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  1. Thanks everyone Hope you enjoy having a go at PRGE. The main thing I'm currently working on is the car physics. In the PRGE demo version, the car is a little too slippy on the corners. I think I've improved this now but it was too late for the PRGE cut off. Likewise, the collisions and how they affect the player are being tweaked to keep the game flowing with less recovery time.
  2. Maybe this screenshot will answer your question
  3. Thanks! Always great to hear
  4. Yep indeed! I've done a bit more to NotOutrun. I will get back into them. Have been enjoying poking the Doom code lately 😄
  5. Pc was fuzzy draw, ps1 were just transparent. What's to say the Jag ones can't be transparent blue? 😄 This is our current version, it's a minor tweak with minimal impact to the rendering performance. Its certainly better than original Jag doom where they just show as normal pinky demons.
  6. It's no longer just about adding music.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. We just got on and did it, it's as straight forward as that. Obviously experience with the hardware will always help but this isn't anything that couldn't have been done originally. I get the feeling it mostly came down to time Vs cost. What they managed was superb and still is the best original Doom port. We have the luxury now of time with no deadlines to adhere to, so we can give this great game the attention it deserves.
  8. Screenshots Spider Mastermind Spectres Cheat Menu (WIP) Options Menu
  9. We thought it would be good to start a dedicated thread for what now seems to be turning into Doom : Slayer Edition. We'll post updates in here as they happen etc. This first post will also be updated with all the news to keep it in a easy to find location. There's also a Q&A section after the news News Music added in levels with new volume slider in Options. - Music now plays during gameplay, not just in the Intermission. Pro-controller Support added. - Shoulder buttons strafe - Some weapons on the number pad had to be moved due to this, but it's worth it! Cheat menu added. - Easy to access cheat functions and fixed the map cheats that were previously inaccessible. JWad Support Added. - 'Drag drop' levels in the build process. Spider Mastermind Added. - All sounds, graphics and AI included. E3M8 added for good measure. Spectres Implemented. - Spectres (and other game objects) now correctly apply a 'shadow/trans' effect. Videos Initial preview (lots has changed since!) Q&A - What are the release/distribution plans for this? -- Not even thought about that yet. There are obviously careful considerations that must be made. - When will it be finished? -- When it's ready!
  10. No the assets weren't in there Anything unused was stripped out probably to save space.
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