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  1. Hey... That's no lone woman. That's my wife; Ms. KylJoy to you, buddy. And what's wrong with Titos and tonic? Though, it is true, I've never been accused of being too sophisticated. Sent from my Pixel C using Tapatalk
  2. Crap... I accidentally purchased an extra weekend pass to PRGE. I even got it with an extra large 2019 PRGE t-shirt. If someone needs a ticket and extra large shirt let me know via PM and I'll send you the electronic ticket for what it cost me, $60. It's just a link that came to me via phone text after I purchased it that I can forward on. Anyone? I hate to have to eat the 60 bucks. [emoji853] Thanks in advance, KylJoy Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  3. Yup. This guy is nuts. I've had several bizarre dealings with him. Very flakey.
  4. I finally picked one up. It's a neat toy and I think the feature of being able to easily plug it into a modern HDMI enabled TV for an excellent image and the fact that it plays all games AND carts make it worthwhile for me. I won't really play with it much since I like using my RGB modded light sixer (I'm an original hardware snob). But it is pretty slick, especially with Stella 6 support.
  5. Yes! Joseph was with me last year and HE HAD A BLAST with you guys. He really wanted to come with us and he kept asking me,"Will all of those folks be there this year, too?" He is a super-relational person and really dug meeting and talking to everyone last year and thought all of the Intellivision freaks were great. Well, most of you folks anyway. JUST KIDDING! He was SUPER DISAPPOINTED to discover that he has two college exams the Monday following the weekend of the expo. He was SUPER BUMMED that he can't be there this year. Heck, I know I'm not supposed to talk my son out of making the mature choices BUT I found myself saying to him,"Is there a way you can go PRGE anyway?" LOL
  6. Heck yeah! 🥳 We'd love too join Saturday for sure and maybe Friday, too. We'll definitely be at the Eastlund rooftop for drinks in the evenings, too.
  7. I'm in too! My wife will be with me this year.
  8. Dirty cartridge port or bad power supply. The O2 must have a cart in it to boot up.
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