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  1. That's indeed interesting news. Thanks for sharing!
  2. I am shocked! RIP, Curt. Anyone knows what happened?
  3. I like both, composition and instrumentation. Thanks for the superb tune!
  4. Update: The US patent No. 4,359,222 entitled "Hand-held electronic game playing device with replaceable cartridges" by Smith et. al. mentions the Intel 8021.
  5. Thanks for the info. I found some hints: Sean Riddle claimed to have 8021-dumps of three different Microvision games. Best regards, Knurri
  6. Hi! I stumbled across several websites and retro magazines with hardware specs of the Microvision handheld made by Milton Bradley. I tried to verify that there was indeed an Intel CPU, namely 8021, included in earlier versions of the handheld. But I couldn't find anything that proves the Intel version. Old magazine reports from 70s/80s, service manuals or even plain pics of a circuit board showing the Intel chip - nothing came up. Was there really such a version or is this just another urban legend? Any help appreciated! Best regards, Knurri
  7. I wrote the article about the AY-3-8500 in German Wikipedia (https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/AY-3-8500) not so long ago. I was not able to find anything about the production stop of the chip - and I did a LOT of research.
  8. Prolly it's AmeProd TVG-10, a Polish product based on the infamous AY-3-8500. The production run was cancelled in 1984 as it seems: https://gadzetomania.pl/3295,telewizyjna-video-gra-z-polski-bajty-z-broda
  9. Wow, Gary G. himself I always enjoyed - and still enjoy - the AR City opening theme on Pokey. Many, many thanks for that!
  10. Yeah, Benj Edwards is currently one of the best retro-gaming/computing authors. Articles from him are always top-notch.
  11. Turban or not? Btw, excellent port so far. I am looking forward to the final game!
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