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  1. Thanks for asking. Unfortunately no news at present. Life is being extremely busy at the mo. Never fear though, work on this (and Crumbs) will resume.
  2. Soon* *Probably not though cause I don't have the A+ hours to spare at the moment
  3. I managed to bevel mine with a Dremmel, didn't need to take it out the case either. Just be careful not to go too far and damage the gold fingers.
  4. Saint says in the video that he's going to try and get a long press on the joypad to reset the system.
  5. As mentioned above, from what I've seen, (I think it was Chequered Flag) there was a last.s which just included the relevant labels. That was the last thing linked to.
  6. Sporadic


    It is all to do with difficulty level and getting the player to watch the game world instead of the map all the time while playing. Something I have been testing in this version is to only display the map when you collect a powapill.
  7. Sporadic


    Cheers! I was thinking something similar while recording the video
  8. Sporadic


    Video update time! This shows a couple of new/changed features; - The new radar at the top, giving you a rough location and distance of each Ghost, Powapill and Fruit. - The map at the bottom is now only visible under certain conditions (difficulty level / powapill eaten). - I have also been playing with the wall textures to add some variety for the difficulty levels. These are subject to change of course. - The walls animate now too, adding a glow effect. The video description has time index links you can use to skip to key points.
  9. Have you tried disabling the sound FX to see if that helps the music? Just as a test
  10. Any mileage in reducing the sample rate to reduce the load?
  11. I like the idea of working with the original code, personally. But yes, that is perhaps an option.
  12. Ok try this; In car.s comment out these 4 lines. ; movea.w #(reset_list+Rono+9),a0 ; get address of rain object, 'first pixel' byte ; bsr Rand1 ; get random (word) number in d0 ; bset.l #0,d0 ; make sure release is left on ; move.b d0,(a0) Then these 4 further down (yes they are the same 4 lines); ; movea.w #(reset_list+Rono+9),a0 ; get address of rain object, 'first pixel' byte ; bsr Rand1 ; get random (word) number in d0 ; bset.l #0,d0 ; make sure release is left on ; move.b d0,(a0) Then in objdefs.s comment out these lines; ;ono set ono +1 ;Rono == ono<<4 ; dc.l Ranim ; starts off with data address ; dc.w ScnHt ; Height = full screen ; dc.w ScnSt ; Y start line = start of screen plus 2*line number ; dc.b $40 ; type = 0 (animated) ; ; phrase 1 completed ; dc.b 0 ; no pixel start offset ; dc.b $E ; RMW, trans, release ; dc.b 1 ; CLUT index = 1 ; dc.w 6 ; 384 pixels - so that you won't get clear edge when using pixel offset ; dc.w 5 ; 320 pixels ; dc.b 1 ; pitch = 1 ; dc.b 0 ; depth = 0 = 1 bit / pixel ; dc.w 0 ; X start = 0 This essentially removes the transparent rain object overlay from the game. I'm pretty sure this cured the tearing and sound. I ended up playing with this object and kind of got it working (instead of removing it) but it wasn't right.
  13. Yes I forgot about that happening, I had the same. I'll have a look later, I did manage to sort that out. It's the full screen transparent rain object if I remember correctly, it's killing the OP (it's there all the time even in sunny races). I didn't want to upload my current source because there's various things I've played with and thought best to share the version closest to the original so people can play with that. I also get those compilation filename warnings, I ignored them as they were warnings, not errors. This screen tearing is one of the things I came across that made me think this can't have been the final source.
  14. When I say backgrounds, I mean the sky. I also swapped it to a solid blue blank to try that out. I can't remember off hand where it was. In car.s it's in the gameloop:: code. One of the jsr calls. Towards the end of the loop it calls the rle code? I'm going from memory as I'm not at the pc at the mo.
  15. Excellent news! I also remember it seemed slower than the release version initially, but I can't remember if that was before the backgrounds were added.
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