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  1. Nope , that's me 😆
  2. Also make sure the path to your graphic is correct and that you don't have it open in another program (in case of file locks). I don't think this will be the issue, but also try a different name instead of SPRITE_ALU. Perhaps try spr_alu in assets and rapinit
  3. Hi and thanks for the feedback! It doesn't have a release date yet and will still be quite a while. I do want to start posting more updates/videos as it progresses though.
  4. Cheers! The horizon is a balancing act between visuals and performance. It's dancing close to the max frame time already. Changing over to the lateral road movement has used up my last round of performance gains. I'm always tweaking and trying to improve performance though (hence partly why the game is taking the time it is) and expanding the road is always on the list.
  5. While I appreciate anyone wanting to create graphics for my games, as I said previously, don't create any artwork unless I've requested it. There's colour and size restrictions, not to mention style. I don't want anyone wasting their time making things I won't use.
  6. Nitrous has had a small but significant update. Something I have been wanting to reinstate into Nitrous for years now is the lateral road movement. I took it out long ago for performance reasons. I am now at a point where I have been able to add it back in and iron out any performance penalties. The outcome? The game feels much more immersive and fun to drive!
  7. There's 2 left a centre and 2 right frames. But that's "borrowed" vehicle graphics at present, not final. As you say, it doesn't use those as skid anims. Just as perspective based on the cars position. So it could be fun to animate a couple more frames in there when skidding as you suggested. But it'll come down to memory available at the end of the day.
  8. The 3 clouds are independent objects that can be adjusted for each stage.
  9. I am cheating and just rotating the single screen image, hence it wrapping instantly. If storage and memory permit, I will extend some of the backdrops so they don't wrap as soon.
  10. The vehicle graphics aren't finalised yet so this is a valid point I can experiment with
  11. No I didn't mean remove it. You'll be able to stop the panel screenshake effect though. But I'm wrestling with frametime here, fullscreen won't be viable I feel.
  12. If you're talking about the UI panel screenshake, I'm planning on adding a strength option for that and allow it to be disabled.
  13. Hi all, here's a little mini update on Nitrous. All GFX, SFX, track layouts/length and general design are still work in progress. Quick video to show a few of the new features; - Screen shake on jumps. - New HUD. - New larger full colour horizons. - Fuel gauge to show distance to stage end. - Nitrous flames. Slipstream to replenish the Nitrous tank. - Other things have also been completed but aren't shown yet in the video.
  14. Uploading a 4mb ROM via USB to the Game drive takes roughly 8 seconds vs something like 45+ for a Skunk*. For developers, the Game drive allows much faster iterations when you get to the stage of uploading a ROM each build. * Times taken from rough mental note, I didn't time it as not at computer right now.
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