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  1. Looks to me like the guns on opposite sides are mirrored. So they move opposite directions. This means you'd only need left/right for the horizontal guns and up/down for the vertical ones.
  2. Yeah the manual was included with the console when loose. Also a controller overlay.
  3. Cheers Yeah, we're working from source.
  4. I'd be interested to see an example background. I'm not convinced the digitised actors will look good in a game. Quite often, digitised characters just don't look very good in older games. But examples here might help too. Digitised characters would be useful for someone to rotoscope (draw over) to help animate at the very least though. I personally don't want you to put lots of time into this right now for my benefit. Purely because I can't say when or how long until I will spend time on this. If you are doing it for fun anyway then that's up to you of course
  5. Hi! All I can say is I definitely still want to make a decent beat em up, always have done. But I must commit to finishing Nitrous and Crumbs first, before taking on anything else. My time is already limited so I dont want to spread myself too thin with too many projects. I was thinking something like Streets or Rage/Double dragon/final fight when I started this. The engine I created in the video is quite old now and I'd want to rewrite it, applying all the knowledge I've learnt since it's creation. This should yield better results in the long run. I can't picture how it would look with digitised sprites as you suggested but feel free to post an example here or in PM.
  6. I should also say, I received mine the other week. It looks awesome and the quality is superb. I've not had chance to try it out yet, but looking forward to it. It will be an important part of trying to add rotary support to Nitrous
  7. I'm pretty sure I tried removing the AI as one of my tests. It still ran like crap.
  8. Thanks for the offer, will keep in mind. I was thinking the other day about adding some car choices. I've made various optimisations lately and saved a load of space so it's more possible now than before. I've got to be careful with license/copyright etc. Perhaps some "similar" cars.
  9. Yes, most graphics are still place holders. No point finalising them until I'm 100% happy with the engine, gameplay and features. Thanks for the feedback.
  10. Thanks everyone Hope you enjoy having a go at PRGE. The main thing I'm currently working on is the car physics. In the PRGE demo version, the car is a little too slippy on the corners. I think I've improved this now but it was too late for the PRGE cut off. Likewise, the collisions and how they affect the player are being tweaked to keep the game flowing with less recovery time.
  11. Maybe this screenshot will answer your question
  12. Thanks! Always great to hear
  13. Yep indeed! I've done a bit more to NotOutrun. I will get back into them. Have been enjoying poking the Doom code lately 😄
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