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  1. Just begging... err... checking in. LOL I would really appreciate someone sharing a 3d file with me. I just need to print a cart housing. Thanks in advance.
  2. What about the Astrocade? That would be sweet.
  3. Please send me a private message if you are interested in selling any of the following games: Crimson Tears Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Marz Document of Metal Gear Solid 2 Eureka Seven vol. 1: New Wave Eureka Seven vol. 2: The New Vision FIFA Soccer 13 FIFA Soccer 14 Forever Kingdom Futurama Galactic Wrestling: Featuring Ultimate Muscle Galerians: Ash Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties Gene Troopers Gran Turismo 3 - A-Spec - Nissan 350Z Edition Growlanser: Heritage of War Jelly Belly: Ballistic Beans Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis Kuon Magic Pengel: The Quest for Color Magna Carta: Tears of Blood Mana Khemia 2: Fall of Alchemy Manhunt 2 Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: Never Ending Tomorrow Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam vs. Zeta Gundam Monster Rancher 3 MS Saga: A New Dawn NBA 2K12 Neo Contra Nightshade PaRappa the Rapper 2 Predator: Concrete Jungle Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Rugby 08 Rule of Rose Samurai Shodown V Seven Samurai 20XX Shadow of Destiny Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. The Soulless Army Shrek: Super Party Silent Hill 2: Director's Cut SkyGunner Sopranos (Collector's Edition), The Soul Nomad & the World Eaters Spy Fiction Steambot Chronicles Teen Titans Vampire Night World Racing 2 Worms Blast Yamaha Supercross Ys: The Ark of Napishtim Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: The Beginning of Destiny
  4. Still looking. Please PM if interested.
  5. Oooo... That does not look good...
  6. Same issue with Alien Brigade (the hand thing). Can someone remind me if Pitfall II is supposed to work? I'm on 95 firmware but Pitfall II (2600) isn't working. I have a few other issues, too, as others have mentioned in this thread. Is this (are these) a known, to-be-fixed, issue? Thanks!
  7. I can't see any initial pulse on 15 of the bad unit. FYI, this very IC seems to work fine in a known "good" unit.
  8. Please send me a private message if you have a spare to part with. Thank you in advance.
  9. I got mine at PRGE! Fantastic! But I'd like a ROM image for my LTO Flash, too. Is this available yet? Thanks in advance!
  10. On U5 of "black screen" unit: 1 - sometimes pulses, sometimes high, sometimes low 2 - sometimes pulses, sometimes high, sometimes low 3 - sometimes pulses, sometimes high 4 - usually pulses, sometimes low 5 - usually pulses, sometimes low 6 - high 7 - usually pulses, sometimes high, sometimes low 9 - high 10 - high 11 - high 12 - high 13 - high 14 - high 15 - high On U5 of known good unit: 1 - pulses, then goes low 2 - pulses, then goes low 3 - pulses 4 - pulses 5 - pulses 6 - high 7 - high 9 - high 10 - high 11 - high 12 - high 13 - high 14 - high 15 - pulses Thanks for the assistance!
  11. Ah. I saw that earlier in the thread. I was on 22 of the 24 pin BIOS. Pin 20 of the BIOS (pin 22 of the 28 pin socket) goes high and stays high on boot.
  12. Pin 22 of the BIOS shoes a on boot but then goes low. Edit: That is inconsistent. Just now it was oscillating.
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