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  1. Hi! Great project.. please count me in with 1 board, thanks!
  2. Just saw these (a couple of christmas late!).. thanks a lot!
  3. Hi! A photographer friend of mine made some photo shoots of my console collection, they are great, he got some very good close ups! Some pictures here in the post, more in this collection... Hope you like it! Collection: Some Close ups
  4. Hi! no they arrived on time, no problem with tha.. It's just that I was out of town for a while so it took me some time to finally try them, thanks again!
  5. Hi to all, I just received cases for the NanoPeb, 32K expansion and FinalGROM, and they are flawless.., the fit is perfect, and they are very very nice.. thanks c0d3m4st4!. I highly higly recommend them.. I also have the cases for the FlashRom and the mateos burner, and they are also awesome.. Thanks!
  6. I bought almost all of the items AtariMax offers.. They are awesome and I'm grateful Steve takes the time to make them.. Steve may take some time to answer on occasions, but he always delivered.. Once I had a small issue, and he made sure it was solved.. .He answered me an email some 2 weeks ago, so he clearly is not MIA..
  7. Same here, mail sent.. thanks!
  8. Those 3 are great, and you also have the Ultimate Expansion Cart, which is a memory expansion, multicart and floppy drive all al the same time. SkiDivingGirl just made a couple of batches of this one, I believe she might make another one, see here: http://www.lemon64.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=63134 Corei64 makes 3D printed cases for this cart, they are awesome.
  9. Hi! I usually trust people in this community, been trading for more than 4 years and never had a problem. For people in this forum, Amibay and Lemon64 I use to send money "as friend" by PayPal so the seller can get the full amount. I am always thankful that people still create things for these retro machines and like to foster that, so the more I can give them the better for me. With Oge, in these last 5 months he constantly made up excuses, and 2 times he told me he shipped the cable. As I read read at Lemon64, he did the same there, even giving false tracking numbers. I also though the same as you, "who would steal offering a Jaguar cable?" I couldn't believe it, until I found another guy experiencing the same as I at Lemon64. You say double shame on me for trusting a supposedly fellow retro gamer, and I could agree with you since I was dumb and lost my money for not taking enough precautions and trusting him for 5 months with his excuses... But I think the real shame is on Oge, who was the one that broke the trust. And in order to try keep trust within this community, I am writing to make this public and asking the Admin to ban Oge, as they did at Lemon64, so my bad experience wasn't in vain. Thanks!
  10. Hi, Just to let you all know to never purchase from Oge, he is a scammer. I sent him money for a Jaguar Scart cable in October, never received it. He always makes excuses, and never gave me the money back. I just found out he did the same at Lemon64, and he was banned there (see this thread www.lemon64.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=62843). Admins, could you please also ban him here? robbing fellow retro gamers is no good for the community! Thanks a lot!
  11. Beware Oge is a scammer.. He just gets the money and never sends the cables. It happened to me, waiting for 5 months now, always excuses. He does the same at other forums, he was finally blocked at Lemon 64 see this thread (www.lemon64.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=62843) Admin please ban him if possible.. Thanks
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