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  1. I found more details and see that this was completed as a project. I am interested in having some Astrocade power supplies built. I've found several companies that can do it. I am wondering if this is worth the effort and expense. How many Astrocades are out there without a power supply? Is there any way of estimating what the ruin should consist of? 250? 500? 1000 units? More units = cheaper price.
  2. Did a replacement power supply ever get built from the transformers discussed above?
  3. I love it since no one else loves it.
  4. Is there an issue with posting a zip archive of these here so folks have easy access to these 20-column text files? If not, I'll post what I have.
  5. Hey, I'd buy one of those.
  6. That issue does bring IC issue to mind for me. Do you have someone local with a working unit that would allow you to CAREFULLY and SAFELY swap ICs? You could at least try the socketed ICs. These things can be terrible to work on. I worked on one for many, many hours over the course of two years (not the whole time...) and never could get the issue resolved. Others, not too horrible. These things weren't really built to last as long as we've loved them.
  7. Looking for one of each. This totally got by me. Are they going to make more, please?
  8. KylJoy

    AtariVox rev2

    Yeah, mine does not look like that. Mine looks like this:
  9. I ordered the limited digital-only platinum ethereal edition. And a standard copy.
  10. Can these / will these be clearly marked as a reproduction to protect from fraud? Wait... Licensed reprint? What will that mean?
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