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  1. Send an email to: [email protected] ...and tell them which ROMs you want for your LTO Flash! and be sure to include the first 5 characters of your LTO Flash's DRUID (from the LTO Flash! software GUI) and then they will send you the ROMs after you pay via PayPal (they'll tell you where to send payment). The ROMs will only work on YOUR LTO Flash! after you purchase them.
  2. I'm a bit late on this. Any way to get one from someone that bought two or from someone that is looking to part with theirs for a fair price? Thanks in advance!
  3. Cool idea. I can't make it, but I want it.
  4. I downloaded it but it is a BIG print and I've not done it yet. The files are still available in the main thread it was discussed in.
  5. WOW! ME TOO! SERIOUSLY!!! I make this joke that I specifically stole from this opening sequence to my family all the time and none of them get it. I've tried explaining it to them several times with no luck. LOL
  6. I've ended up with two sets somehow so I'm selling one set. Please PM me with fair offers. I'll move this to Ebay in a few days if this doesn't work out on AtariAge. These are still new and complete.
  7. Just use an old Atari 2600 power supply. Works fine. If the connector is wrong cut it off and splice on the old one. Watch the polarity.
  8. Man, wireless would be so sweet... You'd think they'd have gone that route.
  9. I don't see that it is wireless but that would be cool. They do mention, "No more cords in your way, controller cord no longer goes out the bottom, but now goes out the top."
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