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    All things 80's, especially Airwolf, ColecoVision & ADAM, and NASA (well, more 60's for NASA).
    I used to write simple programs on my ADAM, upgraded it to the max, then moved on to PCs when I went to college.
  1. Had I opened the email, which let to a thread that contained no specific information, it wouldn't have made a bit of difference, would it? Enjoy your special edition cartridges.
  2. Well, then, how about trying not to re-invent the wheel in the first place? When Adele's concert went on sale recently and quickly sold out, people knew precisely when the tickets were going on sale a few days ahead of time. Oh, and I get the alerts. My email has been full of them lately. But when the topic is always "any news yet?" well, I'm sure you get why I didn't race to open the first one.
  3. Well it's certainly left a bad taste in my mouth. I mean, they could have given us a day's warning before the sale began. It's like us guys who actually have a job got slighted because I didn't even see the email until I got home from work.
  4. OK, being an old tech I thought I had read up on everything necessary to get my favorite LD games up and running in MAME. However, after downloading and installing the ROMs and CHDs, not a single one is working. I must be missing something simple. I'm using the latest MAME, but I've tried several older versions including the 2009 version that was the first to support the LD games. I've tried getting each of these to work: Cliffhanger, Cobra Command, Cube Quest, Firefox, Us vs. Them and MACH 3 (my favorite). All give me the standard MAME missing files error. Is there perhaps a BIOS file akin to atarisys1 I need to get? Here's what I've done to troubleshoot (all ROMs and CHDs have matching filenames): 1. Placed the ROM in the MAME "ROMS" directory and the CHD in the same "ROMS" directory. 2. Placed the ROM in the MAME "ROMS" directory and the CHD in a "CHD" subdirectory. 3. Placed the ROM in the MAME "ROMS" directory and the CHD in a "mame_chd\filename" subdirectory. 4. Downloaded alternate copies of the applicable ROM from other sites (emuparadise, romnation, etc.) Any ideas on why MAME may consistently say some files are missing? P.S. - I know there's Daphne, but I'm just trying to work in MAME now rather than chasing down DVDs of the games.
  5. Tron by far. How cool was it to step up to that glowing blue cabinet and spin the roller after completing a level. Operation Wolf. I still sometimes say "Sorry, but you are finished - here." Oh, and Kyugo's Airwolf. Can't forget that one.
  6. Thank you for bringing this excitement to the fans. I'm happy to be one of them.
  7. Hannacek, How's your PS controller mod coming? Who else would love to move Mario with a thumb stick?
  8. Will look forward to playing it! It's amazing how much cumulative time has gone in to faithfully producing the original, and a great demonstration of what could have been back in the day... Just took the Myers Briggs personality type test. It taught me that a "J" personality likes to complete things and move on, where a "P" never wants the process to end. I'm a "P" and I'll bet someone else here is, too .
  9. A belated Happy Birthday! Thanks for all you are doing to make ColecoVision fun 30+ years on!
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