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  1. I received mine Saturday.
  2. What is this signature, please?
  3. Anyone know of a good, clear, plastic box protector for a flashback in the sleeve?
  4. Thanks for the response. Argon is still telling me that I need to provide the original firmware (that I am missing it) even tough I've placed it in the same folder as the ROMs. I've tried local folders and Google Drive. I've tried known good versions that I use with other emulators. Any idea what I am doing wrong? Are overlays supported for Vectrex games? Thanks in advance.
  5. Most of my personal ROMs cause the emulator to tell me that the EXEC is needed. I can provide that. Not sure where to put it or what to name it. Will Intellivoice also work?
  6. I'm trying to test it out. How do I add my own ROMs? I've added a folder locally and put some of my ROMs in it but they do not seem to show anywhere to play.
  7. Hmmm.... I just realized that I also use my right hand for the disc and hold the controller in my left hand and press the side buttons with the fingers and thumb of my left hand. But it seems wrong for me to have the disc on the right in the horizontal configuration... My brain!!!
  8. My favorite port on the Intellivision. Fantastic work.
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