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  1. Uploading a 4mb ROM via USB to the Game drive takes roughly 8 seconds vs something like 45+ for a Skunk*. For developers, the Game drive allows much faster iterations when you get to the stage of uploading a ROM each build. * Times taken from rough mental note, I didn't time it as not at computer right now.
  2. Great that you're playing around with JS. Will check out that line you highlighted. Credit goes to ggn for that example. It was one of the original RB+ examples (as are a lot of them).
  3. That is indeed something that cannot be changed just by that property. I will update the docs. There might be a workaround we can do to update that property which we will look into in due course. Thanks for finding that.
  4. I'm pretty sure that should work, as all properties are definable at runtime now. So you may have just found a bug I'll investigate and report back.
  5. Sporadic


    Contributions would be great for C examples. As long as theres no copyright material included. The C side of things is beta at the moment so will be good to have some more examples and tests in there.
  6. Sporadic


    Please have a read through the old Raptor Basic+ sub forum here. There are loads of great posts and hints and tips on how things work. JagStudio was based on RB+ so fundamentally they are the same. Most of the commands have been renamed, but the principles are the same. There's good information in there on Sprite formats, audio, all sorts of things. RB+ is no longer maintained though. So if you have any questions, post them in the Jagstudio forum. Have fun!
  7. Sporadic


    You can mix and match all colour depths. There is only a single CLUT of up to 256 colours. You can use that as 1 large 256 colour palette or you can split that up to multiple smaller palettes. So you could have 16 X 16 colour palettes. Multiple sprites can share the same palette too. You can also use 16 bit graphics at the same time.
  8. Sporadic


    The blank chm help file is a security feature of windows. You have to right click > properties on the file, then one of the tabs has a checkbox at the bottom to tick to "unblock" it. I can't remember the actual wording. I suggest reading the quickstart guide in the docs folder. That walks you through setting things up.
  9. Here's an updated style file. It should work with dark or light background colours. Thanks to @omf for providing the original file and for his permission to include it with future releases. Please note: this might not work on a Notepad++ version higher than 7.9.1 as they may have changed the format. I'll look into that another time. Instructions; 1. Open Notepad++ 2. Click the "Language" menu, then "Define your language..." 3. At the top of the pop-up click "Import..." 4. Browse to where you saved the JagStudio NP++ Syntax.xml file and double click it to open. 5. It should pop up to say "Import Successful" - click ok. 6. Close and reopen Notepad++ 7. With a .bas file open, click the "Language" menu again and at the bottom you should now see "JagStudio" listed. Select it. You should now see that all your .bas files contain pretty colours. If you don't like any of the colours; 1. Click the "Language" menu, then "Define your language..." 2. At the top in the "User Language" drop down, choose "JagStudio". 3. In the tabs below that, find the section for the items you want to change and click the "Styler" button. 4. In the Styler, you can pick a new foreground text colour. 5. To ensure your text looks correct against a light or dark background you should right click on the "Background Colour" so you see diagonal lines through it. This will make the text background transparent. JagStudio NP++ Syntax.xml EDIT: I might tweak some of the colours myself at some point, make things a bit more uniform.
  10. I'm going to try and update omfs syntax script today. I'll post it here when done
  11. OMFs syntax highlighter will need the commands updated within as they have been renamed. If that's done, then there's no reason why it wouldn't work.
  12. Sporadic


    This has highlighted a gap in the docs You need the graphics file to be a .BMP image, PNG won't work. I have attached a converted one for you. I just opened in Paintshop Pro 7 and saved as BMP. If you convert it to a bmp and then use something like this in your assets.txt then it should build; ABS,SPR_NAME,gfx_clut16,ASSETS\GFX\Built_With_Jag_Studio_160_Black.bmp Built_With_Jag_Studio_160_Black.bmp
  13. Sporadic


    Did you just test with one of the example projects to see that issue? Any in particular?
  14. Sporadic


    The Pro controller extra buttons just map to standard Jag pad buttons. So it works by default. Eg. The shoulder buttons map to number pad 4 and 6 iirc.
  15. Something I've done which I think is a similar effect is to use the drop Shadow. Create a selection around the area to be "raised" and then apply a drop shadow for different angles. You have to provide it an X and y offset so I usually do it four times, up-left, up-tight, bottom-left, bottom-right. Play with the blur and opacity too.
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