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  1. Hi Buddy, thank you, but it's ok now, I found an old Version of the software I use and that one still has the Feature to reduce the Palette, so the screenshots are good now
  2. Hmm... weird. I set a palette of 16 colours. But I see the profile is still 16,7 Million... How can I change that in GC9 on Mac? Or is there another program that can do the trick? Or could you help me with that?
  3. OK, so here are my files. I just found out that they are bigger than the others (49kb), but I don't find a way to get them smaller... maybe that's the problem? Screenshots.zip
  4. Thank you very much for this nice touch. I tried to add some screenshots to my library, followed the rules above in size, colour and file Format, but when I want to see them, I only get "bad image file". When I compare them, everything is the same. I'm using GraphicConverter on Mac to create the images. Did I forget something? Thanks in advance for your help!
  5. Hello, Please put me on the list for one Lynx II cartridge with case. Thank you very much for this great piece of hardware!
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