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  1. Add-on package purchased! Well, aren't you busy lately? LOL
  2. I see that now! Thank you!
  3. To clarify, I was referencing the small internal boards that produce the various elements on the screen. Yes, the issue would move if you swapped boards. That is the point as the moving issue would help you to know which board has the issue. Be sure to never swap board locations unless the boards are exactly the same. You may need to test the components on the boards to see if one is out of specification or failing. Unfortunately, some components will need to be removed from the boards (desoldered) or they will not test correctly.
  4. They aren't too difficult to repair. I've repaired a couple. You'll just need to find the correct board. Some of the boards are swappable with the same kind of boards in other positions which may be a helpful troubleshooting step. I think my last issue was a transistor.
  5. Ordered one since a new run is happening.
  6. If I remember correctly the RAM was not too hard to find.
  7. Wow... That would be awesome! Wouldn't the logic behind it be complex? I'd love to see this. Sea CONQUEST!!! LOL
  8. You'll find them. There is always someone selling in the future.
  9. Here's my #12: ...here is my boxed console and the sets of '72 and '73 games: ...here is my Shooting Gallery: ...here is the carry case: ...and here is a boxed AC adapter: I don't have any of the homebrew stuff but I'd like to.
  10. Hey, I'll send you my "Hard Hat" for yours. Maybe I should go for a full set of 8 upside-down BSR sticker boxes. 😃
  11. Hey, I may have a variant box! The BSR label on the side of my "Blow Out" box is inverted. I'm putting it on Ebay immediately and setting the "buy it now" price for $4,000. This may cause a rash of "faked" upside-down stickers to show up on Ebay soon. But mine is the original!
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