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  1. Yeah, Benj Edwards is currently one of the best retro-gaming/computing authors. Articles from him are always top-notch.
  2. Turban or not? Btw, excellent port so far. I am looking forward to the final game!
  3. Hi guys! I am trying to find some reliable information concerned with the graphics screen in Fairchilds Channel F. I am interested in its internal organization and how the actual TV screen is made out of the VRAM content. Is there any literature/website concerned with this particular topic? I have checked viswiki and other sites, but couldn't find anything that really sheds light on it (apart from some VRAM remarks). Best regards, Knurri
  4. Come on, if you don't like it - don't buy. Or do something better. What's the point of your rants?
  5. While we are at it: who did the artwork of the Star Raiders box?
  6. Sorry for the necrobump. Are there any reliable sales figures or other business related numbers for Atari 400/800 games available. Star Raiders would be of particular interest to me.
  7. Very nice find, thanks for scanning and uploading!
  8. Anyone knows the story behind this label variation?
  9. While browsing my game stuff I found a weird manual for Star Raiders, which states "Cassette" version for the Atari XE Game System. Please find photos of the manual attached. I was not aware there was a cassette version by Atari. The manual explicitly gives loading instructions for XC12, so there is no spelling mistake on the manual. Has anyone ever seen the tape itself and perhaps the box?
  10. Hi! What game is to be seen on the photo? https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Drukte_op_Firato_in_RAI_drukte_bij_spelcomputers,_Bestanddeelnr_933-0620.jpg
  11. Nice thread I am the author of many Atari related articles in German wikipedia (e.g. Atari 400, Atari 800, Atari 1200XL, Atari 600XL, Atari 800XL). Currently high quality photos of 1200XL, 600XL and 800XL computers are missing. So, grab your computers and cameras - any help is highly appreciated!
  12. As the thread name indicates I am not interested in the completion date but the official release date.
  13. I own 3D-TIC-TAC-TOE and Basketball carts with that kind of back cover. My STAR RAIDER carts (without S) show a regular cover without copyright notice. Strange.
  14. Perhaps I was not clear. If you check the website I have given in my first post you find the following: First Use Anywhere Date 1980-03-05 First Use In Commerce Date 1980-03-05 So, no use in 1979.
  15. Another find. Tomzcyk writes in his book Home Computer Wars (page 1): "It was November [1979] and we were doing some graphics work for an Atari designer named Bill Hamlin. One day he gave us a new computer and a new game cartridge called Star Raiders and asked us to try them out. We didn't know it, but we had become an unofficial beta-test site. Remember, this was several months before the Atari 800 and Star Raiders were on sale to the public. Even dealers didn't have them yet." To me that sounds like the game was not released before 1980. More opinions?
  16. Thanks for your replies! What makes march very likely to me is that the trademark STAR RAIDERS was first used in the beginning of march 1980 (cf. https://trademarks.justia.com/733/63/star-73363484.html). All boxes and cartridge labels I have seen during my life feature that TM-sign. Noone would release a product with the respective TM on it if the trademark was not granted by the respective authority, right? Also, in an interview with Russ Wetmore he stated that he aquired his personal Star Raiders cartridge in April 1980. The earliest ad featuring Star Raiders I found so far is in the mai issue 1980 of Byte magazine. Just to let you know what I have digged out so far.
  17. Hi folks! I am doing some research on Star Raiders, the famous game. It is widely believed to be released in 1979. But is there any proof? Some websites claim that he official release date is march of 1980 - but no proof for that again. What do you think? Are there any reliable documents or interviews stating the release date? Best regards, Knurri
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