you all enjoy. ROM included below - it is locked to JagGD and Skunkboards only (emulation will not work). MRQ file added for the JagGD. Tiles_V1.01_JagGD_SK.rom Tiles_V1.01_JagGD_SK.mrq
  14. The JagGD is an awesome development tool! It takes ~4-6 seconds to upload a dev ROM Vs what... 40 seconds on the skunk?
  15. Sorry, I'm still not following why you need to shift it 1 pixel right per row. Why not have it 0,64,128,192 on every row? That'll create a grid. By shifting right 1 pixel per row, the final iteration will draw between X = (192+15) and (192+15+64) - that'll overflow at the end of the destination bitmap.
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