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  1. Just mentioned it as an alternative I used before, since it wasn't your original question. But worked for me keeping the VGA input for the falcon and the dvi for the ST, while the PC was on the display port. This was a scart to hdmi scaler and then I used an hdmi to dvi to the u2412m.
  2. I agree about pricing. I didn't buy it, since the sources are available I made a batch for myself and friends. Yes, even on mine have those lines, this is why I took this many photos. I only showed my montior setup because it's the same model as yours but I don't use any STs with this at all. I have a smaller LCD TV (Syncmaster 940MW) with scart (or CM8833MK2) if I want decent quality. The thing is that something can display the signal, doesn't mean it's the right tool for the job. As you said proper signal conversion needed. But still might not give you the same crystal clean/sharp result you expect. I used scart - HDMI converter (then HDMI-DVI adapter to the monitor) before. I can try to dig out an image if you're interested in seeing that.
  3. I have the same monitor and took some photos for you as reference. You definitely can achieve better. Mine is through ubeswitch and a cheap vga cable I had around.
  4. "Water transfer" is water transfer printing or hydrographics. Easier if you look it up this way, there are many videos explaining it . Here is one: This is of course industrial, there are home kits and it's cheap. Just have to research finding the right primer and film (pattern) you need. My friend (Maarten @Atarilegend) who has Woody nr2 is planning a video about it later this year. I'll share once done. The keycaps are painted (dipped for the Woody) and I used my custom made sticker sheets for the letters (I designed them to match the Atari ST style and a company printed them). I had to go with this cheaper DIY option.
  5. I have done some, that all have a story as well. Details here: https://sites.google.com/view/tercsirobi/home/atari-mania/projects
  6. You can try reducing the amount of ram as well, if not yet tried. If you are lucky only one module failed. So just play with 2 modules in the 1st and 3rd slot at a time with any combination. That will put you down to 2mb but might help to find the problem. Use this site as reference of numbering the slots. https://info-coach.fr/atari/hardware/memory.php Other than that a diag cart is your best friend in this case.
  7. I would want the one with the rhombus power button ( usa version). Like this: http://atariage.com/forums/uploads/monthly_04_2010/post-16281-127105817864.jpg
  8. Can you confirm the model of the sc1224? I am looking for a samsung one for my collection.
  9. Just giving a quick feedback about the deal. Item received in good working condition. My first ever atw switch on is documented here (there will be more and better quality videos to come): http://tercsirobi.byethost14.com/index.php?p=1_41 Thanks.
  10. Would be good to know the settings. I did have a quick look for you and I had Steem 3.2 installed and worked straight away: 8 MHZ ST / 4MB / Colour (Low/Med Res display), TOS 1.04 Then I downloaded 3.9.1 and got it working too with STE /8MHz/ 2mb / Colour display, TOS 2.06 The image I got from planetemu (m atariforce version). http://www.planetemu.net/roms/atari-st-games-st?page=U Have a look at these settings and images.
  11. I'd love to add it to my collection and I talked to zmame about it before but also understand the circumstances. If it happens you'll see it.
  12. Could be a PAL- NTSC problem. Depending on your location and where the ST is from. Try if your Tv has settings for it or buy an st scart cable.
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