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  1. i would be interested depending upon the price/shipping of course....just fyi..i will keep my eye on this thread thanks
  2. Hello. I recently acquired a working Actionmax. I have the 5 "games" in mp4 format. I plan on "burning" them onto a dvd or cd and use that disk to play the system. Any thoughts on what would be the best format for the light guns to work? DVD? leave as mp4?etc or perhaps makes no difference...just wondering thanks craig
  3. I might be interested. Shipping from where? Thanks
  4. thanks is there a "LIST" command that would show me the contents of the .dsk currently in the "machine" thanks
  5. thank you very grateful for response so no generic type of thing like RUN "DSK1.FIRST" or something like that? just asking
  6. sorry. emulation via MESS .160 thanks - the disk is loaded - i have the extended basic i am at the * READY * prompt
  7. just getting started playing around with these games what are the commands i need to type to get a .dsk game to play? thank you very much in advance craig
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